The 7 day Challenge!!!

5 minutes into the challenge and already I am in HELL!! I know, seriously, what the fuck!! How the fuckity fuck am I going to last 7 entire days if I am suffering after 5 minutes… What? you have no clue what I am talking about? Oh yeah, LOL sorry!!

I set myself a challenge you see. So far I have been 21 days without sex, can you believe it?? TWENTY ONE long fucking days, no sex!! I have cheated though, I used BoB!! Despite the fact that BoB is boring and I often feel unsatisfied after a rendezvous with BoB he still does manage to release those wonderful hormones and chemicals that come with an orgasm, you know Oxytocin, Endorphins, Prolactin, Adrenaline and all that Jazz!! All that feel good stuff that orgasms are made of!!

But going without sex, that is not the Challenge, no, no no, that is the torture I have had to endure since “The Captain” moved away!!
The Challenge is…!! No more orgasms until next Friday… BoB is to be put back in his little black bag and left in my dresser, sad, alone, unused!!!

So WHY??!! I hear you ask would I do something so horrendous to myself and ON purpose?!? Good question…! And I have an absolutely marvelous answer… It all goes back to delicious sexual tension, and believe me, it truly is delicious!!
Cast your memory back to the beginning of time…Oh wait, not that far back, just go back to the beginning of my journey, my sexual awakening, you know when I discovered the deliciousness of sexual tension.

To be honest with you it is fucking torture, but it is delicious torture and there is something to be said for sexual deprivation and the rewards when finally you get the release. I had a similar experience after my surgery when I was forced into abstinence for 6 torturous weeks, The rewards when I was finally cleared for sex were fucking amazing!!

So here I am again, 21 days of no sex coupled with the fact that “Mon Capitaine” and I take great pleasure in teasing each other via text. Twenty one days of building sexual tension… So we are both already almost at explosion point and in my fucked up batshit crazy Jad style I have added fuel to the fire and set myself this challenge that I will NOT orgasm for the next 7 days…

SEVEN more days of waiting, tensions building, sexual desire increasing, heart rate pounding, lack of sleep, lack of concentration… desire, warmth, heat, yearning…!

And then…….Finally, next Friday I will be in the arms of Mon Capitaine with his lips locked on mine, frantically kissing each other hello, his fingers will explore and find my clit, just a little prompting before I explode,  experiencing the orgasm of a lifetime!!!…

This of course will be followed by multiple orgasms as per my re-usable coupon for orgasms which I have retained and will present to “The Captain” for redemption!!
We only have 2 short days together so I best make good use of my coupon however we are supposed to be going to the Oklahoma State fair as one of my bucket list items… hmmmm this will mean we will actually have to get out of bed!!

10 thoughts on “The 7 day Challenge!!!

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  2. Silly rabbit! Like you think you will be able to walk! I’ll have to take you to the fair either in a wheelchair or bucket! It will just depend on your consistency at the time….

    I’m betting on the bucket…

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  3. Heh heh. Yep, I hear all this. When I learned to ‘ride’ the sexual tension of denial, I found I could actually enjoy it. Takes practice, mind, but…

    Anyway, I’ve been loving your blog. I’ve read the first three months in order but, frankly, you blog so often, I don’t think I’ll ever catch up, so am reading from both ends to the middle!

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    • I know my rules say to start from the beginning but hell, sometimes you just have to be a rule breaker. I am reading a few blogs from the beginning but I always read new posts when they come in so that I stay current to so I get it 🙂
      Thank you for reading, my journey and glad you are enjoying so far

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