Time to even things up a little bit!!

So I wasn’t going to write this blog post because I didn’t think y’all would want to read about every single time the Pink Panther and I had sex but….and there is a big but here!! No no no, not MY butt, a BIG but…Oh yeah my butt is a little big but we are talking about a different type of but….Anyway!!! I wasn’t going to write this post BUT then I thought damn…Why the fuck not?! this shit is exciting!! Well, it’s exciting for me and shoot if y’all don’t find my adventures a little bit exciting you wouldn’t still be here right?! I mean all you have to do is hit the little X button and voila…I am gone!!! But you are still here so what the fuck let me excite you!!! Hahaha no I don’t mean it that way…well fuck, y’all know what I mean!!

So you know my arse was soundly spanked right?! This happened this past weekend at the Pink Panthers den…Well on Tuesday I was going to the Fringe festival with a couple of my kids, we had no real plans for shows etc we were just going to see what was going on and fuck it all if we did not see that “James Veitch” was playing… OMFG if you do not know who James Veitch is go check it out…now…. Yeah this minute, I will wait…. Go google YouTube video  “James Veitch is a terrible roommate” ————-> go now!!!!

Did you watch it, OMG fucking hilarious!! Just for the record in case your wondering I did not link to James Veitch so I get nothing for clicks, no money comes flying into my hands through the cyber world…I gently persuaded, softly coaxed, violently forced you to go watch it ONLY because I think he is funny as fuck!!!

Moving on…..My kids have an amazing sense of humor and also think he is funny as fuck so we decided to get tickets…. Well, they cram y’all into these circus style tents like fucking sardines in a can except the sardines would be more comfortable because they get to lay down in the can AND they don’t have a bruised arse!!! I am not shitting you the benches have NO backs to them, they are basically  6 inch wide wooden planks with a pretend cushion on top and I was supposed to sit on those fuckers for an HOUR long show WITH a bruised arse!! Luckily it was only one side that was bruised so I kept shifting my position slightly but let me tell you about 38 minutes into the show I thought oh my fucking god!!! I cannot sit here for another minute and was seriously considering that I might have to stand up and move to the back or something… The only trouble was James Veitch had already involved a couple of audience members earlier so I knew if I stood up he would likely have pointed me out and said something to me AND then I would have had to say….. “Well you see James I got spanked the other day and my arse is bruised and these seats are the fucking devil so I have to move to the back so I can stand up”  I am pretty fucking sure if that happened my kids would have completely disowned me….So….For the sake of my relationship with my kids I stayed in my seat and suffered the torture for another 22 fucking minutes!!!

When I later told the Pink Panther about my experience he suggested we might have to even things up a little bit…. And I am like…Yeah!! I am all for that!!

I spent the ENTIRE day Wednesday anticipating the arrival of the Pink Panther knowing that I was going to get another delicious spanking…. I received instructions which pretty much followed what occurred with my first spanking from the Pink Panther except this time I was instructed to wear panties only….A meme I received a little later in the day also suggested I might want to select panties I am not attached to just on the off chance they are torn off……..Oh shoot, I forgot the disclaimer for people who know me….Oh well fuck it, you have started reading now, might as well continue!!

So the previous week I had ordered a princess plug online which arrived that day, I did not tell the Pink Panther that it arrived, I wanted to keep it a surprise and it also gave me an idea. My instructions were only panties but I figured a little bit of jewelry to compliment the princess plug would be a nice enhancement… So I wore a silver chain bow around my neck, a chain belt around my waist and several other chains adorning my body including a long body chain over my shoulder and under one of my breasts. With the silver chains, Silver nipple clamps, silver jeweled princess plug, silver panties and silver stiletto shoes….Shit!! Even I thought I looked “hot as fuck”!!!

Blindfolded and in position dressed silver I waited the arrival of the Pink Panther…The anticipation in scenario’s like this is absolutely delicious, when you are blindfolded the other senses are heightened and the sexual tension which y’all know I absofuckinglutely love is on an all time high!!!

Without going into too much more detail I was soundly spanked again…I still did not reach my limits, at one point I thought I was coming close but I stayed in Amber for both sides of my arse cheeks. I must say though what probably made it all the more exciting was halfway through my spankings the Pink Panther told me I could lift my blindfold for 30 seconds and look forward….. FUCK ME DEAD!!! He was wearing his fucking uniform…. OMFG y’all know how I feel about a man in uniform!! Excitement elevated another 100% knowing my arse was being spanked by a man in uniform…. Honestly I was so fucking excited I think it would have taken a lot to reach “red” zone!!

Well I would love to write more but fuck this post is already too long and I don’t want y’all falling asleep on me so I will close by saying after my spanking we visited a friend of the “Pink Panthers” and I got to tour her wonderful dungeon and look at her toys!!
My instructions from PP for this friends visit was no panties and unfortunately I think I left a nice wet patch on her very expensive leather couch!!….Ooops!!

Oh and bruises have evened out on both sides of my arse so I cannot sit for long on either side!!!

Oh oh oh….One more thing… This fucking HRT patch is the bee’s knees!!! Most of my symptoms have abated to almost nothing, still a few night sweats… HOWEVER… I am back to having the raging hormones of a prepubescent teenage boy!

Well that’s it…Ciao for now

Fun loving, slightly quirky, batshit crazy, menopausal, somewhat submissive nymphomaniac who thinks about sex A LOT!!!


21 thoughts on “Time to even things up a little bit!!

    • Hi Davey and Welcome, yeah I love to write about it…so far I have discovered there is not anything I won’t write about…Much to the horror of some of my friends and family members!! I might find my limit one day but I have not yet!!

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      • I have no intention of purposefully limiting myself…. there have been situations where what I’ve wanted to write has been too painful or too personal to share…. but I usually get over that and share anyway….. its incredibly freeing when you allow yourself to write about anything even stuff that has social taboos

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      • I agree. A sensual writer strips bare for the reader to soak up and enjoy. Myself included. We ought to, providing an orgasmic experience for both writer and reader. 😉

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  1. Wow! All of your adornments sound perfectly delicious! Perhaps some permanent jewelry is in order, with which to add to the package! Maybe some nipple rings, and maybe one through your hood or labia!? That would be HAWT!
    Could you please explain to a poor country boy what a “princess plug” is? I’m sure I know what it is, maybe just by a different name…

    Liked by 1 person

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