Ungagged….Cuffed and blindfolded!!

Hey I am back!!! I am like a bad penny that just keeps turning up!!

Anyway I guess I need to get a disclaimer outta the way, ifn ya know me, think you know me, or want to know me then ya might wanna stop reading…I mean there is going to be sex stuff…you know…that stuff most people don’t mention in polite company!!….But I am not most people and y’all know me well enough by now to know…IDGAF!!

So guess what!! I have a Jadventure to write about? It’s true, I really do….Ya see it all started on Friday when I planned to meet fellow blogger Eve at an American BBQ place. Originally we had planned for Wednesday but the restaurant was closed so we rescheduled and as I knew the Pink Panther was off work that day I checked with Eve to make sure it was okay if he joined us which she agreed..and of course y’all know that means I get dessert….No no, I don’t mean all of us together….Eve had her own dessert!!

Now in my usual JAD style I get there early…too early to be honest….45 minutes fucking early…So freaking early that the restaurant is not even open yet!!
Now let me set the scene on what this restaurant looks like. It is on a busy road in a small group of around 4 shops, old tired looking buildings. No parking lot, just street parking. The windows of the restaurant are completely covered in black plastic and the only signage is way up high almost on the roof.. Oh but there was one sign on the window, an awful neon flashing arrow pointing towards the door. So if ya have not already worked it out this place looks a little bit like an R rated sex shop!! In fact the consensus is that it probably used to be a sex shop especially considering when you walk in the front door you actually have to take a left turn down a small hallway before you actually get to see inside the restaurant…So picture me, wearing my cute little booty shorts, standing outside this restaurant that looks like a sex shop for 15 fucking minutes!! A restaurant called the “sneaky pickle” of all fucking things!!! Fortunately the restaurant opened and I gained access inside before I had the opportunity to get arrested or propositioned!!

Well let me tell you, the restaurant did not disappoint, I was craving Texas BBQ and that is exactly what I got, the best part was the corn on the cob, I mean y’all know I have an addiction to that stuff and us Aussies can’t make it for crap!! We had a great time, good food and good company, it was awesome to catch up with Eve again but I would be lying if I said I was not eager to get to my dessert!!

Anyway enough about the boring food stuff!! Y’all came here for a sex story so that is what you are going to get!!
I am going to skip Friday night sex….no no I did not skip it literally, I had plenty of dessert but that was just a teaser for what came Saturday night!!

The Pink Panther bought his handcuffs, honest to fucking god he really did, he bought his legitimate for fucking real handcuffs!!!

The scene was set in my living room (sorry to those people who have been in my living room and will go in there again, y’all will never look at this room in the same way again)

So anyway, the living room, curtains closed, room dark except for small lamp, my toy box laid out on the floor a pillow strategically placed on the back of the couch, back ground music!!

The Pink Panther peeled my dress over my head and then set me in position standing at the back of my sofa, after placing the blindfold over my eyes then had me lean forward over the sofa where he then proceeded to place the handcuffs on my wrists.
There was then moments of preparation, it is really intoxicating hearing rustling and things going on but not knowing exactly what is happening or what is coming.

Y’all know I have been buying all kinds of stuff from the eBay, ya know all those little epackets from China!! Some of them have been a TWOFM but not too much money because the most I paid for any one item was about 5 bucks….But at the end of the day I did get some good shit for my toy box! Soft rope, different implements for spanking, various things for sensory play.

So there is not much places in my house to practice bondage, I don’t have the right sort of bed and somehow being tied to my stair case just feels like the sex might be uncomfortable but let me tell you the Pink Panther found a way. Using the rope attached to my cuffed hands then wrapped around my sofa legs to the back of the sofa my ankles were effectively tied to my hands with a sofa in between them….I know too hard to fucking imagine but no way am I showing y’all the photo.

Anyway after being restrained in this fashion I was then subject to some absolutely intoxicating sensory play and spankings…Look y’all I am telling you even if spankings is not your thing you really really should try the sensory play!! You can use anything, soft feathers, ice, pinwheels, hot wax, fuck you can even use a tissue to swipe softly against skin!! If you can handle a little pain then all the better because the hard and the soft is so exhilarating and intoxicating.

The Pink Panther alternated between soft textures over almost every part of my body and testing out the various spanking implements. I also bought this little pinwheel from eBay, it looks like a little pastry cutter but there are extremely sharp points on the wheel, when you run it gently over your skin you feel the pricks but it does not hurt, a tiny little bit more pressure and it almost hurts but not quite, some hard pressure and it would hurt and draw blood but we are not into blood so just some light pressure is needed.

The Pink Panther tested out all my new spanking toys, they were all good but my new favorite would have to be the wooden twin canes, when I first got it I smacked my arm with it and I thought oh no fucking way is anyone hitting my arse with that!! Let me tell you it was fucking hot!! Which is how my arse ended up by the time the Pink Panther finished!!

Restrained with rope and cuffs, blindfolded but not gagged, alternating between soft and hard the Pink Panther finally allowed me to have one orgasm after another until I was almost collapsing….. I actually had to physically lay on the floor once he released me as my whole body felt like jelly…It was an exhilarating but exhausting experience one which I am very eager to participate in again….soon I hope!!!

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