Let the games begin!!

Honestly I forgot JUST how fucked up the online dating world is!!
I have had to modify my newly created profile several times because once again I seem to be a magnet for men who just want a quick and easy fuck!

I have even added a line in there about my incredibly amazing bullshit radar!! It seemed relevant since I feel quite confident I have been lied to no less than 10 times in my few short days on this site!

Oh Oasis, where do we begin, first of all the chat function on this site is a pisser!! If you are having a conversation with someone and another person messages you the cursor is taken out of the current conversation window, fuck knows where it goes but the frustration levels when it does this is enough to make me want to pitch my laptop across the room particularly as I am usually having no less than 10 conversations at once!!!

Yes 10!! I am scared to go on that site, I have taken to going on in invisible mode. It appears that I am “fresh meat” and every time I log on I am mobbed!! Aussie men can be just as rude as American men with their ghosting, immediate sexual innuendo and bullshit lies, honestly my arms hurt from having to dig through so many piles of crap!

So let me breakdown my experiences so far for your reading “horror”
I am not even going to dignify most of these men with their own unique name, they are  losers!! Through their idiocy they have lost the opportunity to spend some time and get to know an amazingly awesome, funloving, slightly quirky, batshit crazy self confessed nympho so “loser” is what they are!!

Loser 1 – This dude was not even patient enough for me to “like him back” in Oasis, he tracked me down in Kik, his user name on Oasis was daytimefun, when I asked him why he told me he was married… Loser!!

Loser 2 – Switched to text pretty quickly, the conversation was interesting and I wanted to stop using the horrible oasis chat function. Started conversing with him on Thursday, by Friday he asked me on a date, I agreed to something on Saturday gave him options of times, he never responded with an option, asked him if he changed his mind, he said he hadn’t so I responded that morning was better for me. Since then nothing, nadda, zilch. What the fuck, was I just ghosted? Seems he might have read my updated profile indicating that I am clearly not looking for a quick fuck!

Loser 2 is forever in my phone contacts as LOSER, I decided from this day forward instead of deleting contacts and then having the embarrassing moments of saying “who is this” when I get random texts month later I will instantly know they are a loser and I do not even need to respond. ALL losers phone numbers will be added to this one contact….I wonder how many phone numbers I can add to one individual contact on my phone?!

Loser 3- this guy was intense from the get go, wanted to set up a date immediately, had to reign him in a few times. When he wanted to change numbers I asked him what he was looking for from here, his response “My soul mate, and you”!!
I said didn’t you read my profile, I am not looking for forever, it doesn’t exist!! It seems he is sure he can change my mind. In my experience guys that are promising your forever before you have even met them is a HUGE red flag…delete!!

Loser 4 – This guy wanted a phone conversation pretty quickly, his profile said he does not like messaging and if you are serious about getting to know him take the chance and have a chat so I thought what the fuck, I can always add him to my loser pile if needed…it was needed!! He spent the entire phone conversation telling me how he was with the secret service and while he never detailed any of his adventures he alluded to danger, espionage, intrigue…wait!! what, didn’t I see a move about this once with Jamie lee Curtis?! Honestly, some people must think I am a fucking idiot!! Next he then starts to tell me that some CEO of a major production company just took his phone call so he could pitch his movie idea of all his “spy” adventures and they were so interested they are outright buying his movie, a script by the way which has not even been written yet!! This guy was so freaking convincing I am sure he believes every single fucking word he says!! Probably makes up those fantasies in his head in his job as a janitor cleaning toilets at the local school!!

In my previous dating adventures I would try to be so nice and patient with these guys, I did not want to affect anyone’s self esteem etc. No more!! I am not intentionally going to go out of my way to be a bitch but honestly if someone fucks with me or is living in bullshit city I am deleting their arse, no explanations needed!!

Next guy has not relegated to “loser” status yet, I am still undecided, for now lets call him ” Californiadude” Yep, he is American. We had a phone conversation which lasted just over an hour, it was an interesting and fun conversation but honestly I am not sure if it was because the actual conversation was fun and interesting or because I am missing my second home and talking to him was relieving a little of the homesickness. I am finding an aspect of his personality which annoys the piss out of me. He asked me to go for a walk on the beach after I had already told him I was absolutely exhausted after a day out with my Mum, so he asked me if we could talk on the phone, I was dealing with several other conversations and did not respond immediately and he wrote STOP being squirrely, what the fuck, he is giving me orders already?! Then at the end of our conversation when I told him I had to go check on my Mum he wanted me to go to the Beach again after I checked on my Mum at 10 pm at night. He did not accept my “NO” and continued asking, trying to talk me into it. – time will tell but I am not holding out much hope for this American dude!

This last one (for now) has also not yet relegated to loser status, he is a bald headed guy I met at the pokies, not the one I wrote about previously, another one!! I know, what the fuck is it with me meeting bald headed guys at the pokies!! Anyway, we had great conversation, we changed numbers, we have been texting back and forth and then he asked me on a lunch date next Thursday…all good, until!! He asked if we could get away from the South and meet at West beach?! Seriously, what is with that? My red flag bullshit radar is instantly thinking he does not want to be seen anywhere local with me because of his possible “relationship” status, oh well, I guess time will tell.

So that is it for now, it is fucking exhausting and honestly so far I am not having fun!!
I seem to be very pessimistic which usually is not me at all… I am going to have to give myself a serious attitude adjustment if I want to have any success with this adventure!!


51 thoughts on “Let the games begin!!

  1. These kind of guys don’t empathize and won’t be deterred. It is exactly what I have been writing about trying to get a coffee in Melbourne as a male not looking for a quick fuck. We cop the projection and vilification for these kind of men who make a career narco-raping women.
    The only thing that you can say you have to weed them out is to say you have a dick.
    These blokes have never fought for anything or defended anyone without something being in it for them. Money makes them men apparently. Their mother’s failed them as much as their father’s have.

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      • Would be difficult for you to.
        Welcome back to Australia. Some pretty nasty cowards around ans and some malignant women normalizing it.
        I still reckon it is a shame few people criticizing Germaine Greere have actually read her or actually understand her work. She is still one of the best Australian users of the English language. As Molly Meldrum would have said… 😄

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  2. You’re doing fine! Just go through them, one asshole at a time, until you weed them out! Remember how many you went through to find me!?! And if it wasn’t for Louse, you wouldn’t have kept me! Challenge your perceptions about each one, until you get what you want!

    And you DO sooo want a quick fuck…lol

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    • Well that is true, we do have Louise to thank for US!!
      Yes I want to get laid but you know me as well as I do that I also need substance and I am not going to get that from someone who is just looking at me as an easy fuck!!
      I don’t want a string of one night stands, I did that in America, it was fucked up and really messed with my self esteem!

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  3. Tap ass on casino dude, and check him out! It’s going to take you awhile to find someone on a dating site.

    And remember…the right one will come along when he’s supposed to. Don’t be afraid to say no. But even moreso, don’t be afraid to say yes…:)

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  4. Evening, sensual lady, I’ve decided to nominate you for the liebster award. I’ve read your prior posts on your thoughts towards blogging awards but I still think you deserve the attention of your blog. Check out my blog for the instructions and questions…helps that your one of my favourite bloggers so it wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t do it.

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    • Awwww Thanks for the nomination, I always feel so special when one of my readers things my blog is worthy as one of their top ten so I feel like a heel when I don’t join in but in the same trend I do need to be true to myself. I will say a big thank you for the nomination and congratulations to you for being nominated. I will read your post but please forgive me for not continuing the trend 🙂 xoxo

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    • What’s your favourite movie?
      That is easy Jumunji
      – What’s your hobbies? Up to 3.
      Sex, oh wait is that a hobby? writing and reading!
      – Why do you blog?
      It is cathartic, and seriously who else would believe all the crap I get up to except fellow bloggers
      – Thoughts on the thigh brow – yay or nay?
      I love my little cheeky bits!!
      I’m an asshole, I know.
      I am very fond of my asshole!!
      – Favourite food?
      So many I cannot choose, now I have no food phobias I love to explore!! Potato can suck my arse!
      – What’s your fantasy? Interpret that as you will.
      Do I only have to name one!!
      – Favourite drink? Preferably alcoholic.
      Jelly shots, you don’t know what is coming until they hit ya and then you are too far gone to share!!
      – First thing that comes to mind when you wake up in the morning?
      – Stuck on an island, you can & have to take one person with you – who? I don’t mind.
      As much as I would miss my kids I cannot chose just one out of the 3 so I am going to have to say Mon Capitaine, we can fuck ourselves to death then won’t need to worry about dying from some other malady
      – How would you describe yourself in three words? Explanation as to why.
      Sexual, sensual, flirty…it is who I am
      – Funniest thing you’ve done under the influence of alcohol or through the influence of bad company?
      Damn, only one? gah it would have to be when I peed my pants laughing so hard in Vegas and my friend Louise had to drag my arse to our room then I promptly threw up!

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  5. I don’t think you need an attitude adjustment! You can pick whoever you want! There’s gotta be someone that’s worth at least a first date somewhere on that site. But the guy at the pokies def sounds sketchy….like he may be married? Lol.

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      • Yes, I meant to continue to say that I think OKC is better in Oz- I met some lovely folk on there over the years- ironically, the only scammers I came across were Americans, particularly soldiers. Good luck- at least you will have lots of good blogging material!

        Oh my, I just realized: if you are on OkC in Adelaide, where I used to live & use it, potentially you could come across the same fellas as me!!?? That’s hilarious 😂😈
        If only I’d kept a list somewhere of the good ones… 😘

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  6. Online dating has gotten crazy as hell,you get women that says I’m a cam model will you vote for me baby,omg when a woman calls you baby,look the hell out,,

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  7. …and it is the same with guy’s at Arrangement Finders,and Ashley Madison,2 popular dating sites,but as soon as I signed up omg,all the women sending messages,now a new scam has arisen,the Credit Card Verification,noway,this one girl seemed nice and I thought I would go a little farther and do that,she said it was free,NOT I had like 7 charges for 39.99 at hrthrb?and sngthb?on my card,no more of that,but they say it is for their protection,I said dam we will meet and have lunch and talk,I’m not gonna rape you or kill you,I just want to see if there is any chemistry,is that so hard to do,it seems it is,

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  8. I love the idea of doing the loser contact. I, also, just got back on the dating sites. Had one guy across the country that was nice to chat with but within two texts on the phone, he was talking about him being part of my family, eventually. Nope, done with him, immediately. So many no gos, so fast. I am feeling cynical and I hate it.

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    • Yeah it is so frustrating, my last and only two dates since I have been in Australia have been disasters, one married and the second in a relationship WTF!!


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