The Humpty Dumpty phenomena

I am pretty fucking sure I have referred to the Humpty Dumpty phenomena previously in my blog but fucked if I can find it!!! I searched and searched for fucking hours until I got bored and I could not fucking find where or when I posted it however I did find some other interesting posts […]

The Pink Panther strikes again!!

So Y’all know that last week I spent the night in the Pink Panther’s den with his young cubs, adult cubs, borrowed cub and grandcub…It was a fucking house full but fortunately he has a huge lair den and we were able to have some play time away from the eyes and ears of the cubs!!….And […]

A persons perception can be their reality!!

I learnt this very early on in my days of managing people.! While a situation may not be entirely true and an experience not what a person thinks it is… If it is their perception it can become their reality and trying to denounce it can often be harmful and counter productive, it is much better […]

The Jadmiration Society and into the Panthers den!!

I had this blog post in my head ready to write a couple of days ago but my previous post took precedence Y’all can forgive me because look… I finally got to it..right!? Anyway!!! they went and did it!! “Mon Capitaine” and the “Pink Panther” became Facebook friends….They really fucking did!! And!! it turned out […]

Reflections of the past!?

Warning!! Disclaimer!! Note to Y’all… Whatever the fuck you want to call it!! This blog post is likely to bore you to fucking tears… It is not my usual witty fare, I am not going to regale you with tales of debauchery, sex and 30 shades…For the moment I need y’all to stay with me..stifle […]

Pretty shades of pink!!

The day started out fairly ordinary, some house cleaning, some personal maintenance…Oh, and at the specific orders of Mon Capitaine I made our secret Tuscan tomato soup recipe…which we have since renamed “Soul soup” for the “Pink Panther”!! The day did not end in any ordinary manner!! If you remember (here) I was going to […]