Ungagged….Cuffed and blindfolded!!

Hey I am back!!! I am like a bad penny that just keeps turning up!! Anyway I guess I need to get a disclaimer outta the way, ifn ya know me, think you know me, or want to know me then ya might wanna stop reading…I mean there is going to be sex stuff…you know…that […]

Gagging myself!!

I realized today after the post from yesterday that this blog has turned into something recently that I don’t want it to be…. It has always been about my journey, my growth and my Jadventures….Sure there have been a lot of times that I have used this forum to digest certain experiences and situations to […]

It’s all about the letter “F”

Now I know y’all think this blog post is about the word FUCK because y’all know just how much I love this word but alas today it is not…!!….I am not saying that I won’t use the word fuck in this blog post, I mean hey if I did not throw out at least one […]

Captain My Captain!!

My Captain!! You truly know me and understand me like no other…! It is funny ya know…. I have seen people that I know have fights with friends or family members on Facebook and I think damn….! Why would they do that?! I have never understood the concept of people making their relationship issues public […]

Fucked up Funk!!

So despite my attempt at a positive attitude and my daily affirmations blah blah blah… I still find myself in a “fucked up funk” that I am having a hard time pulling myself out of!! I had an interview for a job yesterday… it was for an interesting job as an Executive Assistant. Not my […]