My spanked arse!! And other stuff!!

So I was sitting here trying to decide if I should go with this picture or not…I mean even though you cannot see my tits or vajayjay it is kinda sorta nudity of sorts…I know, I know…. It is my fucking back…and part of my arse… But is is my NAKED back!!
In the end I thought fuck it!! It is my back and if y’all cannot handle my naked back please do not come visit me without warning because I have been sun-baking naked in my backyard!!
So while The Pink Panther and Mon Capitaine find this picture sensual and agree it accentuates my shape I just want to add a slogan to the bottom saying “look at my big arse”!! But in fairness to myself it is all about the angle and my arse is closer to the camera so perhaps it is not that big after all!!

Anyway, the whole reason I am posting today is because of another spanking I got over the weekend but this was for a specific reason…Y’all know I got my princess plug right? Well I promised Mon Capitaine a photo of my spanked arse with my princess plug but I got all excited seeing the Pink Panther in uniform I forgot to tell him about it and no photographic evidence was taken….So I got my arse spanked again….You know…just for the photograph..that is all!! Ummm yeah…that is the only reason… Ummmm it probably was not the only reason but that is what I am sticking to!!

Now I know that some of you might want to also see the photographic evidence of the spanked arse but let me assure you my readers….And reassure you my family….That will NEVER happen..!! As with my blog I have NO filters and I really could not give 2 fucks if I make a conscious adult decision to post a photo of my spanked arse and if I had a perfect looking arse like the ones you see on all the stock photos around the internet I probably would have no problems with it but I DON’T….It is the regular arse of a 50 something year old woman who used to weight a whole fucking lot more and much to my horror I still get pimples on my butt from time to time so fucked if anyone is seeing my red spanked arse in the air besides my spanker (Pink Panther) and spank instigator (Mon Capitaine)… I mean hey!! They have seen it live so no biggie for them.

Moving on to the other stuff!!! Yeah…no details about the spanking…I was spanked, it was fun, my arse was red, and it was fun!!! What more do you need?!
Oh wait, let me tell you about the princess plug…Holy mother of the flying spaghetti monster…If you have never tried one of these you really fucking should!!
The first time I put it in it actually hurt a little and I am like “oh fuck that shit” but it stopped hurting almost immediately…This last time the Pink Panther put it in and he was a lot more gentle than I was so no pain!! It was so freaking hot I kept it in almost all day….In fact the only reason I ended up removing it was because my body decided that my regular morning poop was not enough and it wanted to add an afternoon poop to my day!!!

Okay other stuff!!! So I had my party Saturday night…Y’all know I have a HUGE issue with rejection, it is one of the things I am trying to fix about myself but the scars for this run so deep it is taking a little longer than I would like but guess what??!! The day before and the day of my party I kept receiving messages from various people that they could not attend for various reasons. I invited over 50 people, around 22 people confirmed but I ended up with 14 people…..NOW previously I would have taken this very personally, my inner bitch would have fucked with me and she would have fucking loved it and while she did try and fuck with me I was having NONE of it!! I am so happy that I was able to accept it for what it was and not take it personally and it is so freaking awesome to find that there is another area of my psyche that is being healed!! I know I still have a long ways to go but for me this was a HUGE step forwards!!

One final thing!! While I was playing with my friends at my party Mon Capitaine was playing with animals!!! No no…it is not like that, he was not out chasing Jasmine in the fields but fuck he might have to soon if things don’t change for him….However he was having fun with Fival and his family and you can read about his adventures here!!! Fucking hilarious and worth the read!!
Yes yes…. I am so freaking excited that Mon Capitaine has joined the world of WordPress!! Truly if it were not for his blog The Captain and I probably would never have gotten together. He stopped writing for a while which I accepted because he has always only ever written for himself but I for one am very happy to see him writing again!!

Well that is about it except I think there is something wrong with me!!! I am pretty sure this patch works TOO well…. Sex 3 times in a less than 24 hour period and within 3 or 4 hours of the Pink Panther leaving I was ready to go again!! WTF!! I need to get control of these prepubescent teenage boy hormones…. It is a good think the Pink Panther lives 60km away!! I mean really, right now I could have sex 3 or 5 times a day and probably want more!!! Who can keep up with that ish!!

35 thoughts on “My spanked arse!! And other stuff!!

  1. Nothing at all wrong with that butt, especially when it is shaded in pink with sparkling blue jewellery!
    And from a male’s perspective, the princess plug adds a whole new dimension, and not just the visuals. For any of you ladies who may hold an unjustified fear that your “lady caves” just aren’t the same after having children and may somehow have lost their virginal dimensions (trust me, I have had the good fortune to do my fair share of lady cave spelunking, and the experience is definitely none the worse after children!) the princess plug will provide a feeling of decadent fullness for you, and a “tightness” for him like he’s never experienced before! Well and truly worth the effort!!!😎😎😎

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  2. I am not a man and even I think that photo is sexy! I’ve never tried a princess plug or anything in my butt though. I love that PP is so willing to do things to make the Captain happy, too!!! (Well I mean of course it made him happy to do it again but you know what I mean;))
    I laughed out loud about why you had to remove it though hahaha! Also, I’m glad you didnt let it get to you that 14/50 people showed up for your party!!! I don’t even have 50 people I’d invite in the first place.


    • Oh Hunida a princess plug feels delicious!! BUT probably for you not needed…
      Things change a little in the nether regions after you have children and the princess plug can help to bring back some of that feeling of fullness.


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