Not all dating sites are created equal!

Sorry sorry sorry this REBLOG is late!!
I know I know, I really should get my shit together better but I happened to have been spending the ENTIRE weekend with the Pink Panther and his 2 youngest cubs and there was NO time to reblog anything!!
Anyways please enjoy the next episode in my batshit crazy adventure, this is from July 2016 and if you can believe it still prior to my first date!!

Sensuality, Sex & Something else

After discovering from my Mother that I would probably still want sex up to my seventies it seemed imperative that I start looking for some now while I can at least pretend to look somewhat sexy.

I had just got back from a long trip and was feeling totally jet lagged so what better way is there to spend those long sleepless hours at  3 am than  researching and registering on a dating site.

I just had a few hurdles I needed to try and figure out…firstly, I am returning home for good next year, so it is important that whomever I choose to have sex with understands there is ZERO possibility of any long term commitment and the L word must never be spoken….Love!….I mean Love!!….Lust is okay…it is currently my favorite word!!
The other challenge is that while I live in a reasonably sized city it has a small country town feel to it…

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