Coming out of the woodwork!!

You are never in a million years going to believe who messaged me the other day. Here I was minding my own business hanging around in Canada and out of the fucking blue JStar messaged me on Kik!! I know, seriously!!
I have not heard from him in months, in fact the last time I heard from him was around April time when he was feeling me out on how I felt about a “menage a trois”
What, I never told you about that? I am pretty sure I would have… Hmmm alright maybe I didn’t. Okay, well I guess it is never to late to tell you about it!! Wait!! Don’t panic if you are my daughter, sister, friend, fuck, basically anyone who knows me personally… You are not getting ready to read about me engaged in a “menage a trois”.
Not yet anyway because it did not happen. Not going to say it is never going to happen but it did not happen with JStar!! You see he has this girl that he is dating monogamously but he also has this fantasy of 2 woman, I know because we talked about fantasies one day and when he told me about his fantasy with 2 woman I told him that is something I had also thought about. It is true, I really have but it kind of feels weird to say it out loud because I do not consider myself bisexual, I think the closest description would be that I am kinda sorta bi curious if there is even such a thing.

Anyway, most people keep their sexual fantasies to themselves but you know me ” no filter Jad” I shared mine in detail with JStar so back in March he texted me while I was working in Louisville to suss out if I was interested in a “menage a trois” with him and his girlfriend and to be honest with you I sort of was. I mean really, JStar is pretty fucking hot and he sent me a picture of his girlfriend and it was kind of perfect because she was not so stunningly beautiful that I would have body image issues getting naked in front of her but she was not covered in warts and her teeth were nice, in fact she was cute.
Also I would never have to see her again which for some stupid reason I cannot define is a criteria for me to be able to consider this “menage a trois” situation.
So JStar and I started talking about this quite seriously until he happened to say this to me………..

“I would just need to you take it slowly and easy with her because she has never been with a girl before and she does not really want to do this, she is only doing it to please me”

WHAT THE FUCK!!! OMFG, No way am I going anywhere NEAR that situation!! FUCKING HELL, it has disaster written all over it!! I basically reminded JStar that it would be my first time too and it would probably be better for both of us if the other girl (aka unicorn) was an experienced bisexual female. So there went my possibility of enacting one of my sexual fantasies and I never heard from JStar again until a couple of days ago. What did he want? I have no fucking clue, we exchanged a couple of pleasantries, told me he was with the same girl but also told me he “missed fucking different pussy” and then he had to go because she was picking him up. I got another message from him last night but I was sound asleep, I responded this morning and Kik shows that he read my message but I had no response so yeah, I have no fucking clue what he wants!!

Next up was surprise, out of the blue message from HATS, I know, I know, who the fuck is HATS. He never made it into my blog, I never had sex with him, in fact we never even made it to a first date. He started out okay, in fact he was fun to talk to and we moved from PoF to text but then he went fucking weird on me. He would ask me exactly same questions he asked me before and then respond to my answers the exact same way. He also was obsessed with wanting to give me red roses every day of my life. It turned out that he has a brain tumor which would account for some of his behaviors and I felt bad for him really I did but I was not about to get myself into that kind of situation. It would not be fair to him or me, so I let him down as easily and gently as I could. Basically I lied through my fucking teeth and told him that one of the guys I was dating had asked me to be exclusive and I agreed. HATS texted me out of the blue this morning, we exchanged pleasantries, I was polite but brief in my responses and I think he understood the conversation was not really going anywhere.

Finally the 3rd person to come out of the woodwork was MPrime, we texted about a month ago and talked about  lunch but when I responded to him with a couple of possible times he did not get back to me and our lunch did not eventuate. I was sad about that because we had remained friends and one of things I valued above all else with MPrime was his friendship. I was surprised when he texted me while I was gallivanting around Canada and pleased when he suggested getting together when I got back to Texas. I texted him this morning to let him know I was back in town and after some back and forth texting we ended up meeting for lunch today. We had a great time, as always MPrime is a wonderful conversationalist…We forgot who’s turn it was to buy lunch so I paid but for the record I am notating that I paid…Next time he gets to pick up the tab 😛

My old PoF and Zoosk profiles said I was going home in October and pretty much most people I dated believed I was going home in October, fuck!!!… I believed I was going home in October until I realized that it was not practical to get all my finances and shit done the same month I finish my job hence why I am actually going home in December….!! I wonder how many more of my former dates or almost dates will come out of the woodwork for one last goodbye!!

As for the “menage a trois” it may happen yet!! Y’all know with fun loving, slightly quirky, batshit crazy, self confessed nymphomaniac Jad… Anything is possible, in fact it is quite fucking probable!!


6 thoughts on “Coming out of the woodwork!!

  1. Well, to answer your question, “bi-curious” is an actual thing! But, given your propensity for correctness in labeling, how about trying on “semi quasi bi friendly” as the label, as that strikes me as more accurate! Curiosity implies that you want to delve into that status and learn all the ins and outs of the culture. I in fact believe that it’s more of a check Mark on the ole bucket list! So that would make you a “hit it and git it” taco bumper, rather than a repeat licker! As for having one of those experiences, I’m there for you, semi quasi girlfriend! Let’s do her! (Her is yet to be named…)


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  2. Girls lips are much softer. And their boobs are nice to fondle too. Hehehe but if any of them propose their love to me I’d run a mile away. Or rather 500 miles away. I love men but girls are okie to muck around with. I don’t go down on them or anything like that I stop at kissing and fondles

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