Double date duds!!

I made 2 coffee dates for today…Sadly I was not excited about either of them. Honestly I do not know what the fuck I was thinking when I made either of the dates…Yeah I do, I was think with my teenage boy prepubescent hormones again!! Honestly I feel like I am back all the way at the beginning of my blog!! “Sex, and where can I get me some of that”!

I took my Mum out to dinner last night… remember my lovely cute mother, you can read about her here. I felt like we were in a time-warp or something, this is our conversation in the car on the way home from dinner.
Mum –  “I just don’t know how you can have sex with “all these men”
Jad – “What the fuck do you mean “all these men” I don’t have sex with everyone I meet.”
Mum – “No, but I only had sex with 2 men and that was enough, you’ve had a lot of them!”
Mum – “Why don’t you just buy a dildo, it pretty much does the same thing!”
Jad – “Seriously Mum!! What the fuck!!  “you can’t kiss a dildo!”
Mum – “Yes you can”
Jad – “Okay you can, but they don’t kiss back!!

So back to the sex and where can I get me some of that!! See that is the problem, I don’t just want ANY old sex, I want sex with substance, sex with meaning, sex with feeling…Sex with My Captain!! And we all know that is not going to happen anytime soon!!

So I made 2 dates!!
The first coffee date was scheduled for 3 pm with an American who has lived in Australia for 17 years. There were a couple of red flags that I initially ignored.  But then when he started to ask me what nationality my American husband was and started naming them off, White, Black, Asian, Indian etc I am thinking what the fuck, that is just fucking weird!! I told him that I found that a very strange question to ask and he responded by saying he would explain over coffee.
About 2 hours before said date I logged on to Oasis so I could get his picture for my phone contacts and I discovered he had unmatched me, when I investigated a little further I discovered he had deactivated his account. This coupled with the fact that the previous day he was trying to pressure me to meet him at the beach at 10.30 pm at night set off all kinds of red flags, when I talked to Mon Capitaine about it his response was one word…. “Run”

So with date number 1 cancelled I started to think about date number 2 and thought seriously, what the fuck, I have no clue why I even agreed to the date.
I recognized early on in my dating life from a REALLY bad date that there is a certain personality type in men that I feel very intimidated when I am up against them. This date number 2 had that exact personality type, we had ZERO conversation via Oasis, he basically indicated we need to cut through all this red tape and bullshit and go on a date and pretty much designated the time and place etc, demanded my phone number, texted me confirmation of the event and then that was that!!
So I sent him a text telling him I had some issues with my Mum and cannot make the date… I did not lie, I am having issues with my Mum (see conversation above) and I could not make the date because I did not want to… I just happened to send it all in one sentence and forgot to add a period or comma between ” I am having issues with my Mum I cannot make the date”
He immediately texted back to reschedule for Friday, fortunately I have plans for Friday, ya see I am washing my hair so I texted him back and told him that I had plans for Friday!!

So now I am left with Casino bald guy, we have a lunch date on Thursday WAY outside of our town, I just do not know what the deal is but fuck it, I am going to go because it is lunch and I am going to make sure he buys!!!

Food is fucking expensive in Australia!!

18 thoughts on “Double date duds!!

  1. But…but…sexual innuendo…arent we cultivating a sexual relationship here, with meaning on the back side? I haven’t read your profile there, but I remember it from here. And I remember our conversations were supercharged with innuendo from the moment we started messaging! AND…if you remember, I thought it was odd that you wanted to travel so far to eat dinner that first time. I think we both almost bailed a time or two in the beginning!

    So, I would advise cautious enthusiasm, mixed with your wonderful personality! I know you want me to be there. And you know I want to be there. But we’re both realists in this from the first, Jad! And I want you happy at home! Give this a chance to work, whether it’s bald casino worker, or bald casino guy, or bald janitor at your granddaughters school! Put yourself into it! I know where your heart will be!

    Forever and always,
    Your Mon Capitaine…

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    • True but if you remember by the time the sexual innuendo started we knew each other really well because we shared blogs.
      Also I was working in Kentucky so we had a couple of weeks texting, we knew each other intimately before we knew each other “intimately” and the sexual innuendo did not start until we were comfortable with it, and even then it was appropriate sexual innuendo.
      One comment that I got today from someone (not bald casino) I was texting was “perhaps he should have eaten me instead of his steak”
      I just find that lewd and unnecessary and a real turn off!!
      Honestly My Captain, I don’t know what the fuck I want, I do know that I DON’T want random sex.

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    • Yeah it is all coming back to me, honestly I don’t know why I am doing this to myself all over again…..Oh Yes I do, I got The Captain out of the deal, maybe I will get lucky again

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  2. Hope a few other things are going well Jad. Best of luck. These people tend to waste time when they want something and are usually dishonest about it. Same applies to people who are angry about not getting something that they still haven’t got. Sad that someone missed the opportunity to have a cuppa and a chat with you. Weird x

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  3. I wish you did not cancel date #1! LOL I just want to know how the fuck he was going to explain himself for asking such a weirdo question.
    I’m glad you cancelled date #2 if you weren’t feeling it with him!!
    Maybe the casino bald guy isn’t married…he just likes food over there better? Who knows?! Free lunch is worth it though. 😀 Hope you enjoy your date! ❤


    • I know really!! The weird shit some people ask, honestly I have no clue how he was going to get out of that one, I suspect he may be racist which is really sad.
      Time will tell if the bald dude is married, D day tomorrow lunch!!
      Free lunch AND he gave me permission to rub his bald head!!
      I have sensory perception disorder and textures play a big part in my life, I adore the feel of a smooth fresh shaved bald head!!

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