At rainbows end!! RIP MaaDukes

This blog post is not going to be humorous or witty, neither is it going to regale you with tales of the adventures, or the misadventures of Jad. There is no sex involved, not even with trusty old BoB.
Sounds fucking boring doesn’t it? I know, but please, keep reading. No matter how bored you get or how tempting it is please do me the favor and don’t X out. I know I usually tell you to X out if your bored or if I offended your arse but today I ask you to listen, while I tell you about my friend MaaDukes.

MaaDukes was the first online friend I ever made. I know it doesn’t sound like much to some of y’all but for me it was a huge deal. Finally a friend that was not a threat to my extremely jealous husband. A friend that I could actually be ME with. I mean the real me JAD!!! It was the internet, and it was all pretty new and fuck you could be anyone you wanted to be on the internet. There were people masquerading as actors, doctors, lawyers, musicians, fuck you could even pretend to be a bloody clown if you wanted to and if you were good enough you could get away with it. But me, I just wanted somewhere that I could be JAD and I found that world on the internet in MSN chat rooms.

I met Maa sometime in around the year 2000 in an MSN chat room and we bonded fairly quickly, we soon became fast friends, she even made me a gold hammer in her Trivia chat room which really did not mean much except that I could kick peoples arses out of the room if they were ignorant or rude.

It was actually through MaaDukes and her trivia chat room that I was introduced  to my 2nd husband Terry (ctnsv1) and what ensued was several years of an amazing online friendship between a small group of characters MaaDukes, ctnsv1, Crimson Warrior, Dough58, BlondeBartender and me, Jadziahdax.

Most of these guys had been friends for years but they all accepted me into their fold and I have many fond memories of the great times we had together. I remember once we found out that our “Computerhelp” room was going to be attacked so we all banded together armed with our gold hammers ready for the onslaught, it was day time for me but these guys stayed up all night ready to defend our room… Nobody showed up to attack our room that night but we still had a great time to talking and laughing. A couple of days later the attackers did come and we had a blast spending hours kicking out flooders, posting warnings and defending our room with honor, friendship and laughter!!

I know that some of you will find this difficult to understand, and I realize how ridiculous this may sound or how hard it may be to believe for someone who has never been in the type of situation that I was in but trust me when I tell you that the internet is where I began to find myself, most people try to be more than who they really are on the internet but for me it was a chance to find who I really was and when many of you think my journey began last year, 2 weeks before I turned 50 it really began in 2000 when I created the online persona of Jadziahdax.

So now I have bored you with all that shit let me get back to MaaDukes, I tell you she was a force to be reckoned with, honestly at times she could be a moody bugger but always with her you knew she was a straight shooter. She called it exactly like she saw it, if you were acting like a pussy she told you so, if you were being rude or ignorant she let you know that, if someone came in the room acting like they were bigger and better than they were she soon cut them down to size but fuck that woman could do it in a way that did not make them feel small. Everybody, I mean everybody loved MaaDukes and I considered myself incredibly lucky I could call her my friend.

When I began to make some hard decisions in my life she had my back, she always gave solid and sound advice and she never, ever, let me have a pity party. MaaDukes promised me that if I just kept going, if I just pushed on, if I just kept faith, there would be a rainbow at the end. She never promised me the pot of gold, she said that was for fairy tales but she said there would be a rainbow and once I found that rainbow my world which was always so dull and grey would be filled spectacularly with color. Every time things got too hard Maa would remind me of the rainbow, she would send me little poems or pictures. Fuck one day she even posted me a package all the way to Australia of some flip flops made of sanitary napkins and inside the corner of the box was a little cut out rainbow…

MaaDukes never got to see me find my rainbow!! You see my true colors did not shine through until this last year and sadly Maa has been fighting her own battle for over 18 months which heartbreakingly she lost, late last night.
Of all the people in my Life Maa was the first person who knew Jad, and while she did not get to see the full emergence from Susan the caterpillar to Jad the Butterfly, MaaDukes knew who Jad was and she knew that once Jad finally fully emerged she would get her rainbow!!

I love you MaaDukes, I hope you find the most stunning glorious rainbow waiting for you. RIP my beautiful friend, Love Jad!!!

10 thoughts on “At rainbows end!! RIP MaaDukes

  1. Loss is never easy. And no, your relationship is not weird, nor should you feel weird about it. It’s very easy to get close with people that you meet online, sometimes easier and closer than if you had met in person. I am so sorry for your loss. My thought and prayers are with you and the rest of Maa’s loved ones.

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  2. I’m sorry…its never easy to lose someone. You know I’m here if you need me.

    Now, I can’t imagine your friend would want you to be down and sorrowful! So get your sexy ass in gear and live your life!

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