Gagging myself!!

I realized today after the post from yesterday that this blog has turned into something recently that I don’t want it to be….

It has always been about my journey, my growth and my Jadventures….Sure there have been a lot of times that I have used this forum to digest certain experiences and situations to make sense of them but for the most part this blog has been full of humor, wit and fun!!! And Y’all have come along with me on my exciting Jadventures of discovery including my often funny, sometimes exciting, always sexy sexploits!!!

While it has been okay for me to post a blog here and there about confused feelings and situations with the online dating world and life in general it is NOT okay for this to be a journey about depression and despair……I need my wit and my humor in my writing for it to be cathartic and right now I cannot find that within me and the last thing I ever wanted or want to have is a woe is me blog!!

So I am gagging myself….Imagine me wearing a ball gag!!….Oh wait, don’t do that if you are one of my kids or if ya know me, that’s just wrong!! Okay so instead imagine my hands are tied behind my back and…..Oh wait, no…. That just leads down the path of some really sexy bondage and I have not experimented with that yet!!!

Okay imagine this…. I am closing my laptop and taking a break from my blog until I have a JADVENTURE to write about!!!

I love and appreciate all of your comments and support, I truly do, it is wonderful to get the positivity and care from people who have shared my journey with me and I hope y’all understand that I simply cannot let my blog go down this path with me….!!!

Do not worry, I am strong, I am resilient and I will get through this because I am JAD!!!

I will be back to writing again once I have gotten my shit together and sorted myself out… I promise I WILL be back with a JADVENTURE as soon as possible!!

Please understand I am turning off comments on this blog post. It is not because I have not appreciated all of your care and concern because I really have..!! And I don’t doubt that y’all would have something wonderful and supportive to say…I just feel turning off the comments is the right thing to do for me to do today!! I hope you understand.