A persons perception can be their reality!!

I learnt this very early on in my days of managing people.! While a situation may not be entirely true and an experience not what a person thinks it is…
If it is their perception it can become their reality and trying to denounce it can often be harmful and counter productive, it is much better accept and recognize their feelings then work towards a solution…This is very relevant in managing staff particularly entry level staff who may not have the emotional maturity to see the big picture..!!

This is not limited to work relations personal relations can have the same challenges with Perception versus reality!!

Right now…My perception of a situation is my reality and it has left me feeling incredibly hurt, confused and vulnerable!!

I wish I could go into detail of the situation, y’all know I use my blog as a cathartic means of working through situations, problems and solutions but I am afraid this time I cannot.

Suffice to say I have spent the past 15 hours in turmoil. I thought I was not going to blog about it but I have come to an impasse and there is no other resolution except for me to work through this myself and I easily admit that I am struggling with it so have decided while I am unable to discuss the situation per se I can discuss the feelings and emotions surrounding it.

I am hurt…Deeply hurt… I don’t know where to go with my hurt, where to put it or what to do with it!! Despite explanations of the situation I still cannot wrap my brain around it and mold it to a scenario which makes sense or makes me comfortable in the response but I am at a point now with the situation where I absolutely MUST respect a persons choice…. Y’all should know by now that one of the things that has been absolutely critical to me is freedom of choice!! I could never have reached a point in my journey if I did not embrace the culture for myself and understand and respect that we all make choices GOOD and BAD but at the end of the day they are OUR choices and they should be respected…I want to say at ALL times but that is not totally true… If a pedophile chooses to molest a child that is not a choice that should be respected BUT…. You know the fuck what I mean….In MOST situations regardless if we agree with a persons choice or not we should respect it…..And I do…. My struggle is with understanding it!!

So I am working through this new challenge in my life, I do not know exactly where it is going to take me…After 9 hours of intermittent explanations, discussions, conversations,  and a whole fucking lot of ugly crying I am no closer to making peace with it.

I found this meme and it spoke volumes to me…This may not necessarily be the truth!!! It is MY perception…which for the moment is MY reality!!


17 thoughts on “A persons perception can be their reality!!

  1. Very well written. And you are right. We each make our own life choices, based on our knowledge, experiences, hopes, fears, and a plethora of other life pressures. Sometimes personal choices made by the people we care for are not the choices we ourselves would make. But at the end of the day, the choices are theirs, and ours, to live with. Good or bad. The hardest part, I think, is to keep loving them at the end of the day, despite those choices.

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    • Your comments as always are spot on… However I do think that continuing to love them despite their choices is easy if the love is real and true and honest.!!


  2. I know, right? I have had this happen to me more times than I want to remember….Most recently by a someone I thought was a DEAR DEAR friend of mine. I felt my heart was ripped out.

    I’ve chosen to deal with it like she died. I will mourn her but I will NOT let her back in my life a 3rd time. It’s over.

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