When will I ever learn?!

So here I am 17 days, 10 hours and 44 minutes away from going home to Australia and I have all of my suitcases fully packed except one, my final suitcase, which is currently 41 lbs, this means I have 9 lbs of weight left that I can pack in it… The problem is I have 27 lbs of clothes and shoes that I am wearing for the next couple of weeks that need to go in this case!!! What the heck!!

Cripes on a crumpet how the frick am I supposed to make that happen?! I know I can do amazing awesome things but even I cannot make 27 lbs weigh 9 lbs.

I have a lot of lovely well meaning friends and family on Facebook who tell me to use those space saving bags to make more room… I wish the problem space but it is weight, I could cram a whole bunch more shit in those mothers, there is plenty of space!!! But if a suitcase is anything over 50 lbs, even by just one ounce I will be charged excess luggage of $125. The airlines are robbers when it comes to luggage and if you read my last post you already know I was robbed TWICE just recently so I am trying to avoid getting screwed in the arse again!!!

Oh also I cannot buy anymore suitcases, I already have 8 and that is the maximum the airline will let me have!!

So 27 lbs of clothes and shoes, 9 lbs of availability left tell me what does this fun loving, slightly quirky, batshit crazy self confessed nympho go and do??

I only went fucking shopping… I am not shitting you, I really did!! I bought a pair of shoes, a pair of boots, a sweater, a jacket, a winter vest and some pants…what the fuck!! What the hell is wrong with me?! I know, I KNOW…. Hello my name is JAD and I am addicted to shopping!!! UGH!!

So at the moment I am in Lake Charles gambling “see the addicted trend here” but once I get home I am going to have to go through ALL 8 of my suitcases, decided what is really important and take out anything I have not worn for the last 12 months!!

I kind of sort of also decided that I am going to have one last shopping splurge at Burlington Coat factory (my favorite store). I just know if I do not I will regret it and I will always think about it. They just do not have these stores in Australia, I am going to miss the clothes and shoes shopping SO much. One last splurge, that is all…. Then I am going to pay the freaking USPS the sum of almost $300 fucking dollars to ship the stuff toΒ  Australia…

When will I ever learn…. My name is Jad and I am addicted to shopping!!!

Oh…If you see on the news about some batshit crazy woman at Dallas airport using a “Harry Potter” magic wand on her suitcases trying to make them weight less…That would be me!!



24 thoughts on “When will I ever learn?!

    • I am bringing 8 suitcases, 3 of them are included with my ticket because of my frequent flyer status, the other 5 I purchases for a total of $615.00….There is no possible way I could get shipping or courier that CHEAP!! Unfortunately 5 is the maximum they would let me purchase.
      I have decided to hell with it, I am paying almost $600 to the post office to ship 2 boxes at 50 lbs per box. Have researched other options and with the time frame I have left and the amount this is the best available

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  1. Lol that would be sooo funny if you had gotten a cloak to wear also!

    Hello. My name is Mon Capitaine, and I’m addicted to 50+ year old, slightly quirky, bat shit crazy, self confessed nymphomaniac Australian women…

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  2. The Harry Potter visual cracked me up!

    I didn’t get the female shopping gene at all – I despise shopping! The only shopping I’ll do is online… and only during sales and when I absolutely have to.


    • Lol I remember it can get pretty cold in the city in Adelaide!! Even though I lived in Chicago for 8 years the coldest I have ever been was standing at the end of the jetty at Port Noarlunga with the arctic breeze coming off the ocean.
      truthfully speaking though I did buy the coat because I am going to Denver December 1st and I have NO coat!!

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  3. Left a lot of great books back in Oxford 20 years ago. Was going to cost me close to 400 pounds to send them to Australia. Bookshops in Australia are nothing compared to Europe and the United States

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    • It sucks to leave stuff behind, I moved from Illinois to Texas and did not have room for my books. I gave away 2 bookshelves full. I swore I would never buy another book again..It was not long after that I bought a Kindle


      • I don’t mind how I store or consume information… as long as I do. I will never limit how I do either. Knowledge travels by trains, planes, and automobiles.
        Right now I am struggling to do that. Got on what I was led to believe was a South Morang train and have found it was a Belgrave. Gotten off at Hawthorn and ready for some 25 year old kids in PSO uniforms to start managing down to me

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