Day of Decadence!!

Today was “D” day!! Yup!! You got it!! “Decadence day”! BUT…let me back track a little because honestly it almost did not happen!

Yesterday I took my Mum out for the afternoon and on the way home in the car I told her about the “Pink Panther” and how he was coming down to spend the day with me…Now y’all have read my Mum’s stories, she pretty much calls it like it is so she said to me ” I don’t understand it, if you say you love “The Captain” how can you just go ahead and have sex with someone else”?

I tried to explain it to her in a way that “her generation” (no offence Mum) would understand but ended up totally flubbing it, in fact I flubbed it so fucken much my Inner bitch stepped in and took over and that little bitch did not leave for fucking HOURS!!!

I spent another totally restless night, tossing and turning and repeatedly asking myself the same question and fighting with my Inner Bitch!! There were moments where I thought I should call the date off but then moments where I remembered the electric sexual tension of the day before when the “Pink Panther” and I could not do anything because of a house full of kids and knew I did not want to call off the date.

I talked to My Captain during the night and he gave me a little pep talk and despite the fact that I had very little sleep I woke up in the morning ready for the day…Well almost ready!!

“The Captain” decided that I needed just a little help and suggested ordered that I go put in a butt plug and get myself all wet and ready for the “Pink Panther”

Let me tell you…wearing a butt plug and fighting with my new phone company was quite a fucking experience. It is pretty hard to get all angry at the injustices of the phone company and make demands when you have a plug up your arse giving you all kinds of wonderful sensations!!

10 minutes before the “Pink Panther” was due I was texting “The Captain” telling him I was going to remove the plug at the same time he was telling me to remove it… Just another dimension to our fucked up crazy situation! The Captain is also suggesting telling me what I should wear for the Pink Panther…Cover up, no bra or panties as well as giving me suggestions for things to do such as some nipple tweaking which will be sure to turn the “Pink Panther” on.!

Moments before the “Pink Panther” arrived “Mon Capitaine” said ” when you tell him about this later (translation – when he reads this in your blog) you can tell him I said ” your welcome buddy”

This all sometimes seems so fucking surreal, I mean really, this is all so incredibly fucked up yet totally sane at the same time that you just cannot make this shit up… When I say totally sane I really mean SANE. Only people who are so incredibly grounded, emotionally mature and self confident would be able to manage this type of situation and both Mon Capitaine and the Pink Panther have a great handle on it, honestly sometimes I feel like I am floundering a little in the middle!

I mean, okay let me tell you how fucked up crazy this is, I mentioned to “The Captain” that with the “Pink Panther” being there ALL day I would not get to say goodnight to him and I have never not said good night to him and it was bothering me so Mon Capitaine said “Tell the Pink Panther” to get busy eating pussy while you text me goodnight”….And that is exactly what I did, well not the eating pussy part, I think I was riding him at the time but you get the gist, I took a break from my lover to text my love goodnight!! WHAT THE FUCK!!

So what does this all have to do with decadence? Glad you freaking asked, I did sweet shit all today except kiss, cuddle, fuck, suck and be sucked, it was fucking glorious!!

(11 hours) of fucking glorious..albeit there was some great intelligent conversation  thrown in, with a little nanna nap on the side but most of the day was spent horizontal on the bed, breakfast bar, couch etc!!

The only problem is I broke “Dick” I guess I sharpened the pencil a little too much and poor “Pink Panther” is going to have an uncomfortable few days!! We did not schedule our next date until Thursday, he is going to need that long to recover!!

Well “The Captain” did suggest I ride him hard, maybe he did not mean that hard?

Oh by the way..Mon Capitaine…just as the “Pink Panther” was leaving he told me to tell you “Hi”


18 thoughts on “Day of Decadence!!

  1. (Note to self:
    Next time you meet up with a slightly quirky, fun loving, batshit crazy, self-confessed nympho who only discovered that chocolate is NOT better than sex when she turned 50, has just left her first true love, and has not had sex for 46 days, make sure you buy condoms with lubrication on the INSIDE. Friction burns on the John Thomas fucking hurt!)
    Thanks, MC, for the groundwork. Nearly fucking killed me, but I held my end up as long as I could.
    Now it’s got to put the lotion on its skin…..

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  2. Bahahaha surrealness aside, you’re getting back to your old self! And for that, I’m very happy!

    Hopefully you didn’t get spooge all over your phone! It’s acting up as it is! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bahahaha to the silence of the lambs reference!

    Hey Jad…maybe your waiting/healing period should be the “Silence of the lambs skin” rofl…

    We both keep breaking our toys!

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