Enter the Cougar!!

I was trying to give y’all a break from having to read my blog posts for a day or two but this one is too fucking good not to write and I want to be sure to write about it while it is still fresh in my mind.

On my way home from my weekend of debauchery with Mon Capitaine I stopped to spend the night at a Casino resort to break up my drive. I don’t do well with drives any longer than around 4 or 5 hours and to be totally fucking honest with you I love Casino’s. I love the atmosphere, I love people watching, I absofuckinglutely LOVE dressing sexy and just wandering through the Casino playing the slots and soaking up the attention from random men. I know, it puts me in the fucking prick teaser category but hell, it’s an amazing boost to the ego and fuck it, its fun!!
The only downer is that Oklahoma does not give you free alcohol the same as Shreveport or Vegas but what the hell, who the fuck needs alcohol to have fun, right!!

After a fairly uneventful evening Sunday night I got up Monday morning and dressed carefully, hair, makeup and sexy knee high fuck me boots. Personally I think that my legs are my best feature and I generally like to show them off with some sexy heels but today felt like a sexy knee high boots kind of day!!

So I was sitting on this slot machine minding my own business and enjoying the attention of some sly glances I was getting from a slot technician working on a machine across the way when this guy sits down on the machine next to me and says “Are these machines any good”? Some back and forth conversation followed and when I saw he was playing maximum bet I suggested he may want to play the machine next to him. I told him that it had a progressive when playing maximum bet as well as some fun bonus games. He thanked me for the information, took his money out of the machine he was on and reached across and put it in the machine on the other side of him. He did this without moving chairs to that machine which I thought was a little odd and then he said
“To be honest I don’t really like these machines, I just sat here because I think you are very pretty”

Well to say I was flattered would have been an understatement, damn the dude was like 20 something years old. So I said to him “I am very flattered but I am probably double your age” Some more back and forth conversation and I discovered he was 23…. Fuck me dead!! ALL of my kids are older than that!! When he found out that I was 51 he was very flattering, told me again how beautiful I was. He asked me if I wanted to have some fun tonight, I reminded him again I was MORE than double his age. His response, wait for it, he said “Age was just a number” Yeah yeah age is just a number but I am sure as heck not going to be fucking around with someone younger than my kids no matter how flattered I am!! So I politely declined his offer of fun.

A few minutes later he pulled a HUGE wad of cash out of his pocket and peeled off a 20 to put in the slot machine, he had previously put a couple of 20s in the machine earlier and had taken the money out of his pocket discreetly but I guess this time he wanted me to see his WAD!!

Teasingly I said “My oh my, that is a huge wad of cash you have there”… I know, I know, I am such a prick teasing bitch but I just could not resist playing with him… just a little!!
He told me he had won a few jackpots on the $5 machines and then asked me again about having fun, he even went as far as saying “admit it, I am cute” I told him he was very cute, I might have also said something about if he was 10 years older I would jump his bones but alas he is younger than my youngest child and I don’t cross that line!!

A few minutes later he took his wad and went prowling elsewhere and I have to wonder what the fuck does a 23 year old fairly good looking dude see in a 50 something funloving, slightly quirky, batshit crazy self confessed nympho?!?

Do you think it might have had anything to do with the knee high fuck me boots…and Ummmm this dress?!


29 thoughts on “Enter the Cougar!!

  1. “I was trying to give y’all a break from having to read my blog posts for a day or two…”
    Don’t even think about it, miss lady. This sh*t is gold.
    Maybe it’s male intuition or maybe it’s just an educated guess, but from the moment the guy sat down & asked about the machines being any good, I knew where this was going.

    Evidently that Wad of cash was further enticement, & if the above picture has anything to do with it, then heck, you can’t blame him.

    Keep the blog rolling x

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  2. Well…had you done him, you could have carved a notch into the heel of your fuck me boots! Wouldn’t THAT be a conversation piece for your next social gathering!

    And…ALL of you is your best feature! Your legs are just the fucking sexy wheels on the Lamborghini…:)

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    • Besides the fact that he was a baby I have to mention I was also fully satisfied by a certain Captain who once again left me boneless only the day before… Now a week in the future and sex starved again I may be thinking differently!!
      Sexy wheels on the Lamborghini, I love it πŸ™‚


  3. Funloving, slightly quirky, batshit crazy self confessed nymphos of any age are sexy as hell. Add being 50something and attractive and you’re damn near irresistible… And those boots (I imagine) only made it worse. As far as the dress goes… Dear God, I need a cold shower

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