I woke up one morning and I was 50!

For those of you not aware this is the 2nd installment in a Reblog of my journey!!
If you take the time to read it and you enjoy seeing where I started and following along to see how far I have come please leave me a comment or a like. I will gauge over the next few weeks if it is worth doing a weekly reblog!!

Sensuality, Sex & Something else

Seriously! It just happened to me, I woke  up one morning and I was 50!! Well it didn’t exactly happen just like that and actually I am not even sure where in the world I was when I officially turned 50…You see I left one country one day and arrived in another country two days later on my birthday so somewhere over the Pacific ocean I turned 50!
They say 50’s is the new 40’s…..who says that, and why the heck do they say that? I did my 40’s I was there for 10 years, I know what the 40’s were like… but this is 50 and OH so different.
Yes…I am not kidding! Seriously…Do I have some adventures to share with you!

Whoa there! not so fast, let me back up a little…
Firstly let me introduce myself, the names Jad…no really! for the sake of these adventures it is Jad! I do have another name, one which I…

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