The over indulging “nerd” girl!!

Halloween in St Louis and “The Captain” and I booked a classy hotel downtown and tickets to a pub crawl where Y’all get to dress up for Halloween and visit a whole bunch of assorted pubs and bars in downtown St Louis… The thing of it is while it says it is a pub crawl I do not think you are actually supposed to physically crawl from one bar to another but my fucked up batshit crazy brain assumed you were supposed to and in order for me to manage that I needed to drink as much vodka as possible!!

While in the hotel with Mon Capitaine getting dressed up as nerds the drinking began!! The Captain knew my quest to drink copious amounts of Vodka cranberry juice and figured one of us would have to stay relatively able to find our way back to the hotel so he decided to stick to beer… Very wise choice “My Captain!!!

So I probably do not need to go into all of the sordid details of my drunken adventures but clearly from my Facebook posts the alcohol was taking effect!!

Some lessons that I may or may not have learned for next time…really only time will tell!!

  1. Just because you are wearing underwear which says “extra credits” on your arse it does not mean you have to show them to the people in the bar!!…several times!!
  2. No, Jad, you do not need to get a photo of your drunken self with every policemen you see. Luckily this time round he was a cop in costume!!!
  3. If you have to walk over mile to get back to your hotel instead of Uber because you are afraid of throwing up in the car then you have had enough to drink.
  4. If you have to sleep with not only a bucket “aka trash can” and sick bag “aka hotel laundry bag” then I am pretty fucking sure you had WAY too much to drink!!

“The Captain” snapped a photo of my sleeping back and while the image is pretty small for Y’all and you may not see it clearly enough I promise you I am sharing my bed with a trash can and sick bag!! Fortunately I did not need to use either but I did sleep in a rocky sail boat all night!

I woke up feeling just slightly seedy, a cup of coffee and I was good to go, meanwhile the poor Captain had a headache so it took him a little longer to get moving…

So what is the moral of this story? There is no moral, had a great fucking time and would do it all over again so I guess I did not learn any lessons πŸ˜›

Oh and I am sorry Y’all that I am so fucking behind on reading your blogs, honestly it just gets worse and worse, I now have almost 400 fucking emails. I am trying but fuck y’all write a lot…maybe you can just slow down a little? At least until I catch up?? Yeah, no scratch that, I am never going to fucking catch up!! Keep on writing and just know I am a fucking month behind!!

Oh and one more thing, I am looking at this picture and and I am think wow is this a little TMI? naked back, mussed hair, my unique tattoo that nobody else in this world has on their body…. Ah fuck it, I am going to post it anyway!!

23 thoughts on “The over indulging “nerd” girl!!

  1. “If you have to walk over mile to get back to your hotel instead of Uber because you are afraid of throwing up in the car then you have had enough to drink.”

    Story of my life.

    You’re forgiven on catching up with blogs, by the way.
    Nice tattoo, as well. Over the shoulder does well for photos. Evident here.

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    • I LOVE my tattoo, it is unique to me, I did write a blog post about the symbolism of it, cannot remember what it is called but wrote it January February time. If you are interested let me know and I will look up the name of it

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  2. Yeah…drinking lessons are for pussies! We Drink! We celebrate! And fuck the begrudgers! They can stay at home in their jammies watching The Big Bang Theory reruns, and drinking Capri Sun juices boxes! We celebrate life in my neck of the woods!

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    • I am a hot mess when it comes to a man in uniform!! In Bourbon street, during Mardi Gras no less my drunken arse approached every cop in sight and asked for a photo, my fucking photo album is full of pictures of me with cops!! One of them even grabbed my arse!!


  3. Lol hey at least all the sick was worth it!!! I’ve never been to a pub crawl but it sounds like you had an amazing time and luckily The Captain stayed sober enough to keep you safe. πŸ™‚ Don’t worry about keeping up with my blog!!

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