At rainbows end!! RIP MaaDukes

This blog post is not going to be humorous or witty, neither is it going to regale you with tales of the adventures, or the misadventures of Jad. There is no sex involved, not even with trusty old BoB. Sounds fucking boring doesn’t it? I know, but please, keep reading. No matter how bored you […]

Hurricanes,Tornado’s and Floods,Oh no!!

I had a hard time deciding what to call the title of this blog post, my initial idea was “Flood and famine, fucking boring!!” but I am not really in a famine so that did not count so I came up with “Hurricanes, Tornado’s and Floods Oh no!! ┬áBUT it is very important that you […]

BoB = Boring old Bastard!!!

I know fuck!! With the absence of “Mon Capitaine” BoB had to come out of retirement and let me tell you what a poor fucking substitute he was. I find it absolutely incredible that BoB kept me quite happy and satisfied for ten or more years and now that I have experienced sensual, exhilarating, joyful […]

The “Texting” phenomena!!

Sometimes I miss the old days where there was not so much instant gratification, I mean really I think it was probably easier to maneuver through life when your wants were not just instantly met.!! Feeling nostalgic and want to watch reruns of a beloved TV show from your childhood? No need to wait until […]

Chutes and Bladders!!

Hahahaha!! As much as I would like to I cannot take credit for the title of this blog…while the story is mine the blog title was “Mon Capitaine’s idea…and a very apt title it is! True story this, I have just spend the last hour writing about how I ended up at a Casino in […]

FUBAR all over again!!

This blog has always been a complete and total honest record of my journey… BUT not JUST a record of my journey, it has contained my inner most thoughts and feelings, crap and shit that people usually keep to themselves and while I have found it very cathartic on what has been a ┬ásometimes tumultuous […]