Lovely luscious lips…. Or not!!!

Since my home was invaded by millions of fucking bugs (literally FUCKING bugs) I decided the only thing to do was leave a day early for my rendezvous with Mon Capitaine and break up my drive.

It is probably a good fucking thing that I did because 4 hours of driving and thinking about sex and I have literally just about chewed my fucking lip of!! I am serious!!
So I have this habit of biting my lower left lip when I am sexually stimulated or excited, I do it it when I am nervous or concentrating and at other times too but mostly it is sex related and the bitch of it is I don’t even know I am doing it… I have a permanent mark on the inside of my lower left lip from excessive nibbling and most of the time it does not bother me but after 4 fucking hours of driving and thinking constantly of ย impending SEX my lower lip looks and feels like I have had an accident with a collagen injection!!

Also…!! This 5 day challenge did not fucking help, I am pretty sure I have been chewing on my lip EVERY time “The Captain” and I have been teasing each other with texts, so 5 days of nibbling followed by a 4 hour drive where my sex starved, batshit crazy brain was consumed with sex its no fucking wonder that I now have a lower lip that would put Mick Jagger to shame!!

It has been 27 long arse fucking days since I have seen Mon Capitaine… 27 long arse days since I have been soundly fucked and now, here I am on the eve of “THE DAY” looking like someone smacked me in the mouth… Fuck!!! I still have ALL day to get through tomorrow AND a 3 fucking hour drive… Hmmmm I wonder?? I have my little box of toys with me and I am almost certain there is a ball gag in there somewhere, I am pretty sure I will not be able to chew on my lip if I am wearing a ball gag… Do you think any passing motorists would notice?!?



19 thoughts on “Lovely luscious lips…. Or not!!!

  1. Wearing it while you drive, while you’re pulled over, while in the ‘middle’ of your trip? If you get any cell phone calls while wearing it… THEN what will you do!? What if a Highway Patrol Officer pulls you over, will you keep it in/on!? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

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