I shared my bed last night!!

There was so much fucking going on in my bed last night I could not sleep. For real!! I am not shitting you. Never before in my life has there been so much fucking than what went on in my bed last night!! Barely a wink of fucking sleep I got!!

Nope, not what you think, while there was an incredibly amount of fucking going on, I was not participating in any of it!! Sounds kinky doesn’t it, but again not what you think!!

I have been invaded by love bugs although why the fuck they are called love bugs I have no idea. Love has connotations of something wonderful and magical, these bugs are insidious little creatures with pedophile and incestuous tendencies!! Fuck bugs would be a more appropriate name, or little fuckers, that suits them so much better than Love bugs, I mean seriously who came up with that name for these ugly little bastards. Fucking millions of them have invaded the inside of my cabin and they are copulating in every room of my house and then the rude little fuckers after they are all completely fucked out go ahead and die so I am spending hours sweeping up dead bugs!!

I am not one to freak out or get all crazy when a bug lands on me, I can generally, patiently wait until they decide on their own to fly away but trying to sleep and consistently having bugs land on your face, crawl up your nose, tickle your hair is enough to give anyone the willies!!

I swept all of the bugs out of my bathroom before I went to bed last night, this photo shows how many had fucked themselves to death during the night and died on my bathroom floor.

I fucking hate these stinking bugs!!

Update: see here for a video on what greeted me when I got home from work…Enough to send anyone packing!!
Hopefully it is all fixed now though!!. My landlord sent over my saviors who hopefully sealed where these little fuckers were all coming in.



30 thoughts on “I shared my bed last night!!

  1. Ooher! We had love bugs in Georgia, but not like that. You must live in such a fertile environment! So sorry. They’re not annoying here and there, but swarms of them and in your house! I’m sure that was annoying af! Poor dear, you have my sympathy!

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    • The bugs are enough to do it!! Ugh, did you see the video, I am just uploading another to YouTube, double the trouble if you can imagine it. Nasty litter fuckers are breeding…In my house no less 😦

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      • Just watched the video! Hahahaha!

        First off… LUV your accent mate! 😉 On the love-bugs that reminds me of every Labor Day weekend when had our huge 100-150+ people family reunions at my aunt’s & uncle’s big place in a little town outside Beaumont, TX and they were that THICK, every year. I imagine after our pretty non-existent winters the last 3-years along with the torrent of rain from Harvey, the love-bugs there are much much worse… just like in your cabin, bed, bathroom, kitchen, foods, drinks, and likely all inside your clothes in closets and drawers with your “private” intimate attire too. Just sayin’. 😛 🤣

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      • Here is the updated video, they were even worse when I got home tonight

        And yes they are everywhere, my intimates, BoBs bag, everywhere 😛


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