And not all “free” dating sites are actually free!!!

Here is the next Reblog from the beginning of my journey which started in July 2016
I hope you enjoy it…Still no first date yet, I promise it is coming!!

Sensuality, Sex & Something else

Day four of Jet lag and day two of spending endless hours in front of the computer signing up for a plethora of online dating websites, only to find that after going through all of their registration crap you eventually get to a point where you have to pay money before you can access anyone who could potentially be a match….in desperation I even tried!!! What was I thinking…Oh I know, I was thinking about sex and how can I damn well get me some!

Here is the thing of it…every single dating site I tried is completely free….to register! But after that you either get NO access or limited access until you hand over money. Also, it’s not like you can just pay for a month and try it out, oh no those suckers want you to hand over a whole years worth upfront.

In all fairness to eHarmony if I was…

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2 thoughts on “And not all “free” dating sites are actually free!!!

    • There are a few that you only get limited options unless you pay…for example Match you have to pay to be able to send messages, Eharmony you have to pay to get more than one or two choices…I paid for POF because I wanted the extra perks


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