Eating words that taste delicious!!

Mon Capitaine: “Ok… you come here…I’ll make sure you get sex every night…Not 3 times a week. You done know I can wear your ass out, and Imma make you eat your interview words….:)

Do you remember this from my last blog post??!!

Well finally!!! Between eating incredible food, having fun at the Casino, shopping when I have no fucking business shopping and a smorgasbord of delicious sex I have finally been able to carve out a little bit of time to write this blog. Let me tell you the only fucking reason I am doing it now is because Mon Capitaine made sure I was well satisfied before he left for work this morning.

So anyway, Friday I arrive at Mon Capitaine’s house at around 4:45 pm, after 11 fucking torturous hours of driving. I was a little worried about how things were going to go having sex with a UTI but hell despite the fact that I had to pee every five minutes all thoughts of my UTI flew out the window when thinking of the intense pleasure “The Captain” was going to bestow on me… I mean after all it had been 10 days since I had seen him last and as Bob Jr was a TWOFT (total waste of fucking time) it had been 10 days since I had an orgasm, I mean really!!! Who the fuck goes for 10 days without an orgasm!!

So arriving at “The Captains” house I let myself in, unloaded the car, dragged my mattress topper into the house, made the bed, then promptly collapsed on it and fell asleep!!

I woke up close to an hour later when Mon Capitaine got home… And so began the first of many times that I had to deliciously eat my “interview” words over and over and over again!!

No no no, I am not talking about oral sex, well yeah there was some of that but what I mean is I got here Friday, today is Tuesday and we have had sex 10 times… I am not shitting you, ten fucking times in 5 days. Technically Friday only counts as half a day and Today, Tuesday is not over with yet!! I am fucking exhausted but totally deliciously exhausted!

And here is the weirdest fucking thing!! After having sex the first time Friday night my incessant need to pee totally disappeared…I mean GONE, nothing, nada zilch!! What the fuck??! How can sex fix that shit? I am no fucking doctor but it is either one of two things. Firstly I had bladder surgery, I have shit inside me that does not belong, well it is supposed to be there, I mean I had the doctor put it there on purpose but it is foreign to my body so maybe perhaps it kind of fell out of place a little making me need to a pee all the time and perhaps maybe “The Captain” pushed it back into place?

The other option…which I do not know if it is even plausible is maybe I had a male version of “blue balls” I mean I had 10 fucking days of “sexual tension” and NO relief at ALL, maybe I had this build up of a massive orgasm waiting to explode and it was blocking my urethra and giving me the feeling I need to pee?!?

Honestly though, who the fuck knows!!? I am just glad that shit is over with…Speaking of shit it has been almost 8 days since I have been so I am sure there is another poop blog in my future!!

But anyway, eating my words has been absolutely delicious however now “The Captain” has gotten sick so we may need to take a little break… I have to admit I am not totally upset about needing to take a little rest… The Captain has “done wore my arse out” and my hips hurt like the fucking devil!!

20 thoughts on “Eating words that taste delicious!!

  1. Break!?! Nay! Neithwe wind nor sleet nor hail nor dark of night nor a little cold shall keep me from my appointed rounds! Service I promised, and service you shall have!

    And yes…my cock has been imbued with magical emotional, oral, vaginal, and anal healing powers! It’s next magical task is to help with that “poop” issue…

    Now…where did I put that lube…

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  2. TWOFT (total waste of fucking time) <—–oh man! I just got UP off the floor from laughing at the LAST thing!! Anuergasm….?

    maybe I had this build up of a massive orgasm waiting to explode and it was blocking my urethra and giving me the feeling I need to pee?!?<—–your train of thought scare me.

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  3. Wooohoooo! Wear it out Jad!!! Work and grind those hips like no washing machine could EVER duplicate!!! Get it outta yo system, granted for an hour or two, maybe three… but go until one of you falls asleep on top of the other in the thick of it all!!! Hahahaha! 🤣

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  4. If you squirt when you have an orgasm, it could’ve been blue balls lol!! Sorry if this is TMI but I squirt and when I get horny it feels like I need to pee but nothing really comes out then I have some good sex and I squirt and prob pee a lot, lol.

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