Home is where the heart is!!!!

It’s so true that home is where the heart is… But what about when your heart is spread out across continents!?!?

I booked my ticket home, December 10th is my last day in America… When I say my ticket home I am talking about Australia… Despite the fact that I was actually born in the UK I have always considered myself Australian. I also have US citizenship and have lived in the United States for 12 years but again I still consider myself Australian… So what is it that makes me call Australia home?

There are so many things about America I am going to miss, friends, food, fresh fruit and vegetables, late shopping hours, cost of living, cheap gas… I seriously expect to experience quite a bit of reverse culture shock. I am also concerned about my career and what effect this move will have on it. I gave up the opportunity of a great position within my company for unemployment in Australia and I know that it will be very challenging and may not be possible to have the financial stability or independence that I am used to in the United States… I also have a second family in America, 3 step children and 5 step grandchildren all of whom I love dearly and will miss… So truly, what the fuck is making me give up all those things to go home to Australia?

Simple answer… My heart! I miss my Family!!… I don’t want to miss anymore of my kids birthdays. I don’t want to miss anymore of watching my grandchildren grow up. I want one my kids to be able to call me and say hey Mum, wanna do lunch? I want my daughter to be able to call me and say hey Mum these kids are driving me nuts can you come and get them? I want to go on clothes shopping expeditions with my Sister. I want to go pick up my Mum after dinner and take her to the pokies. I want games nights with my kids where we eat crappy food and play inappropriate games such as “Cards against humanity” But most of all I don’t want another family member to die on me when I am 10,000 miles away!!!

So America!! I sure am going to miss the fuck out of you!! I am certain I may have moments of regret but at the end of the day I KNOW in my heart and in my soul that I need to be HOME IN AUSTRALIA!!…… Because that is where my heart is!!! ❤

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