Pretty shades of pink!!

The day started out fairly ordinary, some house cleaning, some personal maintenance…Oh, and at the specific orders of Mon Capitaine I made our secret Tuscan tomato soup recipe…which we have since renamed “Soul soup” for the “Pink Panther”!!

The day did not end in any ordinary manner!! If you remember (here) I was going to the movies with a girlfriend to watch the latest 50 shades flick and then had plans for the “Pink Panther” to come over to my house after the movie where at Mon Capitaine’s request he was to “turn my arse pink”

The movie was awesome…the anticipation of what was to come after the movie was intense to say the least!!

Upon arriving home I was given a little bit of time to prepare before the “Pink Panther” finished his shift at work. His initial instructions prior to the movie was for me to wear my butt plug during the movie however I had texted after the film to let him to let him know that while the intention was there the opportunity was not….His response ” This gives me a reason for punishment along with MC’s instructions”

His next set of instructions was given to me when he had just finished his job and was in the car park at work ready for his 45 minute or so drive to my house.

” Initial activity will take place in the lounge room. I want to see your full kit of toys, lubricants, condoms laid out on the desk when I arrive. The only exception (for now) is the butt plug, which you will insert now in lieu of having it in during the movie”

The rest of the instructions were related to refreshments and lighting etc!! You know the boring stuff!!

Final set of instructions were given minutes prior to the “Pink Panther” pulling in my driveway.

“When you hear the car, unlock the front door. You will remove the undoubtedly sexy outfit you are wearing and place it on the back of the couch. Put on the nipple clamps, and the blindfold. Take the position over the back of the couch. Apart from the music in the background wait in silence for me.”

Fuck fuck fuck!!! for probably the first time in as long as I can remember there was NO fucking music in the background!! I was so freaking hot, horny and worked up I had not even thought of turning on my tunes!!

Within a few short minutes I was bent over the back of the couch in the ready position with my heart beating out of my chest in anticipation….Oh who am I fucking kidding, it was beating out of my chest because I had just ran a fucking marathon through the house trying to get my clothes off, the music on, nipple clamps and blindfold in place while wearing killer high heels!!!

But… anticipation WAS doing something to me!! Fuck it was incredibly intoxicating being blindfolded, knowing what was coming but not quite knowing when or from where. I heard the door open and close but after that I had no idea where the movements or the rustling was coming from and it seemed forever before I finally felt a touch and heard the “Pink Panther” tell me what a good girl I was….Good bad girl that is!! YES!! I am so fucking good at being bad!!

What followed next I can only describe as fucking HOT!! My arse was soundly spanked and photographic evidence taken for Mon Capitaine…The “Pink Panther” determined from the first photo that my arse cheeks were not pink enough so additional smacks were delivered to my already flaming arse cheeks!!

The remainder of Mon Capitaine’s instructions were followed including some incredibly sexy hair pulling!!

The “Pink Panther” was very diligent about after care, we snuggled on the couch, drank a little wine…..Just a little because clearly I know shit all about Merlot and the bottle I had bought for the occasion was fucking disgusting…Anyway I digress, after spending a little time on after care we set up a bed in the living room because my air conditioning does not reach my bedroom and it is hot as fuck in the land down under right now…and it was not long before the euphoria of the evening took control and I fell into a deep sleep…!!

Yep!! I really fucking did, I keep breaking all my rules and it seems we are now into regular sleepovers!

The next morning after snuggling for a while the need to pee and have coffee in that order took precedence over morning sex and when I went to put the kettle on for coffee I discovered a beautiful bunch of flowers on the kitchen counter… For a moment I was confused, I had no fucking clue how they got there but it did not take long to realize the “Pink Panther” must have left them there last night…For the second time in my life someone did a gesture so thoughtful, caring and unexpected that it undid me. The first time was when Mon Capitaine had Bourbon balls sent to me in Kentucky (here)  Both times I felt a little overwhelmed and I had me a little cry!! It is funny how these two men can undo me like that!!

So we had some morning sex, some fucking awesome food which I had prepared the day before, and some extra morning snuggles before the “Pink Panther” had to head back to his neck of the woods…Overall it was a great evening and morning…And a spanking session that I hope to repeat in the not so distant future…..

Here is a photo of my beautiful flowers….The pretty shade of pink almost matched my arse cheeks which by the way are still slightly tender when I sit down… but oh so deliciously so!!

pretty shades of pink



15 thoughts on “Pretty shades of pink!!

  1. Esteemed PP,

    The remote unit monitoring division of Pleasure Party, International, has informed me of a unit health update download from the central processor of your Jadalicious 66/6 model, 2018 series! The health of your unit is periodically reported electronically to allow product support the opportunity to provide end user feedback. While these reports are typically quite detailed and technical in nature, this one was just a few lines of code that translated “Fucking awesome! Do it again!” Your pleasure unit is responding nicely to your operational techniques! We here at Pleasure Party, International, applaud you, and wish you continued success with your unit!


    The Management

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  2. In the words of Frakie Valli and the Four Seasons, “Oh, what a night!”
    Although I’m not sure if the punishment was taken as “punishment” as such, lol.
    Desired effect was achieved, however, and I think all three of us were ultimately satisfied.
    Jadalicious model 66/6 performed just as described in the manuals, actually surpassed all expectations. Never mind 50 shades of grey, I reckon we saw 50 shades of Pink on the night!

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