Hi, my name is Jad and I am addicted to shopping!!

I am not shitting you, I really am!! FIVE days, that is ALL the time I had in Canada yet I still managed to spend ALL of the Canadian dollars that I took with me and ALSO reached into my wallet and pulled out my credit cards!! Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with me?? Ya just can’t take me anywhere!!

I do have a story to tell you about a ring though!! This time last year, almost to the day, well two weeks shy of almost to the day but shit its close enough isn’t it?? Anyway, this time last year when I went to Canada to visit my friend “YoVillan” we stopped at this quaint little antique store and I fell in love with a cute little sterling silver antique ring. Seeing that “YoVillan” and I are long time friends we do what friends do and bought each other a gift. She bought me the adorable little ring and I bought her a god awful ugly arse box!! I really did, it was terribly ugly but hey, she loved it so that is all that matters right?? On that trip I did what I always do in true Jad style and bought way too much shit so I had a hard time packing everything into my suitcases for the trip home. YoVillan and I sat on her floor in the hallways shoving knickers and bra’s inside purses and shoes, trying to make as much room as possible. We threw away endless wrappings, tissue paper and gift bags in an effort to eek out as much suitcase space as possible. After much pushing and shoving and shifting we finally got everything packed. When I got home and began the unpleasant task of unpacking, pulling my sexy red panties out of the toe of my boots and what knot I realized that I had lost the little bag from the antique store that had the ring in it. I was totally gutted!! I really loved that pretty little ring and it was kind of special since “YoVillan” had bought it for me even though all she got in return was an ugly arsed rotten wooden box!! Despite searching every nook and cranny of the entire contents of my suitcase the ring along with a couple of other items that were in the same bag never turned up and YoVillan and I appropriately surmised it got thrown away with the trash. That pretty little antique ring probably survived all kinds of hardship over the years but it simply could not survive the whirlwind of “Jad” packing a suitcase after shopping too much!

So here I am a year later, two weeks shy of almost to the day and fuck me dead if we do not find the rings sister in the same antique shop! Let me back track a little, last year when YoVillan  bought me the ring there were two almost identical, just one of them the purple stone was a little deeper so I chose that one. Well it seems in an entire year that little rings sister feeling totally neglected because I bought her darker purpled sister sat waiting in a tray right on the bottom shelf hidden from other customers just waiting for me to come back and buy her. It is serendipity I tell you, I was meant to have that ring… Um as for the other 4 rings I also bought, well I think I am probably meant to have them too, oh and the Michael Kors purse, and errm the other 5 sterling silver rings bought from another cute little store at the beaches. I was probably also supposed to buy the jeans and shirts from Gap also. Pretty sure I was supposed to buy everything that I bought, I mean really what is the point of going to Canada if not to buy a whole load of shit you really don’t need?? Oh yeah that’s right I went to visit my friend YoVillan!!

Well I had a fantastic time and “YoVillan” was a perfect hostess despite the fact that I bought her another ugly arse box!! I know right, what is the deal with all the ugly little boxes?? Well you see my friend is a fucking genius, she can take the ugliest dish or box and take some other fugly object like a jar of broken crayons and put them together on a table or a kitchen counter and it ends up looking like the picture on the cover of better homes and gardens… I want to hate her for that talent but she is my friend so I have to love her but I am telling you if she wasn’t my friend I would hate her so bad 😛  “I am just saying!!”

Another bucket list adventure crossed off the list, that was probably my last trip to Canada but not the last time I will see my friend, she has to come to Australia and visit me so that I can buy her another ugly arsed box!!! I am pretty sure we have ugly wooden boxes in Australia too!!

11 thoughts on “Hi, my name is Jad and I am addicted to shopping!!

  1. Why oh why limit yourself to just rings for your fingers, you wild little minx!?! I can think of numerous other places where the odd ring here and there could be quite an erotic addition to the already amazing beyond belief of you!


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