The over indulging “nerd” girl!!

Halloween in St Louis and “The Captain” and I booked a classy hotel downtown and tickets to a pub crawl where Y’all get to dress up for Halloween and visit a whole bunch of assorted pubs and bars in downtown St Louis… The thing of it is while it says it is a pub crawl […]

Eating words that taste delicious!!

Mon Capitaine: “Ok… you come here…I’ll make sure you get sex every night…Not 3 times a week. You done know I can wear your ass out, and Imma make you eat your interview words….:) Do you remember this from my last blog post??!! Well finally!!! Between eating incredible food, having fun at the Casino, shopping when […]

Wee wee wee all the way FROM home!!

  Holy Heck!! I am such a lazy arse!! It has been like forever since I have written and I realize I have all left you hanging and wondering just what the fuck Jad is up to now… AND what is even worse I have 305 emails which means I have 305 blog posts to […]

Guess what, I was almost famous!!!

So I was asked by a fellow Aussie who’s blog I follow if I would mind being interviewed…OMG I felt famous so of course I said yes!! Shit I always wanted to be famous and beautiful…oh and to sing!! I always wanted to be able to sing.. Well I can sing, I mean fuck anyone […]

I am such a whiny arsed bitch!!

I know fuck!! Why the hell would you want to read a blog post which pretty much tells you I am going to get all whiny?! It’s because I am adorable and fucking funny right? Okay maybe not, but just bear with me anyway!! I understand that your’e just dying to hear all the juicy […]