Jadalicious 66/6 model, 2018 edition. Familiarization chapter!

If you have NO fucking clue what the heck the title of this blog is about then you have not read the first part and you need to go here immediately!! I am deadly serious!! STOP reading this post and go read part one…Also do yourself a favor and read the comments for part one…they are fucking GOLD!!

Below is part two of the Jadalicious 66/6 model user manual as written by the training staff aka Mon Capitaine!

Getting to know your Jadalicious 66/6 model!
For ease of component identification, and given the similarities of your pleasure unit to a human female, we will name off the units components, and how they correlate to human anatomy. You will notice that only brief description will be given at this time. The individual components will be covered separately in more detail, later in your manual. Let’s start at the bottom!
1. Unit stabilization pads (feet) *See operational note in safety section.
2. Support stanchions (legs)
3. Support connection sockets (hips)
4. Lubrication port, main pleasure port, turbo zone 1 (vagina e.g. pussy)
5. Turbo zone 1 secondary booster port (anus) * A word of caution: This port requires the acceptance and direct authorization of your individual pleasure unit. It is a highly volatile secondary booster port and requires additional training to use properly. The utilization of this component will be covered at great length in a separate chapter.
6. Turbo zone 2, operational readiness indicator (clit, clitorus, pleasure peanut)
7. Unit reflex testing port (navel, belly button)
8. Turbo zones 3 & 4 *best when used consecutively (breasts, tits, titties, tatas, fun bags) **also mounting bases for additional unit components
9. Unit actualization disks (areolas)
10. Turbo zones 5 & 6 (nipples, nubs)
11. User extremity manipulation units (hands)
12. User dexterity, restraint, mobilization, and actualization units (arms)
13. dexterity and actualization unit sockets (shoulders) *also a class 2 pre-turbo zone
14. Unit processing unit pedestal (neck) *it’s important to note that, while not listed as such, this component possesses all of the qualities of a turbo zone. Activation techniques will be discussed further in the manual.
15. Verbal processing port, turbo zone 7 (mouth) *Please see cautionary statement in safety section regarding fluid injections into this port.
16. Olfactory actualization pod and ports (nose and nostrils)
17. Visual processors (eyes) *through a programming bonus, the visual processors have the ability to simulate turbo zone activation in your unit.
18. Unit processing center (head)
19. Unit auditory processors (ears) *although not covered in the safety section, it is considered wise to not introduce fluid of any kind into the auditory processor canals. It is believed that such a happening would throw your unit into a frenzied, uncontrollable state, in which potential harm to the user may occur.
20. Unit decorative covering, auditory canal particle barrier, turbo zone 8, main turbo center activation apparatus. (Hair) *Please note that, although listed as the last turbo zone, turbo zone 8, when used at length at the beginning of any outing with your pleasure unit, not only activates all other pleasure zones and turbo zones, but also adds an increased level of operation, individually, for each pleasure and turbo zone.

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