Bright lights, shooting stars & arching back in the city of the Arch!!

Where the fuck do I start? I know you have all been patiently waiting and anticipating reading  about my sexual adventures with “The Captain” but let me honest with you and tell you I am a little uncertain about this!!! I know right, this is me Jad, what the fuck is there to be uncertain about, for real!! but here is my dilemma!!
As you know BoB Jr was an incredible disappointment, I have no back up plan. Mon Capitaine and I were so wrapped up in fucking we forgot to stop at a sex shop and buy a “Better BoB”!! WTF!
Here is the thing, I know for sure that the retelling of my experience with “The Captain” is bound to get me all wet and horny and then what… I  have nowhere to fucking go!! No BoB, No Mon Capitaine, nada, nothing, zilch!!!
So…! I am going to be a good little blogger and suck it up buttercup, for the sake of my readers I am going to share with you the details of my hot and steamy sex fest and then I will drown myself in the shower!!!

On Friday after half a day of working and then 9 hours of travelling…Yes 9 fucking hours if you count driving to the airport, waiting around in the airport because my batshit crazy OCD fucking brain makes me get there 3.5 hours early, then flying time, rental car shuttle, and finally more driving time I finally made it to Mon Capitaine’s place 9 fucking hours later!! Whew breathe!!

I pull up to the front of his house, grab just my purse and backpack and head to the door which is instantly opened by a hot, sexy, naked, bald Captain!!
We immediately fell into each others arms kissing, touching, more kissing, more touching and it is not long before “The Captain” delivers the first of many on my endless orgasm coupon!!

I was carrying my car keys, phone, purse and backpack but somehow, someway, somewhere between the front door and the bed I was relieved of all those belongings along with my clothes. Completely naked we fell onto the bed entwined in each others arms, lips locked together and we then proceeded to spend the next hour or so gloriously fucking and sucking!!! Okay that’s enough detail, insert your imagination here….fuck its hot, can someone turn the fan on please!!!

Anyway, despite our multiple texts as a prelude to my visit, teasing each other about spending the night fucking the reality was “The Captain” had to get up very early the next morning for work and I was fucking exhausted after 9 hours of travelling so ultimately our boasting was just that…Boasting, and it was not long before we fell asleep sated and spent!!

Now I have to be honest with you and tell you the rest of the extended weekend was a blur, we sucked and fucked so much and at all different times of the day and night I simply cannot remember which days we had morning sex, afternoon sex, impromptu sex!! I Just know we did it all and in every position imaginable and even those we did not imagine!!

After spending a couple of nights at Mon Capitaine’s house we moved on to the Casino where I had a couple nights of a COMP room so we got to partake in “hotel sex” which is always fucking amazing, even more so because you don’t have to clean up the sheets after!!

Now I hear you saying what the fuck!! none of this shit has anything to do with the title of this blog post “Bright lights, shooting stars and arching back in the city of the Arch!! But really it does, let me tell you!!

My most favorite position is with me on top, I love stretching with my hands behind me and my back arched. This position is guaranteed to result in endless orgasms and this trip was no exception. We enjoyed this position many times over the course of the past few days including the last night before we had to say goodbye and go our separate ways…Which is becoming a common fucking occurrence I might add!!

So for the 3rd time in our “Semi Quasi” relationship after a weekend of hot and steamy sex we again intuitively both seemed to want to make the last time special and this time was no exception…Our lovemaking was so incredible and so intense that I  experienced a phenomena I had never before experienced…While in my favorite position I was overtaken by an incredibly violent and intense orgasm and then my head exploded!!
I am not fucking shitting you, right there in a hotel room sitting on top of Mon Capitaine my back arched  in ecstasy in the city of the Arch my fucking head, EXPLODED!!
What a fucking ride that was, one minute I was in the depths of the most incredibly pleasurable orgasm and the next minute pain exploded in my brain and I saw stars!
It was a completely surreal experience!! While the orgasm was fucking incredible and I would love to have many more of that intensity I promise you I never want my head to explode again!! What the fuck was that!!

Once again, despite the aneurgasm (Mon Capitaine made up the name) the extended weekend was a huge success, great food, great company, fabulous sex and all for under a pound you know…. ummm sorry wrong song, I got carried away…! Actually the long weekend cost a lot more than a fucking pound especially considering I LOST my watch!
Flights, rental car, food, gambling money and lost watch total was probably around $800 ahhh erm if you take out the gambling money and the lost watch then it was only a $350 dollar booty call… and worth every fucking cent!!!

32 thoughts on “Bright lights, shooting stars & arching back in the city of the Arch!!

  1. 😂😂😂😂😂…orgasm coupons… lol I love the way you write…lmaooo… oh Ive experienced that explosive toe curling headache inducing leg cramping type orgasm before. It usually ends with a pop of two of whatever painkiller is available at the time and a glass of water…

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  2. Thanks for sharing Jad. Sounds amazing and I relate to the pain part through – I suffer from migraines and I’m sorry to report that sometimes intense orgasms trigger a migraine. That part is no fun! Hey I am hoping to be having amazing sex very, very soon, and I am back on the horse so to speak, so will fill you. I get sadder for you every time I read your instalments because you are leaving, but you never know what this next chapter might bring!

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  3. $350 money well spent. That being said, you can’t put a price on an orgasm. I’m rather curious of the head exploding phenomenon you speak of. Truth be told I’m not sure if it sounds sexy or dangerous. Like, my imagination is waging war with my logical sense of thinking, neither one receiving enough blood circulation to figure out what the F this head explosion was all about.

    Either way, you got yours, and got it good by the likes of it.

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  4. Ahhh, what?! How long did the aneurgasm last after the orgasm was over? I’ve had a lot of great orgasms but never have I experienced the headache. Is this really a thing?! Is this a good thing/something I’m missing out on? lol

    Other than that, it sounds like you had such a good time with “The Captain”!!!

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    • I honestly do not know how to answer that question…Oh wait!! Yes I do… If someone told me the ONLY way I could have that amazing incredible intense orgasm again is that I would also have to have the aneurgasm with it I would say oh ummm maybe!!!
      BUT if I could have the orgasm without the aneurgasm I would be like oh fuck yeah, bring it on!!
      Oh and the bad pain lasted 5 – 10 minutes, after that it was just a dull ache and then I fell asleep

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