Blogger award nomination!! Wait!! Stop!! It’s not what you think!!

I know that many of you see the title ” blah blah blogger award” and instantly zone out but please keep reading…I mean it!! I am fucking serious…just suck it up and READ!! While this IS about blogger awards it is not what you think.

See here is my dilemma, I have to be true to myself, I really fucking do… So to some people I am going to come across as an absolute bitch but you know what… DILLIGAF!! Well that is not totally true because some of the people involved I have come to know and like through their blog so I really do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings and I do give a fuck but at the end of the day I have to be TRUTHFUL in all things and this is just one of them.

So I have just received my 5th blogger award nomination and usually what I do is send a private email to the nominee explaining ever so politely….Yes politely, in fact I totally refrain from any “fucks”, shits or bloody hecks!! Anyway I ever so politely explain why I cannot accept the award.

So far I have successfully managed send these lovely little emails without hurting anyone’s feelings or making them feel slighted…Or at least that is what they tell me but honestly who the fuck knows, they could be lying through their teeth and I could be on their next hit list…But fuck I am at 5 nominations now and I am at a point where I just know one day I am going to be “oh fuck it all” I cannot be bothered with this bullshit anymore and not take extra care and attention with the email and send some random crap so I decided I better fix it once and for all and write this post about my feelings on “Blogger awards” so here it is!!

I would guess the original intention of the blogger awards “long before I ever discovered the kingdom of blog” was probably to help new bloggers get a following…sounds a bit like a fucking cult doesn’t it!! But see, somewhere along the way the original intention of these awards got lost. Some fucker who wanted to make money latched onto the idea and created a blogger award which required a link back to their award blog site and they then sat back and watched their dollars rake in. Someone else thought it was a great fucking idea and they did the same thing until the kingdom of blog was overrun with blogger awards.

Maybe I don’t know what the fuck I am talking about, I mean shit I don’t make a single penny from my blog, I know there is a way of doing it but that is NOT why I write so honestly it is too much fucking hassle for me to even investigate but I am savvy enough to notice that on almost all of these blog award sites there are “ads” so someone is making money somewhere.

But see what I do kinda sorta have a problem with is “dishonesty” and a lot of these blogger awards are totally fucking dishonest!! Yep, truly they fucking are.

See they are click bait and chain letters disguised as blogger awards, you know, similar to those fucking messages we all get in Facebook… Pass this message on or you daughter will give birth to an alien with purple hair and 15 toes!! Or those really shitty memes with pictures that tug at your heart strings that say hit AMEN and share or you don’t care about this poor drowning puppy!! Pretty fucking sure this puppy already drowned because some fucker prefered to be on the end of a camera instead of rescuing the puppy so my click and share is going to do sweet fuck all!!

Many blogger awards are just like that, link back to the award site “click bait” and nominate more poor unsuspecting bloggers “chain letters” They also remind me a little of the “follow for the follow” mentality which I got sucked into and wrote about in a previous post.

There are rules to the blogger awards to follow different by each award for example for an award to supposedly recognize “new bloggers” they must have under 100 followers or something. Here is the dishonesty…nobody fucking checks on that. I have seen someone accept such an award that has over 400 followers and NOBODY checks but also NOBODY gives a fuck, the ONLY thing these blogger award sites care about is that you LINK back to their site!!

Also I have seen some nominations for blogs that quite frankly are absolutely shit, I mean let’s face it folks, there are some blogs out that that are not worth the fucking paper they are written on. Fuck!! I sound like such a bitch but truly have you read some of the crap out there? How do you nominate someone for the “fucking fabulous” blogger award when all the blogger does is post a single plagiarized meme once a week… I know to each their own but shit some people need to take their blog to the appropriate format like twitter, Instagram or Facebook!!

These blogger awards also rely on the bonds of the closely knit blog community that I have had the pleasure of recently discovering. Many active bloggers follow and enjoy other blogs and let’s face it if someone takes the time to nominate you it feels fucking great. Everyone wants to be noticed and recognized, it’s human nature so it is this bond developed by many bloggers that keeps this endless chain letter going.

ALL of my nominations have come from people whom I know READ and ENJOY my blog so they have not just selected random blogs which is why I feel like such a bitch even writing this post because honestly I am fucking flattered that someone reads and enjoys my blog enough to want to nominate me but as I said it is not always the case.

Anyway enough of my rambling bullshit… If I ever want to share blogs I enjoy with my other followers I generally mention them in comments or link to them in relevant posts. This to me is a far more legitimate and genuine way of sharing posts from other bloggers whom I really enjoy rather than the endless chain letters of blogger awards!

So my lovely readers all of the above is totally my own personal opinion on blogger awards, others may have their own opinions and feelings and I totally respect that. My intention is not to demean my fellow bloggers in anyway.

One final point, there are a couple of blogger awards that I have noticed that could possibly be genuine, a blog is nominated, all nominations are reviewed by a panel, winners are selected and there are even monetary prizes involved. Sure these blogger awards also make money but the difference is the rules are followed, someone is actually reviewing and reading these blogs and verifying they are worthy of an award!!

Well, that’s all folks…Sorry if I offended or upset anyone, I know I usually say if I upset you call 1800idontgiveafuck but I kinda sorta do in this instance…Just don’t go buy a voodoo doll on me okay!!!

Last word, I know you are all just dying to hear about my latest shitty blog post but so sorry, there is nothing to tell. It really was a non event!! I did not shit for 8 days and then finally this morning after “The Captain” left for work I did poop, end of story…No excitement there!!  Although now I am finally poop free maybe Mon Capitaine and I can do a little anal exploration!!




27 thoughts on “Blogger award nomination!! Wait!! Stop!! It’s not what you think!!

  1. Loved your honest post. You had me laughing true the entire thing. I 100% agree Witt you on these awards. I already got to the point that I don’t respond to the nominations. I don’t blog to get recognized. I surely don’t have time to meet all these specific award rules. The last thing I want to do is pass the burden to another 10 people. And no, you did not sound like a “bitch”. You sounded honest and said what many of us think but don’t say.

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  2. If I were to buy a voodoo doll of you it would be for very different reasons, I assure you. But you’re right about blogger awards, the fair majority of them from the little I’ve seen, mean nothing. They also do little to actually promote or expand the reach of bloggers who do take the whole awards thing seriously. I will say this, attention and appreciation is great. We all want it. We crave it. Like crack addicts in Hell’s Kitchen. We desire attention. Blogger awards though, they seem very short term in what they have to offer.

    Do I say congrats here, though? I’m not sure. Regardless, you are a great blogger, that much is a given.

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    • As always I love your comments but now I am left with my incredibly fertile imagination just wondering what the fuck you are going to do with a voodoo doll of me!!! I am going to think on that while I get my little arse ready and head to the casino…actually, technically it’s not exactly a little arse, it’s carrying a couple of extra pounds!!

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    • The blogger awards are something that as you are here you will form your own opinion on them, some people love them. I do not.
      Hunida commented that she loves the questions and answers that come with the blog award and I get that some people really love that. I personally skip over those blog posts, I would much rather learn about the blogger the traditional way of reading their blog

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  3. I like blogging awards because they have different questions in them and they’re all so unique and fun to answer–they always make for a pretty good post (if people actually read them!!). When I tag/nominate someone I always choose bloggers who I’ve connected with and those that I’m truly interested in seeing their answers, if they’re up for making a fun response post–it doesn’t upset me at all if they don’t, though! I see how you could look at them as chain letters but really, they’re not like that at all. It’s not like a follow train…it’s real support for the bloggers that deserve it. You can backtrack to the creators of tags and awards and they are usually just small-time bloggers like us. They don’t make money off of posts we make on our own blogs. The Ads you see are WordPress ads (unless you are on someone’s website not owned by WordPress)…they are just like Facebook ads to keep it all free for us to use. When I first created my blog…I rolled my eyes at these awards/tags, too, I thought I wouldn’t respond to them on my page ever…but I really do enjoy them now. Maybe they’ll grow on you someday but of course, to each their own, there are a LOT of bloggers who feel the same way as you and it’s totally understandable.

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    • So true that it is each to their own. I totally respect other peoples opinions on the blogger awards.
      I do not have any ads on my page at all, at least I hope I do not. I purposely paid for my WordPress subscription so that I would not have to put up with ads.
      From my understand is people can choose to make money from their blogs and I looked at it a little bit but to be honest I write my blog for 2 reasons, firstly for me, I find it very cathartic and secondly because of my book, I want to know that people actually enjoy the crap that dribbles out of my brain!! So I don’t need or want to make money from my blog….. I DO however want to make money from my book LOL

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      • Oh yeah, but the ads on my page are WordPress’ I don’t get paid if you click on them but yes most of the time if people are self-hosted and have ads they do get paid.

        Lol I never intend to get paid for blogging, it’s a fun hobby for me. 🙂 But I’ll buy your book when it’s published, hehe, so you will make some money there!!!

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  4. I agree with you on this. Thankfully, I don’t get a lot of them anymore. Not sure if it’s because my posts simply suck right now, or that everyone that’s been reading my blog is as tired of awards as most people are.

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  5. I just hope people go read my blog from here. I won’t link it. And for some reason *sniffle* I’ve never been nominated…..but now? That’s ok! No, really. It’s ok, NO REALLY DON’T.

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