2018 here I come!!

This is going to be a fairly quick post mostly full of pictures of my new abode so if that kind of shit bores you then you might as well X out now!! You know the drill, top right hand corner, hit the X button!! If you are using your phone or reader you are on your own cause fucked if I know how to X me out from there!!

You still here? Great!!

First of all “Happy New Year” to each and every one of you!!
I hope that 2018 brings you health, family time, joy and inner peace. I hope in 2018 you get to follow your heart, chase your dreams and fulfill your desires. Be kind to others and be true to yourself. Listen to your brain for important stuff like finances etc but for the rest, tell your inner bitch to go fuck herself!!

I know my previous blog was a little maudlin about me missing the fuck out of “The Captain” and I really do!!

BUT this post needs to focus on the “wonderful stuff”… Finally, I am reunited with my Family and Friends!!

I cannot begin to even describe what it is like to enjoy the simple things, my son coming over to help me install my washing machine, picking up my daughter and grandkiddies to go shopping, taking my Mum to the pokies, a friend just stopping by for coffee, all of these things I have missed and I have longed for during the last 13 years!!

So yes, while I miss the fuck out of “The Captain” and a huge chunk of my heart got left in America, I made the right choice, for my heart and my soul I needed to be home and I have no regrets! I do not, and can never regret falling in Love with The Captain!!

Okay enough of that, here are the pictures some of you have been asking to see. I am only renting this house for 12 months but I have had so much fucking fun putting it together and making it my home. In fact I LOVE this house so much I am hoping at the end of my lease the landlord will sell it too me. If I am supposed to have this house it will happen, if not I am sure there is another house out there for me to buy next year!!

This is my beautiful front garden, I fucking hate gardening so I hope I don’t kill this green stuff!! I am going to have to engage a gardener…Or my sons!!
26194864_10212929252798384_779812573_oThis is the rear view of my home, I have an amazing back veranda and cannot wait to host my housewarming party. I just have to buy a BBQ grill first! Oh and have a job probably.
This is the view of my living room, it is almost finished. I just need to add a few pieces and decorative items. I had to go to you tube to find out how to effectively drape a throw!! I need a couple more pillows and I am waiting for them to arrive from china, I ordered them from eBay!!
This is the guest room and as my most frequent overnight guess will be my granddaughter I have decorated it with her in mind. Don’t you just love the artwork on the wall? I found it on the side of the road in front of someones house, I asked the home owner if she was selling it and she told me she put it out for trash and I could have it!! SMH, some people!!
My granddaughter is slowly trying to move in, each time she comes over she brings more and more stuff to “leave here”
This is my room, I do not have enough closet space to house my plethora of clothes!! It is very different from my rustic cabin in the woods and it is a virgin bed, it might end up being a virgin bed for a very long fucking time!!
These next pictures are some different views of my main kitchen and living space, the stairs go up to the bedrooms and bathroom etc. Notice the canvas on the wall!! I know, I know, I am so fucking vain but I love this picture of me so I decided other people can love it too when they come to visit me. It is the first thing they will see when I open the front door!!

Well that’s all folks!!
Oh I do have a view of the beach from my rear deck, it is a long distance view but it is a view none the less!
It is about 4 KM – 2.5 miles to the beach from my home, I have a choice of 2 beautiful beaches close by and then another 7 or 8 beaches still within a 15 to 20 minute drive!! “jealous much :P”



26 thoughts on “2018 here I come!!

  1. I love these kinds of posts, Jad! Thanks for sharing!! πŸ˜€ I love your house!! Hopefully, you’re able to buy it in 12 mo. the back veranda is amazing. SO CUTE how you decorated your guest aka granddaughter’s room lol and what is that saying? “One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure”? hehe πŸ˜€ Also, love the canvas!!! ❀

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