Sensuality, Sex and Boneless!!!

Finally, I know, really!! It took me long enough to get back to write this blog post but ya see I have so little time left with “The Captain” that every spare second that we are not working is spent together and honestly if I had to choose between writing about being fucked or actually getting fucked, I am pretty sure you know which one I am going to choose!!

In fact “The Captain” has not left yet and the only reason I have the opportunity to write this now is that I am on my lunch break and I am bored shitless!! Seriously, shitlessly, bored… I am not going to have to worry about getting all my shit packed for home in December because I am going to die of fucking boredom before then!!

Arrrrgh!! I digressed, back to boneless!!!

Mon Capitaine and I are playing house again for the last time and it has been bittersweet. When he first started sleeping over even before we started playing house I made him sleep on the evil sofa bed, we eventually progressed to sharing a bed and while he slept naked I slept in Pjammies. Both of these were “coping mechanisms” for me and I recognized some of it was part of my old fears and scars. Additionally to these coping mechanisms I also wore earplugs because “The Captain” snores… Seriously…!! Like a fucking freight train!!

The last time we played house at his hotel I began sleeping naked, not really sure what happened or what clicked in my batshit crazy head that made me realize that terrible things would not happen to me if I slept naked, in fact entirely the opposite. There is nothing more delicious that reaching out in the middle of the night and feeling skin on skin… Except maybe after feeling skin on skin progressing towards hot steamy sex!! BUT… While we have had morning sex MANY times we have not yet experienced “midnight fucking” This is probably because we both value our sleep too much and get enough sex without depriving ourselves of sleep..!

Oh and I no longer wear earplugs… I find Mon Capitaine’s snoring comforting!

Fuck!! I digressed again… Boneless sex!!

Okay no more digression, a couple of days ago Mon Capitaine and I, after spending an enjoyable evening watching TV together headed to bed. As usual, we spent some time snuggling and talking when the conversation changed and “The Captain” told me he wanted to give me a gift before he left. He then started to say some extremely well thought out and sweet things to me which after much deliberation I have decided not to share… I know really, I am such a bitch but honestly his words were his gift to me which I feel like I want to keep just for me…!! But just so your brain isn’t going crazy wondering what the fuck he said The Captain was basically giving me affirmations about myself and through it all I got a total and complete sense that all the lovely things he said to me, and about me he 100% truly believed them to be true.

His soft tender words led to kissing, soft tender kissing, which usually escalates to passionate wild kissing however this time it remained soft and tender. The kissing then led to lovemaking (not fucking, but love making) and for the first time ever in my life I experienced what it was like to be made love to. There was tenderness, sweetness and softness in every movement, every kiss, every word, every caress, every touch of my hair… Every orgasm was deliciously extracted, slowly and tenderly. This went on for quiet some time before eventually passion and urgency took over and we switched positions with me on top. I had already experience multiple orgasms and my clit was swollen and sensitive and I had gotten to a point where it was so hyper sensitive I was sure I could not possibly cum any more but we were still hot for each other and our once tender lovemaking became incredibly urgent, intense, hard fast fucking where I was taken over by wave after wave of orgasms. In one finally frenzied burst we climaxed together where I then pretty much collapsed onto the bed… And I was boneless!!! Seriously, I felt like a jelly fish, like every single bone in my body had dissolved into nothingness. I could barely move, all I could do was just lay there in this euphoria of someone who had just had the most incredible sexual experience of their life…!! And this is how I fell asleep!

I do not expect for a sexual experience such as this to ever be repeated and I am not sad about that fact. I am sure I am going to have many other wonderful and exciting sexual adventures and probably other various first time experiences… But I feel incredibly blessed that my first ever experience at “lovemaking” left me boneless!!


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