Awesome & Adorable – Au Revoir Mon Capitaine!!

Au revoir Mon Capitaine, goodbye until we meet again!! Until we meet again? Those words did not make saying goodbye any easier.

Our last night together was simple and easy, we watched TV, drank beer and ate hot dogs. When it was time to go to bed we seemed to have an unspoken agreement that we would not have sex and just enjoyed each others nakedness with caresses and kisses. I was so proud of myself, I kept up such a brave face until he called me cupcake… and then I lost it!! such a simple term of endearment but one that speaks volumes.

After a restless night of sleepily reaching out to each other at random times to feel skin on skin I was woken up just before the alarm by gentle caresses.

“The Captain” expressed that he wanted to make love but he did not want it to feel like it was the last time.  Despite his hesitation we did make love and it did feel like it was for the last time. It was tender, gentle and passionate and while Mon Capitaine’s hands were all in my hair all I could think about was how long would it be before I would once again feel his hands through my hair while his manhood thrusts deep inside me. Each orgasm that he elicited and coaxed from me was bittersweet and when we climaxed together it was hard not to feel like it was for the last time…

We both know its not, we still have some adventures to share!!!

Fuck, I even have a road trip already booked for October and “The Captain” already has plans for getting his passport sorted out for our “all inclusive” vacay so why the fuck do I have to be so maudlin about it all??

I know the sex is part of it, fuck if we go 3 or 4 days without sex I am chomping at the bit so how the fuck am I going to go for weeks on end?!! Looks like good old dependable Bob is going to get his old job back!! Seriously though my maudlin mood is about more than just the sex!!

Its about the companionship, the adventures and the fun. It is about spending time with someone who is just so easy to be with. It’s about knowing that there is someone who cares enough to ask how your day was and happy to listen about you ramble about nothing. It’s about having someone to say good morning and good night to.

So here we are now, each going our own different ways, separated by several States and 12 – 13 hours of driving. It seems so insurmountable and I have to accept that the suck arse universe bitch is preparing us for when we will be separated by the vastness of the Pacific Ocean and that my friends truly is insurmountable!!

But I cannot help but recall with fondness the first time of many times that “Mon Capitaine” told me he was awesome, it was not until later that I realized how uncanny that was because I frequently tell people that I am adorable…So I wonder just how long I will have to wait before “Awesome & Adorable” will be in each others arms again!!


12 thoughts on “Awesome & Adorable – Au Revoir Mon Capitaine!!

  1. The Pacific!?! Insurmountable!?! I think not! It’s just a puddle to jump over! Once you get home, I see adventures continuing in Bali, Papua New guinea, New Zealand, and all over Australia, possibly the tip of South America! Shenanigans will ensue on an international scale!

    Talk about spreading your seed to the four winds…

    Nothing is over till one of us dies…

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    • I am going to take hold you to that my friend… In fact I am going to set a time frame on it, if we don’t have solid plans for an escapade within 12 months of my return home I am going to have BoB send someone to hunt you down 😛


  2. Oh Bali…… someine said Bali…… im coming with you guys. I love Bali. KIRK…. Captain Kirk…… you will love Australia so much you will want to stay here 😁


  3. I would turn Australia on its ear, I’m afraid. They will prolly escort me to the plane after a week, and pack me home! But Bali…i can misbehave properly there…:)

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