Senses on high alert!!

I know this blog is a little late and y’all are just dying to delve further into my sexploration…Well some of you are anyway!!…Those of you who know me are probably groaning very loudly right now wondering just how much TMI  you are going to have to contend with!! But y’all love me anyway so […]

Fornication in hell!!

Whilst I am still playing around on the swings and roundabouts it seems that I am now doing it in the devils playground!! Truly! I am not shitting you!! On Saturday I went to a wine and food festival with a friend….I know…It’s true…My friends DO want to spend time with me and all I […]

Off the roundabout and onto the swing!!

So now I am on this crazy arse swing complete with highs and lows!! While writing my blog yesterday I ugly cried copious tears, before even reading my blog Mon Capitaine knew something was up. When I finished writing he read my blog and then I called him and let it all spill out where […]

Swings and roundabouts!!

Sometimes I feel like I have kinda screwed myself by sharing my blog with so many people who actually know me… I try very hard NOT to let it limit my writing but it is like a balancing act or walking a tightrope because there are things I want to write about but don’t want […]

Step aside Betty Crocker!!!

Just kidding!!! I have discovered that baking is WAY too much fucking hard work!! So y’all know about my food phobia’s right?! And after 50 something years I have been able to resolve them and now food is a fucking amazing adventure!! right!!? So since I started eating real food and experimenting so too did […]