A Letter To Jad

This is the first time I have ever “Reblogged” but this guy is GOLD!! I am not a fan of his sports posts, which he knows because y’all know I am batshit crazy honest and told him so but I tolerate his sports posts because the rest of the stuff he writes is just pure gold!!
He had a little project of writing letters to fellow bloggers whom requested one and as I can be a little vain at times I decided that I absolutely needed to have a letter from The Captain (not MY Captain) another Captain!!
Go check out his site 🙂

The Captain's Speech

Dear Jad,

I’ve hit only seven letters on my keyboard and the computer already wants to autocorrect your name to “Had”. And they say technology is supposed to be smart. Ha! What do they know? Who is “they” anyway?

While I’m inadvertently talking about robots, don’t you find it weird that people keep saying robots are going to take over the world? I mean, we can stop that from happening. All we have to do is not make robots.

Sometimes I don’t think people realize that robots down just spawn in someone’s living room and then procreate. Let’s relax a little bit.

I’m down a rabbit hole now. Let’s leave Bugs and pals alone.

Ooo a carrot!

Alright, done.

You recently moved back to Australia after living in the United States for many years. Is there a culture shock? I’d imagine there is, but I’ve never done such a…

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7 thoughts on “A Letter To Jad

  1. Is there an irony in the fact that the USA fought a valiant war for independence from the British Empire, but is one of only 3 countries in the world to still use the “Imperial” system of measurement?

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  2. Real talk, that letter that guy wrote was one of the most interesting things I’ve read on a blog. I haven’t seen anything like that yet, so maybe it’s common and I’m just weird. But it actually had value, if that makes sense and had comedy to it. It was definitely genuine and he was open like a proper conversation.

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