I am such a whiny arsed bitch!!

I know fuck!! Why the hell would you want to read a blog post which pretty much tells you I am going to get all whiny?!
It’s because I am adorable and fucking funny right? Okay maybe not, but just bear with me anyway!!

I understand that your’e just dying to hear all the juicy details about my naughty weekend away with Mon Capitaine but suck it up buttercup, you are about to be terribly disappointed… I know, I am such a shit!! First I forewarn you that I am going to bore you with my whining and then I don’t even have the common fucking decency to fill you in on all my debauchery and wild monkey sex.! I do promise to fill you in on all the details in the next few days or so but for now I need to write this whiny arsed post so I can get it all off my chest!! I mean, after all it’s MY blog and I get to decide what the fuck I want to write about okay?!… now we have that all straight lets get on with it!!

I have been writing this blog now for a little over a year and for the longest time the only followers I had were my friends, family and some friends of friends. It was getting rather embarrassing to be fucking honest with you. It can be a little awkward to sit opposite a friend over dinner and talk about normal shit when I know they have just been reading about my latest fuck!!

A couple of months ago I was messing around on my blog, well actually I was trying to get some fucking help from WordPress and while I was on their main page there was a little synopsis of a blog which sounded fascinating so I clicked on the link and fuck me dead if the blog was not fucking awesome so despite the fact that I am batshit crazy I did what most normal people would do and followed the blog.

Later that day I got a notification that the person was following me and I thought fuck, that is awesome they like my blog too. It was after this I started looking for blogs of interest and opened up a whole new world of reading which is fucking fantastic because Y’all know my job right now is as boring as shit so I need some good crap to read.
Anyway it kind of spiraled from there, the more blogs I followed, read and commented on the more that other bloggers started to follow me until it got to a point where I was following over 100 blogs and I had around the same number in followers.

And then the crazy shit began, I mean seriously, my fucking email was just blowing up with new blog posts and I could not keep up on reading. I found that I was reading some awfully boring shit that had absolutely ZERO interest for me so in the end I started to just hit the like button, delete the email and move on to the next email. After a few days of doing this I thought seriously, what the FUCK am I doing!! This is total bullshit why am I being dishonest and clicking “like” on their post when I did not even fucking read it… So I stopped doing that…I think I am a pretty fucking honest person and clicking “like” when I had not even read the post was NOT being honest and it was not making me feel good.
So what I started to do next was read the first few lines of the email and if I found it interesting I would click the link to their blog and read it. Also, to show that I had read it I would make some comment and click the “like” button BUT once again this still did not feel right. Honestly sometimes I would sit there for five fucking minutes trying to come up with a comment. I mean, I read the fucking post and I enjoyed it, but fuck me dead… I just did not have a comment to make and I would have to rack my fucking brain to come up with something to say. Well NO MORE!! The fucking madness has got to stop!!

Honestly…It really HAS to stop!!

I have over 100 followers on my blog but I can absofuckinlutely guarantee you that 100 people do not READ my blog, I consider myself lucky if 20 of you read my blog!! So why so many followers? I just do not get it? Am I missing something?
I simply do not understand how I got on this fucking roundabout of illegitimate blog followers but I can tell you now that I am abandoning ship!!
I realize by doing so I am going to lose a LARGE chunk of my following, but that is okay!! I don’t give a fuck!! Well I kind of do, because fuck, we all want to be liked but really and trulyΒ I only want legitimate followers. I honestly ONLY want people to follow me if they are really interested in reading all this random bullshit that I have to say.
I am not interested in the “follow for a follow” mentality. I see absolutely NO value in it!

So in the last couple of weeks if I clicked LIKE on your blog post it is because I have read your post and I genuinely liked it. If I commented, it is because I had something to say and not because I tortured my batshit crazy brain trying to come up with a comment.
Also in the last week or two I have slowly stopped following blogs that have no interest for me, if I consistently delete the emails without reading the blog after a few times of this I un- follow. I am not trying to be mean or hurtful but I do need to be honest and true to myself!!

So if by some weird strange chance you follow my blog and you NEVER ever read it but by some miracle you happen to be reading this one it is okay if you unfollow me. I promise not to cry and pout and stamp my feet. I also promise that I will not retaliate and unfollow you. I will however unfollow ANY blogs that I don’t read and if that happens to be you I am sorry, please do not take it to heart. Understand that what might be interesting for one person may be as boring as shit for another. I get it!! I hope you do too!

79 thoughts on “I am such a whiny arsed bitch!!

  1. Thanks Jad. I read it all the way through and you know I spent lots of hours reading every single one of your posts – by the way, where is that interview response?! I am new to this so I never like or comment on a post I didn’t genuinely enjoy or feel that I have a helpful comment to make. I appreciate you following my blog and I am excited that we will soon be in the same city. By the way, this reminded me that I still have 3 months of your blog to catch up on so that I am ‘fully’ up to date. Love your style sista

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    • Awww thanks for your comment, I am still working through your blog..I ummm ermmm took a break to have hot wild crazy sex.. sorry about that!! Well, not really sorry because the sex was fucking fantastic!! Working on the interview, almost done and hope to have it to you before the weekend!!

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  2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚… this was funny as hell… lol… and I totally agree… I did a post on this earlier on when I visited the community pool I noticed some persons were asking to be followed…I was like wtf… I dont want you to follow me because I asked…I want you to check my shit out and if you like it you follow… I sure as hell am bot following anyone that im not interested in reading…

    Ive come across many blogs whose content Ive read and the posts are amazing but it’s just not interesting to me..

    Lolol you take this thing really seriously… the comment though it’s that torturing for yoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sometimes I lile a post after reading but I’m just not moved to comment… and other times I read a post like this one and I have all kinds of shit to say… paragraphs and paragraphs of shit to say about how much I agree or relate to what you’re saying… lol… eaely on I established that… Im not going to foloow because you followed me and i dont want a follow because I followed you… I want to interact in comments and thw only way that happwns is if ylu actually read my shit and are truly interested…

    My phone makes it seem as if im retarded so please excuse whatever typos I might have missed while using this contraption…

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    • Damn it I fucking love your phone!!! I am going to have to go hunting through your blog for that post because I am sure as fuck it will be as interesting as your comment here!! Glad you like my blog πŸ™‚

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      • Awww thanks, I like to rock!! Hey by the way, I love reading your blog but I had a hard time finding the like button. It also took me a while to realize to comment you had to scroll back up to top of post. Not sure if that is the blog theme or something you chose but if I do not like or comment on yours it is because I forget it is back up the top. Some blogs do not give you the option to comment or like and originally I assumed that was what yours was like


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  4. I think some people pick up blogging, stick with it for some time liking/commenting/following, and then lose interest, but instead of deactivating their account, keep it active, thus keeping their follower number intact on your counter. I’m the same way: been blogging just over a year, have close to 600 followers, but I’m pretty sure I only have about 25-30 regular readers who interact.

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    • I am not sure what benefits anyone gets from having followers if the followers do not actually visit the blog? I do not use ads or anything like that on my blog but even the people who do they do not get anything if nobody actually goes to the blog right? Am I missing something?

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  5. I think it goes without saying that in the “close-to 2 months” I’ve had my blog, Jad has been one of my most engaging and earliest of my followers and to be honest, she’s one of my favourite bloggers. Heck, her blog is bookmarked on my browser alongside a short few others, just so I can catch up if I miss her notifications by email. So that being said, Jad, I’m glad you wrote this, because it’s true and it means a lot to a great many of people who feel the same way.

    If you just tumbled upon Jad’s blog, or just remembered you were following her, read through her posts. She’s worth following, and not for the sake of follows, but actual reading material. She’s pretty fucking awesome.

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  6. I totally get it Jad; fully understand and emphathize. Welcome to the modern pop-culture of social-shallow-media where 5-mins (10-mins tops!) is all anyone REALLY gets from anyone. Hahahaha! I compare it to an auditorium of thousands, billions, on the internet & social-media platforms, and EVERY single person has their own mega-bull-horn… all yelling thru them at everyone, while no one, I mean absolutely NO ONE is really listening because NO ONE CAN FUCKIN’ HEAR ANYTHING ANYWAY!!!! Bwahahahaha! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

    So your final solution is an excellent one Jad! BRAVO! I applaud you! πŸ˜€

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    • Shit!! Then I need a super duper uber megaphone because I have a lot of shit to say and love to get my voice heard!!!
      Seriously though, I get it!! We are all trying to be heard in our little piece of the world!!

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      • Perverted….!!! Hahaha that is a new one for me…hmmm let me see Fun loving, slightly quirky, batshit crazy self confessed perverted nympho??? Hmmmm nope doesn’t work for me!!! πŸ˜›

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      • Ah now when you put it that way it might work but I am afraid people might think my pervertedness may lead to golden showers or poop play and they are both BIG no no’s

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      • Now see how my batshit brain works, ever since you used the term perverted it has been stuck in my brain and it just won’t go away and now 2 fucking days later my batshit crazy brain is making me respond!! For me the term perverted has a whole lot of negative connotations and is not a description I think I will ever comfortably use to describe myself…So lets run with this… Fun loving, slightly quirky, batshit crazy self confessed nympho who dabbles in kinky fuckery!!!


  7. I hear you! It can get overwhelming. But, like you, I only like and comment if I am in the mood. πŸ˜‰

    I unfollow only if I find I’m consistently not reading the blog. Otherwise, I always read it. Most blog posts I read are short so it doesn’t take a ton of time.

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  8. Loved reading this, Jad! I personally don’t like getting the emails and have that turned off in my preferences on WordPress. I just scroll through my feed and read the articles that sound interesting. But, if there is someone who I find that I don’t enjoy following, I just unfollow…simple as that πŸ™‚

    And…love the rant… thanks for the giggle πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks Nora, so glad I could make you giggle. I am so afraid of missing out on something if I do not get the emails so I simply cannot turn them off. Have not worked out if it is my inner bitch that has the OCD or if it is me…I suspect it is me because my IB does not give a shit about blogs unless she is the star!!

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  9. WordPress is weird in that people will follow a blog and then never interact with it. I have about 4500 and feel like I know 50 of them at most. That said, every 4-6 months I notice a lot of turnover with bloggers. Like if I go back and see who liked and commented on my blog posts 12 months ago, it’s an entirely different group than who currently interacts with me. Lots of people leave, some just fade away.

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  10. I experienced exactly as you did. I ended up changing my preferences so that I only get email notifications on a few blogs that I really love. Other than that, I just check by Reader and scroll through the recent posts of all the sites I follow, stopping to read the ones that pique my interest. It’s all good. Breathe in, breathe out!

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      • You know, people don’t really get that blogging is not like twitter or instagram, you can have a million unengaged followers you know nothing about, which is sad and definitely limits your couch surfing ability ( my couch is available for you Jad!)

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