The Pink Panther strikes again!!

So Y’all know that last week I spent the night in the Pink Panther’s den with his young cubs, adult cubs, borrowed cub and grandcub…It was a fucking house full but fortunately he has a huge lair den and we were able to have some play time away from the eyes and ears of the cubs!!….And by playtime I mean spankings NOT included!!! I know really!!! Oh well (boo for me)!!!

Luckily it was not long before another sleepover could be arranged, this time at my house where I have the perfect spanking place!! And… I am very happy to say that I received what is hopefully to become a weekly maintenance spanking…mmmm very delicious!!

Oh and also did you notice the little picture up top!? Can you believe this?! The Pink Panther went to all the trouble of getting this shirt, isn’t it fucking amazing!! There is a little story to the shirt which actually is a bit of a long story for my blog but at the end of the day PP ended up with 2 shirts, one was around 10 sizes too big so he is going to give it to me for a nightshirt or a play tent for my grand kids!!

The sleepover was fun, spankings and sex was in abundance and despite both doctors orders and My Captains request (because of my hip)  I did get up on top with the Pink Panther in my favorite position But I am suffering for it now…My hip hurts like a fucker and I can barely make it up and down my 4 measly fucking stairs!! I mean really when I need to go pee I sit here and seriously consider if it is worth trying to make it up those 4 steps to get to the bathroom or if I should just pee in a bucket in my laundry… My OCD won’t let me piss in a bucket but fuck it is tempting!!
Anyway a follow up conversation with Mon Capitaine about my hip and he has stated emphatically that in Bali  he will need a signed doctors release before he will allow me to ride on top…Not fair!!!

So y’all read my post yesterday… or at least you should have!! Anyway that situation while incredibly painful and hurtful at the time has been completely and totally resolved. Unfortunately once again I cannot tell you how it was resolved but suffice to say I no longer feel erasable and unimportant due to an incredible and amazing gesture where actions and words were very loudly spoken and I feel totally important and loved!

So I think that is it…You are pretty much up to date on the life and times of Jad….The slightly quirky, fun loving, batshit crazy, menopausal, self confessed nymphomaniac!!

I know that things seem to have evened themselves out a little with this triangle possibly soon to be quadrangle consisting of me, PP, MC and ARC but honestly it really is not.

It is true that I feel blessed that I have both PP and MC in my life but I still feel envious of any girl who gets to touch, kiss, feel, hold and love MC and sometimes it all gets a little too overwhelming and I have a hard time in knowing just what to do with my feelings.
I try to blame the menopause but truthfully speaking I miss the absolute fuck out of Mon Capitaine!!

I have an ache that never seems to go away and I wonder just when the fuck this is going to get easier because really it MUST at some point get easier RIGHT??!!

I am going to leave you with another meme and a promise to try not to spam my blog with this morose stuff for too much longer!! I mean because it has GOT to get fucking easier right!!!?? This cannot go on forever right!?




19 thoughts on “The Pink Panther strikes again!!

  1. It’s only dumb if the reason you aren’t together is dumb, and that’s not the case here. That doesn’t make it easier, but it’s the cold hard truth.
    As has been mentioned to you, this separation and transition is a big arse roller coaster. All roller coasters come to an end eventually, but you can’t decide when you want to get off, you have no choice but to ride it all the way to the finish.
    Time is the only answer. You and MC have to go easy on yourselves and each other, it’s still painfully recent, and there’s still a ways to go yet.
    You never get over “the one”, but you learn to live with the loss.

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  2. Once again, my brother of the Fraternal order of the Jadmiration Society, has spoken wise words!

    The thing is, when you’re dizzy from the ride, it’s hard for you to see the easing of the symptoms. But, standing back from the ride, it’s easier to discern the slowing down of the ride. You don’t see it, because you’re still crazy from loops and turns and weightlessness and crushing forces in hairpin turns. I can already see the improvements in you, my dear one, whether it’s time or estrogen related, or a bit of both.

    The hole may always be there. But it’s started filling in around the edges, working back towards the center. And the holes we’ve given each other will be a fine scar we cherish for our lifetimes. I’ll always be there with you!


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  3. It definitely can’t go on forever, I hope it gets easier sooner rather than later! As for PP, the acronym “pp” just makes me giggle to the point that it’s almost hard to take him serious… I’m immature, I know, I’m sorry.

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