Just one more kiss!!

Tried so hard to stay awake long enough to write this blog but my words were the ramblings of jet lagged batshit crazy woman and they did not make a lick of sense so I deleted all that random bullshit and decided to try again!!

As much as I would love to regale you all with stories over what has been going on in my life the last few days I simply cannot!! Jet lag has turned my brain to a mushy pile of goo!! Actually I think it might have turned to mushy goo from breathing the air of some of the houses I looked at today. Seriously people, if you are going to rent your house out at least make sure it doesn’t smell like a fucking petting zoo!!

And….If you spend all that fucking money remodeling the kitchen and the bathroom then please, for fucks sake please!!! REPLACE that freaking “designer”, baby shit yellow, cigarette stained smoke detector that only cost like 10 fucking dollars!! I threw up in my mouth when I saw it!!

I’m back!! Did ya miss me? Of course you didn’t, you didn’t even know I was gone!!. I started writing this around 7 pm last night hoping to keep myself awake. BIG FAIL! I was in bed and asleep by 7.30 pm with no thought to ya’ll sitting there waiting for me to get back to this blog post… Damn I can be bloody selfish bitch at times!! Anyway I am back and even though I have had 8.5 hours of sleep this blog still does not make a lick of sense and my brain is still a mushy pile of goo but y’all are my devoted readers and I just know you will be a trooper and push on through and read this crap that has dribbled from my finger tips because ya love me!! I say my fingertips because my brain is a thing of beauty and there is no fucking way it is taking the blame for this dribble!!

Anyway I just realized the title of this blog makes no freaking sense because I have not even talked about kissing so I better get back on track.

I had a magical weekend with “The Captain” filled with laughter, good food, wine, occasional tears and some absofuckinglutely incredible sex!
I wish I could write about it here in more detail but honestly even without the jet lag the entire weekend was so surreal that it all has kind of blurred into one long episode of making love because even when we were not having sex we were making love with our eyes, our words and our touch…So I guess you could say we fucked in public…Ha ha, sorry couldn’t resist the joke!!, No we didn’t.

What I do know is that Mon Capitaine paid special care to cross of everything off my list of things that I LOVE, gentle and tender lovemaking coupled with some rough and raunchy sex, sometimes even in the same session. Every time was meaningful and special and the last time we made love on the Sunday was so incredibly intense it left me completely boneless once again!!

Sunday afternoon came all too quickly and Mon Capitaine took me to the airport in Dallas, we unloaded the bags from his truck and a porter helped to move them into the terminal but the Qantas gate had not opened yet so the porter piled up all 12 suitcases, one carry on, one back pack and one pillow in the corner and left me standing there while Mon Capitaine had gone to park his truck. He did not take long to find me, 12 suitcases and a batshit crazy woman really stood out!!

I told Mon Capitaine that he did not need to wait for Qantas to open and that I would be fine and that I would get some help from Qantas. He had a long arsed drive to his current job site and when I say long arse I mean 10 fucking hours!!

So here it was, time to say seeyalater, we kissed, we hugged, we kissed some more, we said some words, I totally forget what words but words WERE spoken and we kissed some more and then “one last kiss” before we said “words of love” then he walked away from me… And all I could think of was that I needed just one more kiss!! Please, if it could just have one more kiss I will be okay, but he was gone!!

And I know that one last kiss would not have made a lick of difference to how I was feeling but I just could not shake the thought for the longest time…Just one more kiss!!


22 thoughts on “Just one more kiss!!

  1. Such a beautiful goodbye but, yes, it’s hard to not yearn for one more kiss. ❤

    I'm glad you made it back to Oz okay. I hope you recover from the jet lag quickly. I get physically and mentally sick from jet lag – it's bizarre and really makes travel unappealing! I get severe nauseous headaches and hallucinogenic lucid dreams.

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      • Staying hydrated is probably the most important, try to adjust your sleeping to the timezone you are in as quickly as possible.
        For me personally avoid sleeping pills or anything that will give you unnatural sleep.
        I also take motion sickness pills and then when I get home that first night I sleep I wear ear plugs and eye mask.
        This time it has been different because I have a lot of stress trying to find a house and buy a car and quite honestly it all feels a little overwhelming!!

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  2. Oh honey, I know that feeling so well 😞
    Goodbyes can be SO HARD… and yet they roll on over us anyway, & we keep doing what we have to do. I’m sure you’ll see him again some day some how… but in the meantime: welcome home! It takes me a week to get over jetlag, I’m hopeless 😩

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  3. There’s always one more needed…and it’s never enough…but my heart and mind are full…and I still talk to you every day…and I will see you again. Not as quickly as we both want. And I pity the person that has to experience your voracious sexual appetite down under once the lack of sex drives you near your breaking point! The poor b astard will have a shredded penis!


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      • See how it goes. Am strong and ok… just got adversity to grind through. Have given myself a bit more distance from lost causes lately.
        I hope enough of Australia is where you left it 😐

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      • Adversity or friction is necessary for progress. Raises quality too.
        Our family lost a member when he was 22 some time ago. 2 of us stopped drinking. My father was with the cricket board then and was kicked in the guts while we were suffering. Our true family is strong. Reading about one of my old teachers being stood down from public office for sexual misconduct. The man was always an angry little pig. The truth always comes eventually.
        Merry Christmas x

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  4. Seriously people, if you are going to rent your house out at least make sure it doesn’t smell like a fucking petting zoo!!<—chuckling…I KNOW RIGHT??

    One last……. (fill in the blank). I know that one well.

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