Smorgasbord of Sex!!

The title of this post was originally going to be called “Anticipation, Apprehension, Imagination, and Expectation” and it would have been aptly named except…..!

Things did not go quite to plan… You know when you are getting ready to do something, or go somewhere, or speak to someone…Ya know any of those kinds of situations where you create in your head what is going to happen.! Sometimes you might actually create 3 or 4 different scenarios on what you think it going to happen. I am pretty sure you all fucking do it too right?? I know I am not the only batshit crazy person that does that, admit it y’all do it sometimes!!

Personally speaking I do it all the time, but fuck me if almost every time what actually happens is NOTHING like what I visualized… So the weekend with “Mon Capitaine” was no different… We spent days and days texting back and forth, teasing each other and describing in detail what we were going to do when we finally saw each other again. As well as the texting I also had that long arse drive to our rendezvous point where my active and vivid imagination created several scenarios!!.

After 28 days apart, 28 days of NO sex for both myself and “Mon Capitaine” Friday night finally came… Here I was at the hotel waiting for “The Captain” to arrive, assorted scenarios have been created in my head and I was hot, wet, ready and waiting!! Mon Capitaine had promised wall sex as well as telling me that my first orgasm would be that while kissing me hello he would reach down and find my clit with his fingers.  At Mon Capitaine’s request I also had bought my little box of toys which included things like nipple clamps, rope, blindfold, butt plugs, oh and of course BoB!!

Here I was with clear visions in my head of exactly how it would happen. The stage is all set, anticipation, apprehension, imagination and expectation…! Only it didn’t actually happen that way!

Have you ever been to a buffet restaurant when you are starving hungry?!? I mean so ravenously hungry that your stomach is rebelling at you because you starved it for hours and hours in preparation of an all you can eat buffet!
I have, quite a few times and its always the same… I load up my plate with piles of food, not even really paying attention to what I am putting on my plate, I mean I am fucking starving hungry and everything looks good!! I go back to my seat and just start shoveling forkfuls of food in my mouth, not even taking the time to savor the taste or even chew properly, just fork after fork of food!! Then I get about halfway or three quarters way through my plate and I take a breath, sit back in my chair a bit and relax because my stomach finally has some food in it and is no longer taking revenge on me… A few more relaxed mouthfuls of food and I realize I am full. Fuck me dead!! I just fucking starved myself ALL day for this buffet and now I am full after one fucking plate of food!! I cannot tell you how many times I have done this and I never learn!!!

So it was kind of like that!!!

The Captain and I were both seriously starved not just of sex but also touch and the moment he walked into my hotel room it became a frenzied all you can eat buffet of the senses. Mon Capitaine’s arms were full of his luggage and stuff and it was like a fucking tornado. His stuff was dropped where he stood and his hands were instantly touching my hair, face, and breasts. Clothes were tugged off and randomly thrown on the floor our mouths met in a frenzy of kissing, very few words were spoken. It was a total whirlwind of sensual sexual activity that for the most part I am not really sure where one orgasm ended and the next one began. Our claims of hours of foreplay, oral sex and kinky fuckery did not eventuate. Bob and all my toys stayed in their respective bags. The Captains cock was aching to be inside me as much as I was aching to be filled and I am pretty sure we were completely naked and fucking within 3 minutes of him walking through the door. We did manage at some point to make it across the room to the bed where the frenzy continued. We filled our ravenous sexual appetites alternating between oral sex and fucking till we were both completely exhausted and spent!!

It was like the all you can eat buffet, we gorged on each other so much and so fast that it was not long before we were totally and completely full!!
Our plans of fucking and sucking all night long with some bondage and spanking in the mix did not eventuate, sated and happy we went to sleep.

Only 2 things from our texting and the scenarios created in our heads did actually happen the way we imagined they would. The first thing was that I did have my first orgasm while kissing, at the door. It was exactly as imagined, while the Captain was kissing my lips and biting my neck he reached down, found my clit and bought me to an orgasm fairly quickly. And the second one….. Well that is for part 2

To be continued…

I am serious, I am not shitting you!! I need to take a break, I will post part 2 maybe tomorrow, you won’t have to wait too long I promise!!

11 thoughts on “Smorgasbord of Sex!!

  1. A buffet of food is the perfect metaphor for this situation.
    What have we learned here? Never go too long without food unless your certain the waiter is going to take your order within an appreciable time span..
    And in this case, dinner was served, quickly by the looks of it, but satisfactorily nonetheless.

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