Stinky houses and other stuff!!

Hey Y’all… See, I am living down under now but I can still use y’all!! Anyway, hey y’all… I guess I should start by saying if you signed up to follow my blog because of the “sex stuff” then you may want to stop following me for a bit!! Come back in about ummm 3 […]

Just one more kiss!!

Tried so hard to stay awake long enough to write this blog but my words were the ramblings of jet lagged batshit crazy woman and they did not make a lick of sense so I deleted all that random bullshit and decided to try again!! As much as I would love to regale you all […]

An open letter to “Mon Capitaine”

My Captain, It has been a time of goodbyes, letting go of the relationships as they stand that I have built over the last 13 years and allowing them to morph into something different. For some it is goodbye, it is very unlikely I will ever see them again, for others it is see you […]