Senses on high alert!!

I know this blog is a little late and y’all are just dying to delve further into my sexploration…Well some of you are anyway!!…Those of you who know me are probably groaning very loudly right now wondering just how much TMI  you are going to have to contend with!! But y’all love me anyway so you will push on through and read of my sexcapades while pretending that you are reading about someone else!!

Anyway sorry this is late y’all but I have been busy!! Wish I could say I was busy working but I am still jobless so mostly I have been busy playing. I have kind of lost track of the days and times this all happened and maybe even the order in which it all took place but see that is what happens when you don’t have a job! You have nothing to set your days by, so it could be freaking Wednesday or Friday or even a fucking Saturday for all I know and when you don’t have a job who the fuck cares… Alright enough of the pity party about me being jobless, y’all came here today to read about sex and sex is what you are gonna get…..No!! Wait…I don’t mean I am gonna have sex with Y’all, fuck that would be just wrong… I mean y’all are going to get to read about my sexplorational activities in its finest detail…Well maybe not that fucking detailed but you will get the gist of it okay!

So one day, cannot remember the fuck when…The Pink Panther came down to my neck of the woods and we got to play a little. I was blindfolded which is one of my favorite things…If y’all have not tried it you really should!! Just make sure it is with someone you trust, okay.!!…Anyway….When blindfolded senses are really heightened and other senses take over like touch, smell and sound. It is incredibly exciting when you sense something is coming but you don’t know what. You hear a sound, is it going to tickle like a feather, sting like a paddle, be cold like ice, or hot like wax??..Not knowing what is coming is part of the thrill.

The Pink Panther and I had talked about sensory play so I knew at some point this was going to be introduced but the fact that he prepared everything AFTER I was blindfolded made it all the more exciting. I honestly had NO clue what was coming..

Now I want to stop right here for a minute and remind y’all that even me considering participating in something like this is a HUGE step…I mean I am not fucking kidding you!! Remember I have sensory processing disorder right….

(Sensory processing disorder (SPD) is a neurological condition that exists when sensory signals don’t get organised into appropriate responses.)

So basically what it means is the touch of a cotton ball is so abhorrent to me that it can send me running screaming into 6 lanes of traffic to get away from it, yet the touch of the plant “lambs ear” is so relaxing it can send me to sleep. Imagine having a disorder that can cause such an extreme over reaction to the simple touch of an item and then trusting someone enough to participate in sensory play while blindfolded!!!

Anyway the entire experience was as hot as fuck!! I mean I had NO worries about vaginal dryness from menopause…Oops was that TMI?? Sorry…Not sorry!!..Ummm if that was TMI you may just want to skip down a paragraph or two okay!!

You still here?… Glad you stayed for the juicy bits! Anyway my nipples were clamped with something, holy fuck I even had a clamp on my clit which I have NEVER had before. At some point my hands were restrained behind my back with what felt like a leather belt while the other end was used to spank my arse along with a firm hand.
Ice cubes were introduced but it actually took me a bit to recognize it was ice cubes…Most of the time I stayed in the green zone, occasionally there were little small areas on my arse that went slightly orange but OMFG there was brief moment when I bumped into the back of the couch that the clamp on my clit went from green to RED  in 2.5 seconds!! Much to my relief it was instantly removed and my poor bruised clit was iced!! I am so fucking sure it was so freaking red hot it melted the ice instantly..!!

So my first experience with sensation play was freaking awesome (apart from the clit bump) and I cannot wait to do it again!!

As most of y’all know I have started experimenting again with 30 shades of grey and to help with this exploration I have been buying some stuff of eBay, because Australia is so freaking expensive most of it is coming from China in what they call ePackets…!!

Let me tell y’all….If something is coming from China and says it is one size fits all or one size fits most DON’T believe them…. What they actually mean is “one size fits Chinese midget imps”!!! I am not fucking kidding you… I bought a garter to hold up my thigh high stockings cause y’all know that even though they are supposed to stay up those fuckers follow the laws of gravity and inch there way down with every step you take.
How the fuck is anyone supposed to be sexy when your fucking tights are falling down around your ankles!!? Anyway I bought a one size fits most garter to hold my tights up!!  I guess what they actually meant was one size fits most Chinese midget imps because there was no fucking way this thing was going to go around my waist and the only way this fucker was going to hold my tights up was if I had two of them…One for each leg!!

I now have several items from the Chinese midget imp factory that I am either going to have toss in the trash…never ever eat again in the hopes I will eventually shrink into them or improvise, get creative and use them for something else!!…The good thing is that the most I  paid for any one item is around $4 so it is not like I broke the bank…Oh and I did get some sexy fucking shit like the gold chain bra…I mean that sucker was hot as shit and made me feel incredibly sexy!!

I also got a lovely new spanking implement from eBay which the Pink Panther tried out a few days later resulting in my arse being turned a lovely shade of pink….How fucking appropriate is his name right? “Pink Panther”  I mean seriously, who the fuck knew!!

So each time I get a new ePacket in my letter box I am excited to see what is inside and even more excited to test out my new toys!!…The Pink Panther is heading my way Monday so stay tuned for more adventures!!

Okay let me end this blog post with some updates on Mon Capitaine.

He finally got laid….Yep he really did!! 5 days, 4 nights of incredible sex!! Which totally happened by surprise…Want to hear the most weirdest fucked up thing about that??!! When I got the message that he was going to have sex I was really happy for him, I mean I was genuinely happy for him and a few hours later when he messaged me and told me he had spent the last few hours fucking I am not sure who’s smile was bigger….His or mine!! I mean I was seriously grinning like a Cheshire cat and if that is not fucked up I don’t know what is!!

When I analyse why I was so happy and smiling about it I have come to a couple of conclusions…. Firstly I am genuinely happy that he got the opportunity for some good sex… I mean we are both sexual beings and why the fuck should I have all the fun!! In a odd sort of way it makes me feel better about me having so much fun with the Pink Panther when I know he is also having fun with someone!!

The Second reason is a little more complicated and more difficult to explain but I will try… Mostly I was happy because he got laid by someone other than MaM….Y’all know I hated what happened with him and MaM… What she did was horrible and bitchy and he did not deserve that and I hear most of y’all saying well it did not effect me so why should it make a difference but you see it did effect me!!
The Captain and I never ever had a fight or an argument when I was in America…We tried several times because we wanted the makeup sex but it never happened.
When we did have our first fight it was because of MaM, in fact we have had several fights all because of MaM….Let me clarify though our fights were not because of any jealousy on my part, they were mostly because of what she did to him, his reactions to that and how that affected our own interactions…I know!!! Complicated as fuck but that is my life so y’all are gonna have to deal with it!!! But you know what….The biggest fucked up part of our fights is that we did not even get to have make up sex after because of distance and I hate that she did that to US!!

Anyway after the last time she seriously fucked with him I thought MaM was out of the picture for good but ya know what?! She is living up to her name “Master at Manipulation” and working her way back into his life… At the end of the day it is his life and he is a grown arse man that makes his decisions and what ever he decides I am just going to have to find a way of sucking it up and dealing with it..!!!

Well fuck!!! That happy blog seriously and unexpectedly went south!!!  Sorry!! Let me end it on a Happy note at least!!

Mon Capitaine finally got his ticket!! He really fucking did…It is REAL!! We are meeting in Hawaii!!
I mean I know it is real but it kind of feels surreal…I have missed him so incredibly much that I think it won’t really feel real until I can actually touch him..!! “77 days!!

19 thoughts on “Senses on high alert!!

      • Please sell your strong points… and remember some people will never have the right to think they can afford them. Your mind… aka YOU… is a massive part of your worth.
        Not to downplay the value of venting occasionally. We feel with our hearts.
        Please keep building up small daily components of what you are great at etc… this blog obviously is an expression of several abilities. For what it’s worth I would read your writing with sex or not. I guess sex is mental too and exchanging ideas is air instead of fluids 🤣😃😄

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  1. Glad you had such a mind blowing experience. I can relate to forgetting the order or even all the details when the sex is great. You are in so much sensory overload that remembering exactly isn’t part of the process. I hope 77 days turns out to be fabulous as well! Btw, would love a pic of the chain bra! You don’t even have to be wearing it. Just want to see exactly what it is! lol

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I’m thinking our movie title should be “Little Shop of Whore’ers” with all the sexing that goes on around us! And forget all that Chinese shit! They live on rice and we’re big meat eaters! Buy your naughty stuff from a country with regular sized people!
    And I have the countdown going on my end too…:)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’ve been blindfolded before but I would be so scared of clamps especially now hearing the painful clit problem haha!! Sounds like you & Pink Panther had a very enjoyable time together! 😀
    Now, we know what MaM stands for… just need to know what she did to the Captain to make you so upset!!
    You’re going to have so much fun in Hawaii!! Only 77 days to go!!


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