Undies, grundies, nickers and panties!!!

If you cannot tell it seems I have some excess time on my hands and clearly not enough sex if I am reduced to writing about underwear!!

I am an early riser, nobody else in this house gets up as early as me and stores in Australia do not open until 8 or 9 am. The pokies (slot machines, like mini casinos) are not 24 hour places like the US and do not open until around 8 or 9 am so here I am between the hours of around 5 am and 8 am reduced to writing about nickers in all their glory!!!

I used to wear granny pants…..Also affectionately known as grundies!! I have worn them for years, they are comfortable!! It didn’t matter how fugly they were because nobody was going to see them anyway, they also needed to be big enough to comfortably hold the mid sized “pee pads”. I have to say in my defense I did try to color coordinate my knickers with my clothes despite the fact they were ugly enough to induce instant deflation of an erection…….. If that situation ever arose!!.

So with the awakening of my sexuality and my entry into the online dating world I realized before my first date that the granny pants would have to go. I invested my hard earned money in some sexy panties from Walmart……well, as sexy as you can get with Walmart knickers!! If you remember my blog from this experience I even bought a G-string!!!

Let me tell you ladies…..Skimpy sexy panties on a woman who is 10 lbs overweight and has an apron belly is the most uncomfortable fucking contraptions known to man!! At least with granny pants you can tuck your apron belly into your knickers…..not a pretty sight I know, but fuck they are comfortable!!!……Skimpy sexy panties have two choices, they can sit in the crease under my ugly belly flab or I can pull them up so they sit on the apron but either way is fucking uncomfortable. Those who are lucky enough to have flat bellies will have no idea what I am talking about but anyone with a pouch will know exactly what I mean!!

After having my surgery a whole new world opened up to me, I no longer needed nickers that would support a “pee pad” so I experimented with G-strings and my favorite, T-back panties!! What I also discovered in my experimentation on the great knicker dilemma was that the single most comfortable pantie known to man…or woman in this case is……wait for it…..drum roll please………………………………………………………….NONE!!!!

That’s right!!! There is not a knicker in this world as comfortable as going commando!!! When I first started forgoing panties for the sake of comfort I used to think about the things you hear as a kid……”make sure you wear clean knickers just in case you have an accident” Well let me tell you, in the event that I did have any type of accident I am pretty fucking sure my knickers are not going to be clean anyway because I am almost certain that if I realize the accident is coming I am going to shit or piss my pants!!!

Sometimes it is simply not possible to go Commando unless you are willing to risk potential glimpses of your nether regions….usually when I am wearing one of my shorty short dresses…the option in that situation in order to forgo panties is to wear pantyhose, truly I am not shitting you….Ladies I just discovered that you do NOT need to wear panties with pantyhose…They are already combined…Panty – hose!!..Forget all that shit you were told growing up. If you have not tried going commando go do it now…..I am serious, go in your room, take off your knickers and pull your jeans back up!!! See feels wonderful doesn’t it?????

The bonus of commando with jeans is, if they are a nice tight fitting pair and the seam sits in just the right place you can have wonderful feelings all day 😛 …….hmmmmm maybe that was a little TMI hahahaha.

Okay knicker blog over with, this household is starting to wake up and I have to start my day!!  Ciao for now!!


3 thoughts on “Undies, grundies, nickers and panties!!!

  1. I’ve gone commando for years now. LOVE It. Was a bit nerve wracking Saturday night under my long dress because not only was I sans panties, I was sans bra too. Only my dress and a wrap!!

    How exhilarating!!!

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