Upcoming posts disclaimer!!

I have 2 posts in my drafts which I plan on getting cleaned up a little and then posting sometime today but I feel they need to come with a disclaimer!!

They both have the potential to create feelings such as upset, pain, anger, frustration, annoyance, or concern to some people that I care very much about and I have thought long and hard  if I should post them.
(All fucking night long because sleep eludes me)
At the end of the day…or the middle of the fucking night, the fact is that for myself I need to post them.
This selfishness of needing to post blogs that have the potential to upset or hurt the feelings of others only compounds the anger that I have towards myself for being such a selfish bitch, but there you have it!!

The other disclaimer is for some new readers I have picked up recently and a couple of long time fans, I know that some of y’all are not fans of my posts that can be a little crude or explicit so you may want to skip “Imploded!!” Up to you!

The final disclaimer is that these posts are LONG, like war and fucking peace long!!

I am not sure what order I am going to post them in, one I have been working on over a few days and the other I started yesterday but there is a lot of cross over emotion in both of them.

BUT…These two posts are not the end…

Mon Capitaine and I are in some fucked up shitty love story for which we are yet to get to a happy ending. The main characters fall in love but they don’t live happily ever after with each other. The plot is so freaking unbelievable that the story has to be told.
We are helping each other get through this and our text exchanges are at times heartbreaking, at times hysterical and at times just fucking insane but at the end of the day the one thing that shines strongly through is our love for each other.

We chat by Kik and this platform only holds so much data before conversations are erased, I know at some point this will become part of the book series I am writing on my fucked up crazy life so…. With The Captains blessing quite a few of my future blogs may be transcribes of our conversations…. It is either going to be interesting fly on the wall kind of stuff for you or boring as shit depending on your reasons for following my blog!!

You know the drill, if you are falling asleep then X out of that shit and go do something else…Unless you have insomnia, then by all means keep reading!!


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