Side chick…?? Arse kick!!

So my readers it is exactly as I thought!!! The bald Casino dude IS married!!
Before leaving on my date I had every intention of paying for my own lunch, after all it is fucking expensive to eat out in Australia and I kinda sorta have this “A” type personality just a little bit that makes me wanna pay for my fucking self!! BUT when I noticed this dudes wedding ring, 30 seconds into the date I thought well fuck this shit!! I ordered an expensive glass of wine and a $25 salad!!….and I let him pay!!

So let me back up a little and say I am pretty pissed off at myself for not noticing his wedding band the day I met him, I mean really how fucking naive am I, it is not like I just arrived on this planet yesterday, men are the same the world over…America and Australia!! BUT… I forgave myself because my instincts were right on target when I said I thought he was married.

It is such a fucking shame because he was a really, really nice dude, we had a fun lunch with a lot of laughs and he is pretty fucking sexy with his nicely shaved bald head.
I was working my way up to asking about his wedding ring when he volunteered the information to me. He straight up told me of his situation and the fact that he is very unhappily married but that he is also financially encumbered in his marriage in such a way that the financial loss would be huge, almost devastating if he got out now and I believe him, he had no reason to be truthful about some stuff and lie about that.

So here is where my thought pattern started to go!! He is sexy and bald!! He looks fairly physically fit, he did not have bad breath, we had intelligent conversation, he has a great sense of humor, he mentioned several times that he found me incredibly attractive…AND he is emotionally and physically unavailable!! All of those things are check marks.
I started thinking hey maybe this is a great option for me!! I am in love with “The Captain” so I won’t have to worry about getting any pressure to take the relationship further or to have emotional connections, I could pretty much get sex when I am horny and if I am missing “My Captain” I can just call up the bald casino dude and ask him to come over so I can rub his head a bit!!

And then!!….

I kicked myself in the arse, ALL the fucking way home!! I mean FUCK!! I am NOT that girl and I am NOT about to be some dudes fucking side chick!!
While the thought of having a NSA relationship with someone who is not likely to pressure me for anything more is very appealingย  I simply cannot bring myself to be a party to someones choice to cheat on their spouse.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not judging him, he is a grown arse man and makes his own decisions and if he chooses to be unfaithful that is totally on him, I just don’t want or need to be involved in that!!

And then!!….

I literally had just finished typing the above sentence and he texted me, after a brief exchange of text messages I made a decision to meet him at the local “pokies” for a glass of wine and a discussion. It was already 10 pm and I have an early morning appointment so I told him just one glass of wine…Two glasses of wine and much discussion later I finally left.

Let me tell y’all it was fucking hard!! And yeah your mind can go in the gutter cause that was hard too, I felt it when he was kissing me!!
But what I mean was it was hard walking away!!
32 days… 32 Loooooooooong freaking orgasm free days… 32 days NO sex!! Seriously, 32 days of no fucking and I had the opportunity for a damned good shagging and my freaking morals fucked with my brain and I walked away…what the fuck!!

At least I got something out of it besides lunch…While he was kissing me at the car I got to rub his lovely bald head… A LOT!!! What can I say, it was a lot of kisses!!

Also not sure if I will ever see him or text him again but if I do, his new name is Shrek!! He showed me a picture of him and Shrek side by side pulling the same facial expression, it was pretty funny, so that’s his name!!

32 freaking sexless, orgasm-less days, who does that?!

Where for out thou Mon Bob? come out come out where ever you are!!


33 thoughts on “Side chick…?? Arse kick!!

  1. Lol well, at least you got some head out of the deal! Keep trying, hon! I know it’s frustrating! You’ll find your Aussie Capitaine…just give it time!

    And if you break Bob, I’ll send you another! A better one this time, that’s more like me!

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  2. Your morals give you strength, that much is clear.
    Where you choose not be his piece on the side may be down to perception. One point of view would be that you have him at your disposal and you are the only aware of his situation. Meaning his wife has no idea. This element of control is what I would personally expose. But that’s just me. Despite the current hierarchy of this triangle, taking dominance would be my first step if I were in your shoes. He needs you, you want him, his wife doesn’t know, he doesn’t want her to know. You’re in control.

    Also, I’m feeling sorry for you now, in a cheeky way.

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    • Also have to add…it burns my arse that this guy is probably a serial cheater. Think about it, works at a casino where he has exposure to many women every day. His story sounds so familiar. I’m willing to be he is happily married and is just a deadbeat cheater. Hope I have not offended. I just HATE when men get away with this stuff.

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      • This one is the casino dude that works there, a little confusing I know because they are both bald and I met them both in pokies (casinos) just one works there and one doesn’t.
        I am not offended at all, I respect every persons opinion.
        Happily married and deadbeat cheater are incongruous, a happily married person does not step out on the person they love and cherish.
        My feeling is a marriage is trouble long before infidelity begins. I do not judge anyone who chooses to cheat, I have been in several marriages where it felt totally trapped and disempowered and my life would probably been a whole lot happier if I had been able to find some comfort and solace elsewhere. I chose not to go down that route, the first marriage because if I my husband would have found out he would have killed me (in the true sense of the word) and the second time, despite the fact that I felt trapped financially I had more respect for him than to do that despite the fact that he cheated on me and I knew about it.
        Each person has a different way of handling unhappy situations, he probably would have been an ideal situation as far as his unavailability meeting my needs but I just choose not be be a part of the equation.

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    • Dang, Side chick title does not sit pretty with me!! I resolved last night not to have any contact with him again, not even gonna bother to explain to him, just move him to my loser contacts on my phone!

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    • I asked him if he had tried marriage counselling, if there is a way he could fix his marriage, in the end I decided I honestly did not want to get that involved or entrenched in his drama. I think I went back last night because curiosity got the better of me but no longer curious and despite the fact my hormones were raging I am actually proud of myself for walking away from that situation, honestly it could have been a really easy fuck but I know If I had I would have been pissed with myself this morning

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  3. I do that. Repeatedly. Over and over ….. My morals get in the way. I have several guys I could have take care of me but One is in a relationship and I ,too, will not be ‘the other woman’. The second one? I would be one of a harem and I don’t want that either.

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  4. Jad…some would say I have no morals (I like to think I have some) but if I were you I would have fucked him lol…It’s his marriage not yours and his wife is prob not so faithful herself.
    I can’t stop laughing about how much you love bald heads. ๐Ÿ˜‚


  5. I am so glad you followed your morals. I know it is your life and you are a grown ass woman. But it is not a good position to be in. Just think how it felt when you found out your husband cheated. What if kids are involved? What if the wife found out? Too many what if’s and complications. And just because he says something to put your mind at ease, the fact is you hardly know this person and he could be spinning a complete web of lies, just to get into your pants.

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  6. Iโ€™m lost for words here…

    Because I donโ€™t have the restraints you have…
    I would definitely have to experience him even once before walking ๐Ÿšถโ€โ™€๏ธ away…
    Just a kiss ๐Ÿ˜˜ wouldnโ€™t have suffice

    But I have to give you credit for putting morals before your needs….. good job ๐Ÿ‘…
    but you are still without.. knocking head with the captain…

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    • Oh, it was tempting, very tempting but I know if I did then I would have had to live with my decision and decided it was not worth the crucifixion my inner bitch would put me through!! As for “The Captain” I miss the absolute fuck out of him and come Monday if I am still without orgasm which seems very likely we may have to participate in some kinky phone sex!!

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