The not so virgin bed!!

Okay I admit it, I broke my 6 5 3rd date sex rule and after the 2nd date my bed is no longer a virgin!!

I followed “The Captains” instructions explicitly and wore a G-string and I thought it was cute that early in the evening the “Pink Panther” ran his hand over my backside to verify that I had in fact followed instructions.

Dinner was enjoyable, my pizza was confusing!! The toppings on the pizza made it the most incredibly tasty pizza I have EVER eaten in my entire life but the base was CRAP…!!
Anyway I am sure you do not want to hear about what we ate unless it involves cunnilingus (what a fucking horrible name) so lets get back to the date!

The G-string had the desired effect as in ramping up the horny factor 5 notches but honestly I had pretty much decided prior to the date that unless it went South we were heading south, back to my place for dessert!

After two hours of subtle G-string torture, interesting conversation, confusing pizza and almost consistent touching of hands, legs, lips….My prepubescent teenage hormones were on overload and feeling a bit like “Mon Capitaine” with Jasmine! If I did not get fucked tonight I was going searching for the neighbors dog Barnabas!!

So now it is time to insert your imagination here!! Suffice to say my bed is no longer a Virgin and orgasms were plentiful!!
The Pink Panther put the Jadalicious 66/6 model 2018 edition user manual to good use and so many of my sensory and tactile needs were met…Pretty sure he did not need the user manual but it came in fucking handy because my hair got a WHOLE of of attention that it has been craving for OH so LONG!!

After the Pink Panther left (NO sleepovers remember?!!) I had to deal with the aftermath!! I expected it would happen, The Captain and I had talked about it earlier that day. Fortunately Mon Capitaine was available to help me through some of the emotions. I am still working through them today and I have a much better understanding of just what Mon Capitaine was going through when he was intimate with the Teacher and understand now why he needed to shutdown a little to process his feelings.

I want to stress that MY feelings about being intimate with someone other then “My Captain” in NO way reflected my experience with the “Pink Panther.
The experience, in own right was awesome, the entire sexual experience was magic and as I said SO many of my sexual, sensual and tactile needs were very well met!!

Now moving on…. I am sure you are all waiting with bated breath for the next chapter of the Jadalicious 66/6 model 2018 edition user manual…well wait no more, here it is!!


Quick Start Guide for first time users:
We here at Pleasure Party, International, take great pride in the functionality and user friendly components of our pleasure units. We encourage first time users to experiment at length with their unit, once taken out of the box! Play with the simulated hair! Feel and familiarize yourself with the unit! Touch it. Taste it! Put your fingers, or appendage of your choice, or both, or all, into the ports, and orofices! Turn the turbo zones on and off! Put the unit through its paces! Revel in the high tech sensory response processors! Try out the Dolby 5.1 surround sound system incorporated into the unit! Run the volume up and down! Turn, twist, and contort the unit! Get a good feel for its full range of motion and capabilities! We feel this first time exercise of exploration will help to further enhance your interactions with the Jadalicious 66/6 pleasure unit! Note to user: If you possess the 2018 edition, please read the warnings and safety section prior to initial start up of your unit.
Chapter One: Starting and using your unit for the first time.
Your unit is equipped with a self contained, self sustaining power unit. Direct sunlight, indirect restaurant lighting, and friction generated through normal use of the unit regenerates the units power source. It is suggested that, between sessions of usage, that you stroke and run your unit regularly to maintain the health of the power unit.
1. For initial start up of your unit, we suggest the utilization of the hair. Play with, tug on, and run your fingers through the simulated hair of the unit. This friction creates the necessary electrical current to properly fire off the central processors neural communicating network, and hence, actuated the turbo zones of your unit.
2. Hold the unit firmly, grab a handful of hair, and tip the main processing unit back. Place your lips and mouth firmly on the processing units support structuse, and apply gentle to firm suction in various locations. This will actuate the verbal processing units and Dolby 5.1 surround sound system.
3. Place your mouth over the verbal processing port, while still stabilizing the unit by holding and fingers wrapped up in the hair, applying gentle pressure at first, building to greater pressure. When the proper pressure and intensity is achieved, the verbal port will open for continued exploration. At this time, insert the users tongue into the verbal port. The 2nd level of unit actualization is activated by contact with the units simulated tongue, a.k.a. unit level actualization control switch.
4. At this point, user has the choice of further leveling up increases through use of all available pleasure ports, turbo zones, and ancillary simulated turbo zones. Feel free to stop and review previous chapters for tips, warnings, and safety precautions before proceeding!
Enjoy your unit! Each unit responds to user stimuli! The more stimuli the user provides, the more enjoyable your interactions with the Jadalicious 66/6 model, 2018 edition, will be! And always remember your protective gear!




23 thoughts on “The not so virgin bed!!

  1. User Feedback Report, Day 3

    I’m not going to deal with Training Staff or Marketing division any more, I’m going straight to the Big Kahuna, Head Honcho, Big Man On Campus…

    Dear MC (Man in Charge? Master Creator?)

    Pleasure Party, International, should be proud of the work they have done bringing Jadalicious 66/6 2018 model to the market. Having been lucky enough to make it through the rigorous vetting process, and after line by line analysis of the user guides provided, I am happy to say that my first experience with this unit was overwhelmingly positive and extremely satisfying.

    Admittedly, even though the user guides were extensive, and I had fully researched the 2016 and 2017 models, I was still nervous as I started removing the outer modesty protection coatings, and in all honesty, once access was gained to Turbo Activation Zones, all prior instructions were forgotten and instinct took over.

    There were a couple of nice surprises built into the unit which weren’t covered in the manuals. Post operation enwrapment mode is an excellent feature which enhances the overall experience. Most importantly, the subliminal emotion enhancement and attachment generator was immediately effective. From research into the previous models, I know that you had extensive personal exposure to this feature, and I am glad that it has been retained in this current unit.

    I am looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with your company. As I previously mentioned, your input to the software upgrades has been, and will continue ro be, invaluable, and is greatly appreciated.

    Yours in batshit craziness,


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    • *verbal processing units and Dolby 5.1 surround sound system
      *subliminal emotion enhancement and attachment generator

      Hahahahaha these are just freaking gold!! How do Y’all come up with this shit!?

      And Y’all say I am batshit crazy 😛

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    • Dear Mr. PP,

      I am, as you say, the Man In Charge here at Pleasure Party, International. However, it is a title in name only. My position here is one more of guidance than control of any kind.

      My staff have forwarded many exchanges with you, regarding a pleasure unit you recently acquired, a Jadalicious 66/6 model, 2018 series! You are, no doubt, extremely pleased with this model. I had one of them myself, but had to give it up, for reasons I don’t feel obliged to disclose.

      While the resources of the company are always gladly at your disposal, I can offer personally that, from my opinion as a former end user, your greatest outcome with your pleasure unit will be in combined self discovery. I would caution, however, that this particular model is loaded with unlisted idiosyncrasies that we install ONLY in this model, as a special treat for the end user. Make no mistake, the mere fact that you have acquired this model, is a testament to you, sir! This model is equipped with only the finest self actualization sensors and software, and only boots up the main processors for truly special users.

      I would offer that, given the complex intricacies of this model, you will find that it will change your life experience, in ways you cannot yet imagine! Enjoy your unit often! I, and my staff, will always be available, should you need assistance!



      All units are transferred to end users without warranty, implied or otherwise. It is the sole responsibility of the end user to maintain, in working and reasonable order, the health and welfare of each unit in their possession. Pleasure Party, International, makes no warranties, guarantees, contracts, or promises, verbal or written, or indemnification, express or implied, of the unit/s in question, that said units will operate, or perform, for any set amount of time, if not maintained in accordance with the guidelines put forth in the users manual, and accepted practices, as outlined in the “Warranty” section of the end users manual, and the express written instructions Paragraphs 1a-14c, in the end user agreement! All other instructions/comments/training may be superseded at any time by the AI software bundle included with your unit.

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  2. You bring out the batshit crazy in your men, in the nicest possible way! Must be that subliminal emotion enhancement and attachment generator – it brings out “da feelz”, but the low frequencies it operates at can interfere with the neural pathways in the hypothalamus which normally inhibit the production of the batshit crazy receptors

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  3. Pink Panther,

    These written exchanges have been very engaging and fun! I can understand the attraction Jad has for you, and can see the similarities in our personalities that will only deepen your connection with her! She is a sapiophile, through and through, and no doubt enjoys your quick and engaging wit, and intelligence in conversation!

    As I’m sure you know, the manual sections are just for fun, and she really needed something to laugh and giggle about, while wrapping her head and heart around this fucked up situation we have gotten ourselves in to. I would like to thank you, from my perspective, for being a man she can feel safe and comfortable with, and can be free to express herself openly with you! She needs that, and it was my greatest hope she would find that! And it seems she has in you!

    She’s the single most amazing woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing so intimately! I remand her to your care. There will be days you want to give her back. But those thoughts will never last long, a few hours at most. She can be quite the handful at times, and she would be the first to agree with me!

    Take good care of my dear, special friend…

    Mon Capitaine

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    • Mon Capitaine,

      It has definitely been fun, and that has indeed been the purpose behind it. I deeply appreciate the fucked-upness of this situation, having been through similar myself, as I’m sure Jad has mentioned to you.
      I have nothing but the deepest respect for the special relationship you have with Jad. She is without doubt a most unique and precious woman, and you have played the most important part in bringing her to this stage of her journey.
      I take my custodianship of her very seriously. I dont see myself as taking your place, because your place with her is sacrosanct. Custodianship means to take care of, not to own, and that is important because she is very much her own woman. That is one of her many endearing qualities.
      It is important to me that you maintain your relationship with this amazing woman. I have expressed this to Jad, and I assume she has passed it on to you, but since we are not Facebook buddies yet, despite Jad’s suspicions to the contrary, I wanted to make that very clear to you publicly.
      It is, of course, very early days for us, but your words were so true:

      “Your blog is an instruction book on how to love you? Everything in there is so openly, honestly you, that any man worth his salt could easily fall in love with you just reading it…that’s partly how I know you so well, Jad. You put so much of yourself into the words of it”

      I believe in this instance that I am indeed, “a man worth my salt”

      Now, enough of the mushy stuff, let’s get back to batshit crazy fuckery and pandemonium, we’ve hijacked this blog in the last few days, lol. Back to you, Jad.

      With my deepest respect to you, Mon Capitaine,

      Pink Panther

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      • Wow…Jad? You have found 2 men worthy of respect.

        This ‘series’ has been a joy to read and thank you (all 3 of you) for allowing the rest of us to be a part of it.

        Now..that being said….does Mon Capitaine have a brother up nort’? *sigh*

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      • He has several brothers but none of them are cut from the same cloth, he is uniquely “My Captain”
        This series has been incredible for me to read. It is so incredibly wondrous to read the words and the feelings of these two wonderful men in my life.

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      • Y’all can hijack my blog ANYTIME!!
        Not only has it been incredible for me to read both of Y’all thoughts and feelings there has been some amazing side splitting laughs along the way….And just more context and detail for my movie and this fucked up fairy tale!!


    • Mon Capitaine….My Captain!! I read this at around 3 am and then spent the next hour sobbing into my pillow. The deepness of your love shines through in your words and I once again have to think how fucked up is this world that there is someone in it that loves me so deeply and completely and we cannot be together. I know we have been working on transcending our relationship to the amazing friendship we have formed but sometimes it still feels so incredibly surreal and I think I am going to wake up and find you next to me in my bed.
      We are working hard at how to “be” together without “being” together and I think we are doing a good job…But I sure do miss the fuck out of you MY Captain!!
      And…..You did not never want to give me back!! Not even for a second!!
      You “handled” me perfectly! I am just saying!

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