Once in a lifetime… again! As told by Mon Capitaine!!

I hope y’all had the opportunity to read my last blog post, if not shame on you!! Go back and read it!
It seems Mon Capitaine was way ahead of me and already had a blog in his drafts just waiting for the day he could post it. My preemptive strike has prompted him to post his earlier than he expected and I am so grateful he did. I feel like our “see you later” will be all the more special. Kirk has allowed me to copy and paste his blog below…..

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Once in a lifetime… again!

This was written on June 15th, 2017, at 8:18pm. I’ve waited to post it for personal reasons, but it needs to be known…

So, a woman that has become a love in my life is on a plane, on her way home to Australia! She doesn’t know that’s what she is to me, though! I’m very careful to guard that from her! She’s reading this now, in Australia, probably sitting at her mom’s computer, and crying.  I hate that I’m making her cry! But…I had to do things this way for her…for her happiness…and for her family! Because if I didn’t do it this way, if I was to let her know how I feel about her, and what she means to me, then she might have stayed. I think she feels the same about me. She would have given it serious consideration. And I couldn’t let her do that. She needs to be home, for her heart…and sanity…and her family…and her happiness! And that means more to me than my own happiness!

Let me tell you about her…about my Aussie…

I met her on line, quite by accident! She wasn’t supposed to be there. Her profile was hidden! But yet, as fate would have it, there she was, listed as my top prospect!  That was my first glimpse of her.  She was very straight forward about what she wanted; no emotional attachment, just sex and friendship and companionship. She wanted a fuck buddy! And that suited me just fine! Lord knows, with all the women I’ve been with, and the problems they’ve brought into my life, just sex was right up my alley! Sadly, that was not to be my lot in life!

From the moment I met her, I knew I was in trouble, good trouble! From the second I touched her, electricity filled my fingertips! That’s when I knew she was very special! And then the chemistry between us was palpable. Our interactions were filled with mental innuendo that was amazing! Our thoughts were causing physical manifestations on each other! That first date was 5 hours…

Our senses of humor are equally paired…there are so many things we have in common! And the things we don’t have in common, we always graciously agreed to disagree on! Our conversations are always informative and interesting! Our senses of adventure are well balanced with each other! We find each other’s lives interesting! We are…well matched…

And she’s gone…

Here’s a song for you, my Jadziah. I think of meeting you, and knowing you, and loving you, every time I hear it. I think of our time together, and all the wonderful special moments we’ve shared! All the meals, and laughs, and the quiet, special moments. The times that I’ve held you…and kissed you…the times that I let go of you, when I didn’t want to. All the times that I knew you needed something from me, and I wanted to give to you all that I could. For every second that you take home with you…and the times in your coming days and weeks and years when I cross your mind…I hope you smile, and listen to this song by Sean Rowe…Leave something behind…here are the words I leave you with, my love. The only regret I have is that I didn’t write them…

I cannot say that I know you well
But you can’t lie to me with all these books that you sell
I’m not trying to follow you to the end of the world
I’m just trying to leave something behind
Words have come from men and mouse
But I can’t help thinking that I’ve heard the wrong crowd
When all the water is gone my job will be too
And I’m trying to leave something behind
Oh money is free but love costs more than our bread
And the ceiling is hard to reach
Oh the future ahead is broken and red
But I’m trying to leave something behind
This whole world is a foreign land
We swallow the moon but we don’t know our own hand
We’re running with the case but we ain’t got the gold
Yet we’re trying to leave something behind
My friends I believe we are at the wrong fight
And I cannot read what I did not write
I’ve been to His house, but the master is gone
But I’d like to leave something behind
There is a beast who has taken my blame
You can put me to bed but you can’t feel my pain
When the machine has taken the soul from the man
It’s time to leave something behind
Oh money is free but love costs more than our bread
And the ceiling is hard to reach
Oh the future ahead is already dead
And I’m trying to leave something behind
I got this feeling that I’m still at the shore
And pockets don’t know what it means to be poor
I can get through the wall if you give me a door
So I can leave something behind
Oh wisdom is lost in the trees somewhere
You’re not going to find it in some mental gray hair
It’s locked up from those who hurry ahead
And it’s time to leave something behind
Oh money is free but love costs more than our bread
And the ceiling is hard to reach
When my son is a man he will know what I meant
I was just trying to leave something behind
I was just trying to leave something behind

It’s because of how much you mean to me, how much you have enriched my life, how much you’ve changed my life, how much you have become my everything, that I have never burdened you with these words that I mean from the core of my soul…

I love you, Jadziah

I hope I’ve left a lifetime of somethings behind…

Have a wonderful life, my beautiful Jad…

Mon Capitaine

25 thoughts on “Once in a lifetime… again! As told by Mon Capitaine!!

  1. Far out I’m in rhe car with my daughter crying. Im gutted truly gutted. I found a love like no other and id be buggered if i let him get on a plane and leave me. Oh wait i do but thats different he comes back.

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  2. There’s hope . There’s always hope. When you love each other that much you’ll find a way to make it happen. Don’t waste time . There’s not much time left. Make it happen. Don’t live your lives miserable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am not miserable V, I am sad the Captain is not with me but there is no possible way of making it happen. Sometimes you have to be realistic and the fact is I need to be home in Australia and Mon Capitaine needs to be in the US

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