The Jadmiration Society and into the Panthers den!!

I had this blog post in my head ready to write a couple of days ago but my previous post took precedence Y’all can forgive me because look… I finally got to it..right!?

Anyway!!! they went and did it!! “Mon Capitaine” and the “Pink Panther” became Facebook friends….They really fucking did!!

And!! it turned out that they talked via Facebook messenger… A LOT and curiosity…well y’all know how that fucks me up!! Soooo it got the better of me and I  interrogated very discreetly questioned both “Mon Capitaine” and the “Pink Panther”
Below are some snippets of the results of that  interrogation  discreet questioning.

Jad – Are you okay with that entire conversation with MC or are you ready to run for the hills?
PP- Oh hell no, it was awesome. I tell you, we are brothers from another mother the way things are going.
Jad – Are you going to have a Bromance? (in my defense I was 6 alcoholic beverages in while doing this interrogation discreet questioning) as evidenced in the below screenshot so I can be forgiven for the dumb question!!

PP – Hahahaha
PP- Between trucks, music and Jad we were going all day
PP – You could say we had a mutual Jadmiration Society!!

Seriously!! What the fuck!! “Jadmiration Society”…I can’t even!!

Next was “The Captains” input into this interrogation discreet line of questioning.

MC – You know what the funniest thing in the world to me is?
Jad – What is that?
MC – Right now, when I am splitting my conversations between the woman I love and the man that is fucking her! OMG! That’s the most bizarrely funny thing on the face of the planet! And I am enjoying both conversations immensely! And that’s even more fucked up!
Jad – Yes that is totally fucked up and do you want to hear what is even more fucked up? I’m going to have to put this exact conversation we are having now on my blog!!
MC – Lol I know! It will be funny as fuck!!

So there you have it!! Aside from that first day (which was a little weird) I have not interrogated questioned either of them since. I have no clue how often the “Jadmiration Society” comes to order but you know what!? I trust both of these men implicitly and know any conversations involving me will always be totally respectful!!…And I can always secretly hope they are plotting some spankings!!

Okay now moving on….I need to quickly tell y’all about my visit to the Panther’s Den!! Because we live quite a distance from each other (I mean really, we could not have gotten any fucking further if we tried) sleepovers are probably going to be a regular occurrence. Now y’all know I do not do good with sleepovers, in fact I fucking suck arse at it!! “The poor Captain” had to suffer on the evil sofa in my cabin a few times before we progressed to successful sleep overs.
The trouble with sleepovers is I “don’t sleep” well not that good anyway!! Prior to Mon Capitaine the few rare accidental sleepovers that I had I mostly stayed awake ALL night!! Any sleep I did manage to get was disturbed and fragmented at best!
My first sleep over with the “Pink Panther” when he stayed over at my place was no exception, I pretty much stayed awake most of the night with a little bit of dozing here and there however after a little bit of play in the morning we snuggled up a bit and I fell into quite a deep sleep. Our second sleep over again at my place was far more successful and I slept fairly comfortably and peacefully most of the night….This may have something to do with the fact that my arse was soundly spanked!!

So it was with both excitement and trepidation that a sleep over was arrange in the lair den of the Pink Panther. I did make sure that there was a OUT if I needed it but y’all would be happy to know that I did not need an OUT and I managed to stay ALL night long….no midnight creeping out from me…ain’t ya proud!! But I did not sleep a whole lot that night for a plethora of different reasons!!

Also despite the fact that we had some incredible sex which by the way put my freaking hips back right were they were on the pain factor scale it was not without some drama… I mean for real this fucked up crazy situation has to have some drama right?!!
Mostly it was because I am familiar and comfortable with texting Mon Capitaine at specific times, in fact I actually rely on these text communications. My feelings for My Captain are still as deep and intense as they were the day I left America, they did not get turned off the day I stepped on the plane so I still need this connection with him…

Well with a combination of his work schedule and my ” play date with the Pink Panther” and the 16.5 hour time difference we could not get our schedules synced enough for anything other than sporadic texts between each other which then went unanswered for long periods of time…It was a totally fucked up situation which created some angst for me but then made me feel like a real shithole for feeling this way about the lack of texts with Mon Capitaine when I was spending time with the Pink Panther!! I mean really that is just totally fucked up right?!

However despite the little sleep and the drama it was a very successful sleepover and I am looking forward to our next rendezvous!!

Just one final thing…. I got some test results back from my doctor today…You guessed it, I am ……….Oh shit, will you look at that… the word count on this blog post is already too long…stayed tuned, some time, same place, same batshit crazy blog!!

Promise not to leave you hanging too long 😛



19 thoughts on “The Jadmiration Society and into the Panthers den!!

  1. I so relate to this: “The trouble with sleepovers is I “don’t sleep” well not that good anyway!! Prior to Mon Capitaine the few rare accidental sleepovers that I had I mostly stayed awake ALL night!! Any sleep I did manage to get was disturbed and fragmented at best!”

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    • I was married to my second husband for 11 years and we did not even share a bed let alone a bedroom!! I have not been good a sleep overs for a very long time but I discovered how magical they could be when you are with the right person with Mon Capitaine

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  2. I have shared a place with my cat for 15 years and she sleeps anywhere like a nation planting its flag wherever it pleases. What I cannot work out is how no man in this city bothers me yet I am terrified of moving this 4kg furry ball of attitude. I mean I am scared of disturbing her sleep…. because she has a busy day of sleeping ahead of her tomorrow???

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  3. Well…there was the founding meeting. We picked a secret handshake, and penned the society motto “Carpe Hair”. Then we moved to picking officers, taking meeting notes, and setting the times for the monthly get togethers for the steam room and Swedish massages. And then we picked the society colors for our tee shirts, and picked a mascot! It was really fun! And we have on our next agenda to pick a time for the society BBQ. We’re thinking of renting a hall, and having an old fashioned social.

    Anyone wishing to join the Jadmiration Society may email MC or PP to receive an application packet. Your packet will be emailed out to you within 48 hours for completion. Not all applicants will be accepted. There is an appeals council that meets quarterly to review any potential claims appeals. All decisions of the appeals council are final.

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    • (Hey, MC, just between you and me, I think I broke the Jadalicious 66/6..
      I know she nearly wore me down to a nub on the Day of Decadence, but since then there’s some weird shit going on.
      Core temperature is oscillating wildly, especially during hours of darkness.
      Liquidity levels in primary pleasure port also dropping alarmingly following plugging in by user. This is in spite of extensive oral application of my patented self generated priming fluids with my special tongue applicator
      Aside from these hardware issues, there are significant software anomalies as well.
      I believe in the development trials of the 2018 model, the sleepover function was deleted from the operating system. It appears that the code has been inserted again, or perhaps reactivated during one of our manual posterior reset sessions.
      Perhaps the most interesting anomaly emerged on the morning after her sleepover at the Panther’s Den. I’m sure that it was brought on by severe environmental factors, well outside the Jadalicious normal operational parameters. In addition to the Panther, the Den was also occupied at that time by the Panther’s 2 youngest cubs and a companion cub, along with the Panther’s daughter and her partner, who also live in the Den with their newborn cub.and their 2 canines.I highly doubt that this scenario was even contemplated during the testing phase, so I guess I was ultimately not surprised when I was informed that the unit had malfunctioned in the most extreme way, something only rarely recorded in earlier models – an extraterritorial bowel movement!!!!! She shat in my potty, MC!!!!
      As I mentioned I’m pretty sure the environmental stress had something to do with the EBM, but I think the other issues may have longer term implications. From my research, it seems that the go-to option of manual posterior resets (spanking) will have no effect in the internal workings re the temperature, temperament and lubrication issues, but anecdotal evidence suggests that retreating a safe distance and throwing chocolates at the unit may alleviate any immediate danger to me.
      Wondering if yoi have any other suggestions? Perhaps the Jadmiratipn society can set up a working group to investigate.

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      • Please make sure any chocolates thrown at the unit are either Kentucky bourbon balls or Cadbury roses!!! It is important to note that any substandard chocolate in particularly Hersheys will cause the unit to have an extreme malfunction which may result in a feedback loop of the oral pleasure port whereby the end result will be far from pleasurable!!


  4. “JADMIRATION” are you serious? Those two are so clever. I love them. ♡ That’s awesome that you’re comfortable & able to sleep while with the PP… I think that says a whole lot. I also love that they let you share your convos with us!! Hehe… & I hope it’s nothing serious about the doctors visit you had. ♡

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    • Thanks Hunida!! Yes they are both very witty intelligent men which is I guess why I am so attracted to them!. I am hoping to post an update today so you wont have to wait long for my medical debacle!!

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  5. Esteemed user PP,

    Our express apologies for not including our secondary informational pamphlet “Things To Expect From Your Unit Over Time”. Those are usually mailed out after the first 6 months. This has prompted a companywide policy change to include all unit documentation upon original acquisition.

    Your units central processors internal reporting module has previous signaled the technical group that there were some system anomalies taking place. Our technical group will periodically communicate with each unit to determine the ongoing performance of the unit is operating at peak efficiency. Your unit was instructed to report to the nearest company sanctioned diagnostic facility for a more complete and thorough internal diagnostic, and system repair patch. We are happy to inform you that the health of your unit is fine, and that it will be back in peak operating condition in 2 to 3 working weeks, given the effectiveness of the patch, and the spotty Wi-Fi network connectivity for the systems fix to download and implement. In the meantime, your determination to stand clear of the unit, for safety, and utilize cocoa based repair packets, was truly inspirational. We have found that the special dark cocoa based repair packets work best, and also any repair packets at your disposal that have an internal alcohol based fluid generation packet, do well to maintain the overall health of the unit. Also, in a pinch, we have found that a good wine counteracts many system anomalies you may encounter.

    On another note, it is best to note that employing percussive maintenance, as outlined previously, while tilting the central processor unit back with the pulling of the simulated hair, will create temporary system stability, when performed more frequently. Also, until the stabilization of the units internal lubrication generator, my technical group informs me that any water based personal lubricant will aid in the units overall performance.

    As for the random unit defecation protocol, we are as stunned as you. The units base programming is locked into a elliptical randomly oscillating path that allows the unit to perform internal waste evacuation as certain unit controlled criteria are met.

    We hope this helps with your further understanding of your Jadalicious 66/6 model, 2018 series.


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    • MC
      Jadalicious model 66/6 may be fucked beyond repair…how about if you remove the motherboard from the central processing unit, pop it in an upgraded newer model, say one that has 10 years less wear and tear. I think considering the circumstances it would also be appropriate to duplicate the motherboard and leave one on with the your team for further study.
      Oh and at special request please ensure the new model has bigger boobs and longer legs!!!


  6. We will, however issue a suggestion to the current user to apply percussive maintenance, as described in earlier instructions, to serve as a programming modification to expel such silly notions from the units coding errors.

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