Oops!! … 5 day Challenge!!

Did I say 7 day, challenge? I really meant 5 day challenge. Well what I mean is… Oh, ummm, it was sabotage I tell you!! Okay okay, fuck it! I failed, there ya have it. Two days into the challenge and I failed and while I accept full responsibility for my carnal desires there really was a little sabotage at play.

You see it all started when Mon Capitaine suggested we get naked together!! No, no!! Not REALLY together, fuck!! He is still hundreds of miles away, what he meant was him naked on his bed and me naked on my bed.
I saw no harm in it, I mean I have willpower, seriously, I have amazing fucking willpower!!

When I am on a diet and I mean a serious diet, you can put a big arse chocolate cake in front of my face with ooey gooey warm fudge lava running through the center and while I will curse you all the way till Sunday for temping me that way I will not take a single bite of the fucking cake!! Will power!! I have plenty of it!!!Β  I quit smoking the same week my brother died…That takes fucking willpower!! I walked up 27 flights of stairs every business day 3 times a day for 3 months regardless of if I felt like it or not…Fucking willpower!!! So WHY the fuckity fuck fuck could I not last 7 fucking days without an orgasm!!

Sabotage I tell you!! What started out as some innocent and innocuous teasing on both sides ended with some experimentation with toys then a phone call which then ended with mutual masturbation and mutual orgasms!! Fuckity fuck fuck!! I failed πŸ˜›

So, since I failed I decided I needed to go punish myself and go shopping… I know, I know, you think that is not punishment but truly it is… See right now it is all hunky dory, I can buy all these pretty dresses and purses and shoes that call my name incessantly but wait until December when I have to put all those pretty purses and dresses and shoes into 8 fucking suitcases…That is where the punishment really begins, when I have to decide what gets left behind 😦 That is going to be torture!!!

Ummmm so here I am folks!! 5 day challenge πŸ˜›

17 thoughts on “Oops!! … 5 day Challenge!!

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