Bruised and Boneless!!!

So y’all know I took my menopausal little arse up the den of the Pink Panther for the weekend right?!

OMfreakingGOD what an adventure that turned out to be!!

I knew I was in for a spanking…In fact I was absolutely assured a spanking was forthcoming but I have to admit I was a little curious as to just how I was going to get soundly spanked with 2 children, one baby and 2 of the Pink Panther’s adult cubs in the house…I mean I am pretty good at stuffing hand, sheets, mmmm stuff in my mouth to keep from yelling out but how the heck do you disguise the sound of a hand hitting an arse…I mean for real?!

Well you DON’T!!!….We waited until all the cubs and kids had gone to bed and at the sound of the first smack I thought shit that’s loud I am sure they can hear that and I was kinda sorta worried about until the 4th or 5th smack and then I was just in the zone andΒ  did not give a fuck who heard!!

What ensued was the most amazing spanking EVER!!! I had previously told the Pink Panther that I had never really tested my limits or known what they are even with the spankings from Sir so there was definitely some limit testing going on!! It was incredible and was the precursor to some equally incredible sex!!

Okay so now this is where some of y’all may want to skip down a paragraph or two!! I mean if you know me, or think you might one day know me…remember?! that kind of disclaimer…The next paragraph might just be TMI for y’all…I will put a little * from where you can start reading again okay?!

Not sure if you remember my post here where I talk about taboo subjects and the one in particular is squirting…I am not sure why I find it a little embarrassing to talk about because guys just find it fucking hot but I think it might be because I am still not convinced there is not an element of “pee” when it comes to squirting and honestly it depends on which website you look at..!!

So….. I had not squirted since I had my bladder surgery which convinced me even more that there must have been some “pee” element to it!!

The Captain and I had talked about experimenting with “finger play” to see if I could squirt again since my surgery but honestlyΒ  by the time we talked of doing this we were on our last days together and on the few stolen final weekends we had together our fucking was animalistic and intense…we could barely stop fucking long enough to breathe so any thoughts of experimental finger play was far from our minds.

So getting back to the Pink Panther…On what I think was our second sex date he had me leaned over my bed and was doing something absolutely delicious with his fingers and it was not long before I realized that I was quite possibly building up to squirting but we were in my bedroom and y’all know my batshit crazy brain right!! I am just about in the throes of an incredible orgasm when all I can think about is the mess it would make on my bedroom carpet and my brain fucked with my body and stopped it in its tracks!!

Over this weekend however we were in the Pink Panthers den and I am perfectly okay with making ANY mess on his bed and his carpet!! So after some incredible spanking and fucking we got up on the bed where he began that incredible finger play again…I could feel this intense pressure building up and I couldn’t stand it anymore so despite my fucked up hips I got up on top in my favorite position and almost instantly it was like someone had turned a fucking faucet on, I gushed everywhere!!!….By the time we finished I was not only soaking wet I was boneless!!

** You can commence reading again!!

If there was a fire in the house I would have died because I could not have moved to save my fucking life!!!

The following night, after a day of stolen orgasms from sneaky finger play hiding around corners from his kids we had a repeat performance where once again I was left completely and totally boneless….

Before we embarked on our evening sexual adventures I had not had the opportunity to say goodnight to “My Captain” but there was no way I could move enough to reach my phone or even text so I did something incredibly fucked up!!!…………..I asked the Pink Panther to send a message to Mon Capitaine in Facebook for me and tell him goodnight!!! I really fucking did!!! I know, I know…it is almost as fucked up as picking up the phone when I am riding the Pink Panther and texting My Captain goodnight!! Seriously!! what the fuck is wrong with me…I have no manners!!

Overall it was an incredible weekend in Pink Panthers Den of debauchery!!
My arse has some lovely bruises on it!! After noticing the bruising we talked about my limits and safe words, I have green, amber and red, one side of my arse was always green but the other side with the bruising was amber….We definitely need more experimentation time to find my limits!!! We will see each other again midweek but for now I have my happy spanking memories…on my left side… every time I sit down…!!!

Oh!!! One last thing!! I had an amazing opportunity to meet a fellow blogger!! I really fucking did!! How cool is it that I get to meet someone in person whom I met through blogging while I was still living in America!! We had a great time, we met for what we thought was going to be a coffee but ended up being 2 and a half hours!! It was awesome and I look forward to catching up again soon!!
If you have not already why don’t you pop over to her blog and check it out here!!


33 thoughts on “Bruised and Boneless!!!

    • Oh Captain, my Captain,
      I may have received a “field promotion” for meritorious conduct, but it doesn’t make up for your extended “tour of duty”, and your Silver Star means you will be forever saluted for your exemplary service!

      Liked by 2 people

  1. OMG, I am dying! I am both jealous at your boneless moments and am laughing my ass off that you asked PP to text MC. I LOVE IT!

    And I am green with envy that you and Eve got to meet each other! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I’m thinking of purchasing an old school barber’s leather razor strop – not for your arse, to toughen up my hands! Looks like they’re going to get a working over from now on.
    We’ll have to even up the bruising so you won’t get a sore back from leaning to one side when you sit down 😁

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hehhehe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sounds like you two had fun. Last time I squirted was with my beach buddy many years ago. It must have been at an angle. He had me leaning over a boulder at a waterfall.


  4. I am way too single and getting way too little sex to read this in one sitting… I had to pause and come back to it haha this is epic! Look at you, having you cake and squirting too….. That’s how that saying goes right?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Another enthralling post Jad. I am so interesting in this squirting thing that I am going to put a discussion of it on the agenda for our next catch up. Thanks so much for mentioning me and my blog. It truly was a fabulous experience to meet you, the woman responsible for my entry into Blog World just 6 months ago. Can’t wait to try out the American BBQ place together!

    Liked by 1 person

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