The unrated peep show!!… and other stuff!

OMG I finally fucking made it, I  touched down in Denver at around lunch time Friday, made my way to the hotel and patiently , okay okay, impatiently waited for Mon Capitaine to arrive.

Let me tell you there is nothing more delicious than the anticipation of upcoming “wall sex” Seriously!!… But it has to be  “wall sex” not just any sex!! Although anticipating ANY sex is amazing in itself, “wall sex” is extra fucking special!!

I am not sure if I ever talked to you before in my blog about my relationship with wall sex and if I have then you are just gonna have to suck it up because y’all are going to hear it again!!

I watched a movie a LONG time ago, cannot remember when or the name of the movie and who the fuck cares really, the important part is the “wall sex” scene!!
These lovers come together and they are SO desperate for each other they are kissing and stripping each other as they barely make it inside the door.

I remember watching it and feeling sad that I HAD never and WAS never going to experience that kind of passion, I honestly felt like it did not exist and was just fantasy for movies but it did not stop me from wanting someone to want me that fucking much!!

In the times between when Mon Capitaine and I are apart (which is very fucking frequently) I miss him and I miss the sex… But the great thing about our time apart is that when we do get together again we have the most amazing incredible “wall sex”!!
It is absolutely fucking glorious to have someone craving you so bad that insane blind passion takes over and you both lose all awareness of everything that is going on except the passion and the heat of that moment. “The Captain” knows me extremely well and he is an expert at “wall sex” preparation. I usually get some saucy texts when he or I are getting close to the rendezvous point describing exactly what he has plans on doing to me. I think I know him pretty well too and I am usually well prepared, often wearing something sexy that also is easily removable.

Once again Mon Capitaine did not disappoint and the  “wall sex” was phenomenal!! By the time we finished I was well and truly relaxed, all the stresses of the past week  dissolved into a puddle of commingled orgasms.

We only had 48 hours together and we sure as hell made the best of it!! Our passionate frenzied wall sex Friday night was followed by some delicious morning sex Saturday before breakfast. Then after spending the day Saturday driving up in the mountains in Denver and doing fun touristy stuff we were back at the hotel late afternoon for some more incredible sex which fulfilled all of my desires… Remember my meme..??
“Give me a bit of rough sex with some sexy, slow and sweet love making” Check, check, check and double check!! Our pre dinner bedroom antics checked off all my desires and left me feeling totally sated and fucking exhausted. I mean seriously!! I was fucked senseless and could barely move!!

“The Captain” being his usual considerate self knows that I need to have my shoes back on my feet pretty quickly but when he went to get them to put them on he noticed
that we seemed to forget to close the curtains in our hotel room… Now most hotels have that shit on the windows that stops people from seeing in but oh no, not this hotel!!
To make it even worse the hotel is shaped like a U so there were rooms exactly opposite ours. “The Captain” went to close the curtains and he noticed a man in the room one floor above and opposite looking at him from his hotel room. Fuck me sideways, we just gave this dude the “peep show of a lifetime”!! All for free!! And let me tell you it was some fucking show!!.. The next day while riding up in the elevator there was this dude who seemed pretty friendly, he pressed the button for one floor above ours… My gut tells me that he was our peeper!!

Sunday was another day filled with food, fun and sex, it was fantabulous!! shit what more could a girl want!?

Sadly all good things must come to an end and late Sunday arvo after some more delicious sex and a whole lot of snuggling followed by another round of delicious sex “The Captain” once again kissed me goodbye in a fashion which is becoming all too familiar and it is another reminder of how real it is that exactly one weeks time we will be saying goodbye to our relationship as it stands today.

Nobody really knows what the future is going to hold, I would like to think that our plans to meet in Bali in the not so distance future come to fruition but honestly, who the fuck knows? Anything could happen between now and then!!

What I do know is that at the end of the day I made an awesome friend, we shared some incredible adventures, we had some mind blowing, boneless, passionate, tender sex and I will always be a better person for knowing “Mon Capitaine”

I expect our sex next Saturday and Sunday is going to be both passionate and bittersweet!

Oh, and as a special treat for y’all here is a photo of “The Captain”


Mon Capitaine

26 thoughts on “The unrated peep show!!… and other stuff!

  1. I’ll be there! You just need to break your grass skirt and coconut shell out of mothballs!

    As for the peeper, I’m sure my naked white ass sticking up in the air burned his retinas irreparably! He got what was coming to him!

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  2. Was the movie you mentioned The Notebook? Hehe. I love that wall sex scene. Sounds like you had a hot scene of your own!!! What a lucky day for the peeper! 😉

    Hopefully you and Captain get to see each other again in Bali!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I honestly do not remember the movie at all, it was probably even before the notebook.
      We will see each other this weekend, he is helping me at the airport, then maybe Bali in our future

      Liked by 1 person

      • I saw that you’d be seeing each other one more time which I hope is amazing as well, I can’t even imagine how hard that’s going to be!!! ❤ I just really hope you guys will be able to see each other again in Bali! ❤

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